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19 August 2019 09:44

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: James Muir
Subject: The future
Question: Hi Sandy,...................I am not an academic and not even an engineer, but I read your book 15 years ago and was fascinated by your description of the anti gravity machine and its potential. I note however that gyroscope propulsion is currently just speculative research and is not recognised by the scientific community. ....I have been attempting to find out what you are doing at present and wonder if you would comment on your present thoughts on future space travel and whether gyroscopic propulsion is still a possibility and if you are actively engaged in this research
Thank you
James Muir
Date: 14 May 2012
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Sandy Kidd - 14/05/2012 22:50:05
 Hello James
You are making me feel old quoting the 15 years since you read the book.
I will if I may explain what happened to the devices.
That was the one the book started off with, which is the one with the 30 minute ITV documentary.
There was also the pair made for a company in Australia, and complete with the laboratory test as published in the aforementioned book.
Some time prior to going to Australia, I was invited to demonstrate my first device to the engineering heads of Edinburgh University.
This was demonstrated in the bowels of the building supposedly away from prying eyes.
During a successful run an uninvited visitor who I discovered later was an engineering professor and well-known scientist walked past the device and declared “If you can eliminate vibration give that man a Nobel Prize”
A few minutes later the professor who invited me to demonstrate the device shouted, “Sandy, get that thing covered up and get it to hell out of here”
I met that uninvited visitor later on and he was very interested and helpful and as it happened also friendly with Eric Laithwaite.
Later on, a professor from Aberdeen University and a close friend of the late Bill Ferrier asked for a demonstration of the device not long after Bill died.
Bill and Allan had apparently been discussing the device before Bill died.
Allan was a specialist in vibration and had written several books on the subject.
The device was demonstrated in my garage after which Allan stated that the output of the device was of far too high an order to be from vibration.
He then stated that the device was genuine.
His parting statement was “Dundee University let this go?”
I will not bore you to death with the whole sordid tale of how conceited man can be.
Other than say that because they all know better the laboratory test was deemed to be rubbish before the good, (maybe not so good) physicist in Edinburgh University even opened it,(which he did not) I walked away beaten by stupidity, and ignorance.
This has been pretty standard treatment over the years.
In fairness there have been a couple of reasonable people on the way who would surely have helped if their continued employment had not been at risk.
A well-known professor said “I would like to help you Sandy, but I would really like to return to work on Monday”
That says it all.
The devices have been demonstrated in several universities and R & D departments in Britain, the USA, and Australia.
In every case the devices have been operating consistently and successfully.
When enquiries were made later on, about what kind of impression the devices had left, nobody was ever sure of what they had seen.
The late Ron Thomson and I called this the “Ten Day Syndrome”
After a couple of weeks it had never happened.
There is terrible fear in many academics who watch a demonstration expecting not a lot but when they see the impossible they get frightened, and that is in case they have to report what they saw.
In Dundee University in a period of 4 months not once did the professor, head of the Engineering Department, come to witness a demonstration of my device.
Now I know why.
After a few, in fact many, years of that, I decided that the human race did neither want it, nor deserve it.
I picked up what was left of my life and carried on as normally as possible.

However that said, I am at the end of putting together what has to be my most advanced machine to date which has been requested by an interested party.
Trouble was I got too clever and caused myself a lot of bother making it do what it was designed to do.
All the genuine physics inclusion (by that I mean not the specious junk still believed by nearly all) is working perfectly but the last part of the action, which is always the trickiest bit to do on any inertial drive device has been a pain in the backside.
I have just got to grips with this thing after months of testing which has been a real sod of a mechanical engineering problem.
It will be much easier next time around. I will surely design the problem out.
So James that is about 30 wasted years so far, let’s hope I can turn this around
To answer your last question there is no limit to the abilities of a device like this to travel anywhere in water, in the air, or in space at phenomenal speeds, with acceleration always present.
The acceleration will create artificial gravity which will eliminate bone and muscle loss
This loss is attributable to extended time in low or no gravity environments.
Another bonus of course would be the fact that there would be no more loonies “riding the stack” and the “right stuff” could be your granny.
Appreciate your interest

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