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22 August 2019 04:22

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Asked by: Scott Brown
Subject: The 'Secret' of 'Gyro propulsion'..... 'unlocked'
Question: I have no 'Formal' scientific education, however, I am a 'Shade Tree' Mechanic/Engineer with a significant number of years building everything from automobiles to sawmills.

I became interested in 'gyro propulsion' around 15 years ago. Before I was aware that there were many individuals working on a 'solution' and that there was a vast amount of invention/scientific research dedicated to unlocking the 'magic' of gyroscopic precession,... I designed my own 'gyro propulsion' device.

I submit to all concerned that what I have 'invented', does in fact 'unlock' the power contained in the 'Gyro'.

I've studied and reviewed all known experimentation and patented devices.
What I've 'invented' does not presently exist, and no one in the field has come close to this 'approach' to the research of 'gyroscopic force'.

Under 'Non-disclosure' agreements, I've shared my 'drawing' with a number of 'smart' engineers/individuals, including the leading professor of propulsion at Northwestern University at Chicago. I have the 'concurence' of these individuals that my 'device' is not in existence, moreover, It is an extremely 'Viable', 'Un-explored', approach to the 'gyro propulsion' system.

Due to the fact that building a prototype of my invention would be both costly and, quite possibly,... dangerous, I have not yet produced it.

I am looking for a way to reveal my work to the scientific community without losing the 'rights' to this powerful secret.

At present, I am not able to 'Finance' patenting or building a prototype.

If what I've invented does infact generate 'decisive force' (which, I'm certain,... once those of you who are experienced in this field are able to see the 'aproach' that this 'invention' takes to 'gyro propulsion', you will also concur) the proceeds of this technology are indeed priceless!!

I am aware that the 'secret' to this technology is 'priceless', and that the 'industrial aplication' would revolutionize the 'transportation industry' beyond anything imaginable, therefore, I would be willing to share patent rights, 50/50 with any parties that would bear the financial burden of my 'legal protection' as well as taking on the task/costs of developing and researching the 'aproach' that this 'device' takes to 'gyro-propulsion'.

If my 'approach' is correct, we will have the most powerful, 'next big thing' that will be revealed to the world in our lifetime.

Are there any interested partners??

Scott Brown

Date: 5 February 2011
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 15/02/2011 01:06:18
 Hi Scott,
Your post reviled nothing. Had you eluted to a few vague fundamentals, nobody would have understand, except someone who already knew how to produce propulsion. There is only one basic way and I would have know immediately if you have ‘IT’. Still you may have. Who could know?

Good luck,

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Answer: Scott Brown - 15/02/2011 02:54:58
 Hi Glen,

Thanks for your reply. You are right, and it sounds like you also are aware of the 'secret' of how to 'construct' the 'gyro'.
Since I wrote that 'question' I did find a guy on the net that I believe has 'it'.... This video was uploaded in 2006.
I'm sending you the link,...check it out and let me know what you think... What I can't figure out is why there hasn't been any 'known introduction' into the industrial or commercial world?????
I now believe that there must be many that have this technology... I am also beginning to think that it isn't a new thing and that there must be some reason why there aren't any publicly known 'gyro crafts' in our transportation world.
I think the only recourse is to build the device, and test it for myself... This may sound nuts, but I think you could actually do it with 'pedal power',... In other words, literally pedal yourself into the air (with the device attached to your pedals of course....
Interesting stuff...:)



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Answer: Albert Druid - 19/02/2011 18:28:01
 hi scott - howmany hours will it take to build your machine? intersting video - Al

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Answer: Luis Gonzalez - 20/02/2011 15:45:02
 Dear All,
An interesting discussion about the builder of the device in the video is found on a discussion website.
His name is Mike Marsden, called his device MAC-QUAN-1 in the 2006 video. Nothing has evolved since then.

Read about it:

Regards, Luis G

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Answer: Albert Druid - 06/03/2011 15:51:07
 the mak-quan1 video is most interesting i have seen - Al

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Answer: patrick - 16/07/2011 08:00:46
 dear scott does it involve an outercasing of 367 magnets and an inner of 359 both prime numbers always opposing each other,never the twain shall meet !!!!!

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Answer: patrick - 16/07/2011 08:01:01
 dear scott does it involve an outercasing of 367 magnets and an inner of 359 both prime numbers always opposing each other,never the twain shall meet !!!!!

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Answer: R S - 19/07/2011 17:58:53
 Scott, why do you believe that Mike Marsden has "It"? Does his device look similar to what you have thought up?

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Answer: John - 23/10/2014 18:33:12
 my heart goes out to those brave inventors that dare to think outside the box I can identify with having to sit on the true answers to propulsion as I've done it for years myself I on the other hand have built a prototype that worked but in lieu of how it would change my life the world and probably set people out to kill me.I had to carefully weigh the balance between how God has blessed me even without this colossal answer that would change the face of the world. And chose to disassemble the sling drivers I call it and put it on a backburner until future motivation or circumstance indicates otherwise.it would seem the black soul of man is the culprit that took us two thousand years from Christ to even invented airplane. God help us and good luck. John.

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