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19 August 2019 09:44

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: OK the test.
Pencil mark a spot on a highly polished surface. Sprinkle talcum powder around the surface. Cram crushed ice into the under cavity of a pedestal. Set the pedestal down on top of the pencil mark. Use an extra long string to spin the gyro and set in in the pedestal.

The gyroscope will pull the pedestal out from the pencil mark and both pedestal and gyroscope will begin circling the pencil mark from a bigger circumference and larger diameter than the length of the shaft. Quickly sprinkle more bower in the trail of the pedestal as it was dragged from the center spot. The pencil mark will then be disconnected and setting in the center of what looks like a white hole.

You could have purchased a little Laser flash light at an auto parts store, or department store for about $13.00. Using your hand keep light near the surface of the table, and pointed just over the top of the flywheel and spotted on the pencil mark. As you do this count, mark one, mark two, mark three and so on. You should be clearly aware that from all points around the outer perimeter of a circle, the line is straight as the laser beam points from you hand, over the top of the wheel, over the top of the pedestal and directly down on the pencil mark.

If you don't have a laser flash light, use your finger and draw a straight line from where you remember the wheel was to the pencil mark.

IF. . the flywheel and pedestal had been rotating around any place on the shaft, the marked lines would not have been straight from you hand to the pencil 'mark'.

These straight lines from wheel to pencil mark arrived at in any way prove the gyro and pedestal are not rotating around one another. They do not rotate around a sheared center of gravity.
Date: 14 July 2012
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Blaze - 15/07/2012 15:46:46
 Good experiment Glenn. I would also suspect that the faster the flywheel is spinning the smaller the circle the pedestal makes. I wonder if the circle the pedestal makes is simply the dead weight causing a "slinging" effect.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 15/07/2012 19:14:11
 Right you are again Blaze. The faster the spin, the slower the precession, the lesser the centrifuge.

This is a good question.
Blaze muses: “I wonder if the circle the pedestal makes is simply the dead weight causing a "slinging" effect.”

I believe this it right, but isn't it complicated to know the truth of it?

There is no similar dead weight when using a string, yet as the precession motion traces a cone, the action of which mimics the same condition, I am quiet sure the string is not pulled out of its 'plum' to forward, or rearward of precession. There is nothing (mass) to sling and, yet the motions of the string and pedestal behaves the same. Can you tie the differences and similarities together?

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 15/07/2012 21:43:52
I have to mention this. Pardon me if you already know it.

If the gyroscope were slinging the pedestal, the direction of the sling would be rearward toward the back of the precessing gyroscope. That is the direction an equal and opposite reaction that would be. . . IF. . . the gyro and pedestal were attempting to rotate around a sheared center of gravity at a center point somewhere along the shaft. That is just not happening. The mechanism dose not rotate around its center of gravity, as you know I think and several people here have know for half a lifetime.
Cheers to all Glenn,

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Answer: Blaze - 15/07/2012 21:45:01
 Actually, using the pivot or a string is the same thing. The dead weight pulling the pivot around in a circle or coning of the string is the same dead weight of the non spinning axle and frame.

The pivot itself is not the dead weight that is doing any of the slinging but rather it is being pulled into a circular motion by the dead weight of the axle and frame. So the same thing applies whether the pivot is a plastic tower or a string.

When using a string for a pivot it would make sense then that the string would not be forward or rearward but straight outward from the plumb line.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 16/07/2012 02:14:35
 I don't quite prescribe to the notion that dead weight is responsible for much the centrifuge we see working. There is just not enough weight in the shaft as it circles that slowly.

95% of the weight is in the wheel. The wheel is to a large degree responsible, I believe. Yes I know, this is an unpopular believe on the site, but this explanation suits the action, while the other dose not.

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Answer: Nitro - 17/07/2012 19:13:43
 Hy American searchers Glen and Blaze,

The point is not so much whether the increasing “coning angle” is caused by the rotating mass of the gyro or the non rotating mass of its frame etc. but the fact that it does (do they really spell it “dose” in America?) not cause an opposite rotation on its support, be it Eiffel tower or string. Ram’s view of events would require you to believe you could push heavy things around with a piece of string.

By the way; did I understand aright that Ram is going to Russia? Jeepers! You guys aren’t invading Russia now are you? I thought you’d have done it during the Cuban missile crisis in the Kennedy days – had my iodine pills and dugout ready then. Should I start hording pills and digging again?? :-)

Kind regards

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 17/07/2012 23:28:12
 Good points Nitro.

It is hard to know, but I tend to agree with both you and Blaze now that I have reflected on it. Deflections seem to rotate (precess) the gyroscope around a stationary center point. The dead weight seems to pull the gyroscope outward, off the center point while both the gyro and the pedestal are rotating around the 'distant' center point. Precession we are very clear on, can carry extra weight piggy-back. In fact it does. 'Dose' on this continent means a measure of medicine. It your country it means Glenn can't spell worth a chitttt!

That is a good analogy: a limp string pushing weight.

For decades America, Russia and NATO have been doing training in each other's country. It is just not made public. It is a one world government and you countryman George Orwell was right. This is true, but for some dipper heads that want to blow helpless innocence. Well. . . I don't want to get started on that.
High Regards Glenn,

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Answer: Blaze - 18/07/2012 00:44:47
 Actually Nitro, I am Canadian.

See the following:

where in the last paragraph I give an explanation of why the pivot end of the arm stays on the pivot. Motions 2 & 3 are a exact balance of motions so the only thing that could be moving the pivot around in a circle or coning the string would be the dead weight.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 18/07/2012 14:44:28
 Dear Blaze.
I have not responded you your 5 motions for fear of hurting your feelings, but as it comes up again I must tell you that as presented, they are a train wreak of anti-clarity and they are erroneous and as they are I can see no purpose in creating them. Please don't be upset. I am very pleased and admire knowing a little about such an interesting and clever person as you and I will try to explain latter so that you can respond.
All my best,

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 18/07/2012 15:42:38
 Excuse me Blaze,
I started something I'm not going to finish. A thousand pardons. It's because there is only one condition that matters to me and I have so time to spend thinking about it and trying to do something about it. From no on I am conserving my mind and time for it. What you did with the bike wheel was very important. The other thread I started, I wish I knew the answers to. That is the only one thing of paramount importance. It is why Sandy Kidd, EDT, Professor Liftwate sp? Ravi and myself, (five smart people) cannot, could not understand why mechanically accelerated precession does not register a weight loss as it the thing is made to bounce up and down. Professor and an engineer spent a year with a lot of contraptions and mathematics to try and find this weight loss. They could neither confirm its existence or lack there off. I will keep reading you. The best to you.
Canada is cool!

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