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19 July 2019 20:17

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Asked by: Deanie Dautriel
Subject: alternative entergy
Question: Are there gyroscopes designed as alternative entergy for household entergy? What would be the cost of the equipment and is there a company manufactures the design?
Date: 10 April 2010
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: mike - 15/05/2010 06:44:15
 Are there gyroscopes designed as alternative energy for household energy?
a= search the web, there should be Zero.

What would be the cost of the equipment and is there a company manufactures the design?
a= You need to make the parts, study this factor see: machine tools

No one admits to making such device, if its possible why is it that NO-ONE has one?
anyone can make one its real simply, they must be balanced and
maybe super-finished. They have limits to the rpm as they can explode very easily;
Here is EXPLODE Speeds:
v= square root of; 10 x s
cast iron s=19,000 10 x 19,000 = 190000 square root of 190000 is 436 Feet Per Second.
A 3.819 inch diameter wheel is 3.1416 x 3.819 = 12 inches ( one Foot) this can turn at 436 RPS. or 436 x 60 = 26160 Revs Per Minute.
A 24 inch wheel is 24x3.1416=75.3984 / 12 = 6.2832 feet. (its 6.2832 times bigger) 26160 / 6.2832 is 4163.35 Revs Per Minute
The above speeds ensure they will nearly or burst.
But the safety factor is 10 to 13 mean slow cast iron down by 10 - 13 times ...

here is short version a safer way:
<<< N = CAMEK / D >>>
C=1.0 for constant speed motor, 0.9 engines turbines etc
A=0.9 for 4 spokes 1.0 for 6 spoke, 1.08 8 spokes, 1.5 for solid disc type
M= 1.0 cast iron 20k, 2.2 nodular 60k, 2.75 forged steel 60k tensile
E=1.0 solid rim, 0.85 link or prison joints, 0.70 split rim bolted joint
K=1355 rim thickness equal to 1% of OD, 2040 rim thickness equal to 5% of OD, 2340 rim thickness equal to 20% of OD
D= outside diameter of rim in Feet (OD)

There is a lot more info in the Machinery Handbook by Industrial Press.
I hope this helps

Besides its against the Law to make energy from nothing !!!
some thing to do with a "higher power" this edit would be mad and ignored.

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