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19 July 2019 20:17

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Asked by: Ted Pittman
Subject: Anybody seen these amazing videos?
Question: http://www.youtube.com/user/samss3?feature=watch
Date: 23 October 2013
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: RS - 23/10/2013 17:19:42
 Holy cow, I think this guy has a fully-functional machine. Yes!

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Answer: Nitro - 23/10/2013 22:25:14
 Hi Ted,

Sorry to be negative but as the last poster said "Holy cow"! Mainly because you would need a holy cow to get that thing airborne.

Why, if the propulsion from the device in the videos is able to overcome gravity, does it not keep rising instead of just hovering a short distance above the ground.

As any fool know; helicopters and other air thrusting devices have a "ground effect" that gets them of the ground a short distance before the "ground effect" runs out and they need much more thrust to lift further. They show the hovering effect that your device shows.

As your device presumably claims to use inertial thrust, the above "ground effect" does not occur and so there should be nothing to stop it from rising smoothly forever. So why doesn't it?

I wish you had found the answer - but you haven't, methinks.

The US patent office being, I believe, useless, will no doubt grant you a patent enabling you to foist this on more people.


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Answer: Ted Pittman - 24/10/2013 13:44:07
 This device is NOT mine.

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Answer: Ted Pittman - 24/10/2013 13:47:23
 My device lifts itself against an equal counter-weight.

Therefore, when the lift stops, the upward motion stops.

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Answer: Nitro - 24/10/2013 15:37:03
 Ah! Ted,

I am with it now. Sorry that I thought that the link you just put up went to the YouTube of your machine. I have now looked at your earlier link which took me to your Gamma videos which includes the last one that clearly shows almost nothing recognisable which proves you have got the usual inventors paranoia that someone may copy your device.

Unless I am mistaken your last video shows that you have some kind of ratchet device that allows counterbalanced upward motion but prevents downward motion. As the device does not stop running before the video ends I cannot be sure of this. Perhaps you would confirm that when the devise was switched off its last raised position was maintained by a ratchet?


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Answer: Ted Pittman - 24/10/2013 16:51:31
 Please see my earlier post titled: "GammaMax Pulley System"

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Answer: Ted Pittman - 13/12/2013 14:52:23
 This video shows that the device remains at its height when the motors are stopped.

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Answer: Bobin Hood - 14/01/2014 15:47:49

Shame on you. Ted and R.S. will surely and sue you and rightfully so for slanderous and misleading publications. Those devices work perfectly and you know it. The presentations are clear, precise, bright and well lighted; and documented flying unmistakeably well above the weak boundaries of earth's gravity. Those two men may yet take after you with a switch, you meanie you!

Ratchet and slip-stick, my word! What will you think up next?


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Answer: Ted Pittman - 16/01/2014 17:25:42
 That's all right Robbie.
We are simply showing what has been done, not debating whether it can be done.

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Answer: Robin Hood - 19/01/2014 01:51:08
 My Dear Mister Nintro,
There is nothing to do around Sherwood in the wintertime, but set around the fire under the big Elms. It has been a very cold winter. Not even the sheriff will venture out from Nottingham. We have no one to attack. Have you ever considered what it would be like listening to a band of merry-men complain and bitch about running out of grog and wenches? It is boring.
Anyway I was just joshing you. I like your articles very much. They are charming very, and insightful. You have a masterful grip on gyro mechanics. I kid you not.
Thank you for entertaining us. Out best wishes go to you. Let me know if we can help with the authorities. You may use my name whenever they harass you and threaten the rack for the heresy of challenging Mister Newton.
Mister Hood

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