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20 February 2020 17:28

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Asked by: Skip Brown
Subject: Insuring Human Gyroscope Rental Business?
Question: Hello All, I'm hoping you will share with me what you might know about insurance for a possible human gyroscope rental business. Anyone out there who can share with me any knowledge on this topic... it would be greatly appreciated. I'm imagining the liabilities involved, and how to minimize that reality. Thanks, in advance, for any help! skip in northern nevada
Date: 28 December 2008
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Carla - 07/01/2009 23:30:04
 I would call a local fair grounds ask them about event insurance or just call an insurance office in the town you live in or call your car insurance agent.
I hope this helped you.

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Answer: Reply - 30/04/2009 22:27:23

I had a Sapceball 2000 that I used at festivals. I know that our state (as most do) has a state division of fire safety that regulates the amusement business and their inspection. We are “required” to carry a $2,000,000 aggregate and $1,000,000 per occurrence general liability insurance policy. It ran us about $1,500. per year, pus our yearly inspection and state permit fee. Here there is no minimizing, don’t know if I’d really want to. When the safety of someone’s child is involved. That’s a prized procession that can’t be replaced. Do what you have to do and more, and be the very best at it!!

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Answer: Reply - 30/04/2009 22:32:06
 Additionally, I can tell you we spent over ½ year on the internet hours daily trying to find a company that would insure our unit. ITS HARD!!

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Answer: kelly - 27/02/2015 14:31:43
 I recently got a human gyro and looked for insurance on it. I live in Illinois they told me one was excepted out of 15 when they sent it out for bid. It would be $7500 or more for the year. everywhere else rejected it. Snowmobile racing is cheaper to insure. How ridiculous. I cant even see how anyone could get hurt on one of these aside from not strapping yourself in... insurance varies from state to state and you can't go to your normal car ins. company to get it you have to go to a broker.

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