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25 August 2019 21:54

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Asked by: Blaze
Subject: Could this be the reason that mass movement happens?
Question: This is a just a thought experiment and I welcome any input that may be out there. Someone may already know this or may have gone through this same thought process already.

As we know, in steady state precession on an overhung gyro, the weight of the spinning wheel is transferred to the pivot. So that means if you put a scale under the pivot when the gyro is precessing you should be able to measure the total weight of the assembly.

If a dead weight of the same mass were moving around the pivot at the same speed, there would be an easily measurable horizontal force on the pivot but that doesn’t occur with a precessing gyro. So, could it be that mass movement occurs in an overhung gyro be BECAUSE the total weight of the gyro is effectively all on the pivot? In other words, it is as if the wheel were actually sitting perfectly still and perfectly balanced on the pivot and not actually moving around the pivot. We know that the wheel has mass, and can see that it is moving around the pivot but that movement does not create a horizontal force on the pivot because the spinning wheel is in effect “just sitting on top of the pivot”?

That would then mean that IF you could somehow weigh the spinning mass while it is precessing (impossible to do of course) you would get a zero weight?

Your thoughts are welcome.

Date: 13 May 2012
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Blaze - 13/05/2012 02:42:34
 I meant to post this in the propulsion section. I will ask this again in the propulsion section. If you have any answers, pleas answer there, not here.


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