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RIGB Christmas Lecture 1974-75

The gyroscope gallery - Images

(Over a 150 years years of gyroscope history)

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fessel's gyroscope (1857) gyroscope & rocker queen & co gyroscope
fessel's gyroscope (1857)"dandy" gyroscopegyroscope & rockerqueen & co gyroscope
unknown gyroscope gyroscope instructions modern 'lab' gyroscope
unknown gyroscopegyroscope instructionsmodern 'lab' gyroscope"tedco" gyroscope
person and bicycle wheel modern gyroscope bicycle wheel gyroscope modern gyroscope
person and bicycle wheelmodern gyroscopebicycle wheel gyroscopemodern gyroscope
gimballed gyroscope precessing gyroscope old spinning top student built gyroscope
gimballed gyroscopeprecessing gyroscopeold spinning topstudent built gyroscope
student built gyroscope wooden gyroscope multi-gimballed gyroscope 3 axis gyroscope
student built gyroscopewooden gyroscopemulti-gimballed gyroscope3 axis gyroscope

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