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25 August 2019 21:57

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: AShep
Subject: Project
Question: Guys, NM,

I posted in the old thread "ok sit up and take notice" but it didn't come to the top, and my new post doesn't show so not sure what's happening.. but I'll repost here.
I'm a 30 year old engineers son who love design challenges, I have had a similar basic concept in my head for several years. I have approached physics doctorates, engineers, geniuses, and none have disagreed the concept, yet no one seems to care... I have several ideas on how to greatly improve the efficiency, and several ideas for very exciting applications (no not flying cars).

Unfortunately after going through patents I found one from early 2000's from an American gentleman which basically details this exactly (though I am unable to find it today, I wish I had bookmarked it instead of closing the computer in rage). In spare time I am trying to re-find the patent and check if it's still valid.

Luckily today I found this forum (I was aware of the site) and have spent a few hours going through different threads.

I hope this year to build a working model to prove the idea. I'm based in Yorkshire and if anyone would like to share resource/time please post here and get in touch, I believe a few more hands would be very beneficial.

Date: 15 April 2013
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Ted Pittman - 16/04/2013 02:49:49
 Hello Andy,

So, what can you tell about your idea.

My story is detailed in a book "The Monkeybars of Life".
You can learn about it at www.monkeybarsolife.com .

I have rebuilt a device that was destroyed in 1994 and will be reporting to this forum soon.


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Answer: Ted Pittman - 18/05/2014 23:07:40
 As far as a group project... If we would all chip-in we could buy a simulation program like "SOLID WORKS"
and share the use of it right here on the forum. Each participant could get a 3D simulation of their idea without spending another dime!

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