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22 August 2019 04:29

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: Centrifuge can mask the truth in testing.
It is over due to clarify a distinction. In gravity powered gyroscopes centrifuge is very prevalent and unless one accepts that, all his testing and hypotheses will be miss-lead. Once centrifuge is accepted every thing falls into place in observation and logic.

With the Hub powered gyroscope it is different. When the hub is powered horizontally, centrifuge is overwhelmed. The reason is that forced horizontal precession enacts the same forces upwards; as tilting vertically into gravity enacts forces to cause horizontal precession. As horizontal hub force causes the gyro to precess upward at the well known right angle, greater motor force than precession by gravity force causes the wheel to rise upwards in up precession against gravity. The higher it goes to vertical the incremental rise begins to shorten the horizontal shaft distance from hub to wheel and so there is a continuous lessening of resistance to the hub motor. Therefore the wheel begins to be rotated faster. As the wheel rises it is being force inward toward vertical alignment. This action pulls inward against existing centrifuge. Also as the rise curves in an inward, upward arc, it then attempts to additionally precess forward for the same enactments of forces, also causing even less resistance against the hub motor. These are the reasons the hub motor begins to rotate faster and the reason centrifuge is pulled inward so that it does not project itself. This is where the idea of no centrifuge, no mass and no momentum comes from.

Every action and reaction, cause and affect, follows the three laws of motion precisely--- without a single exception. It is a very logical device, but complicated as all get out and it tricks people and falsifies tests. Absolutely every thing happening must be taken into account and understood in order to get true testing results.

I felt it dutiful to come on here and correct my own misgivings and my past half-true assertions. Centrifuge is free to act in the gravity powered process, but it is kept from registering its force in the hub motor powered process.

I guess that's about all folks.
Happy trails,
Date: 27 June 2013
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