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19 July 2019 20:45

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Sandy Kidd
Subject: Where are you Harry?
Question: Hello Harry K,
Have not heard from you for some time Harry and I do not believe you have given up the quest.
How are you doing?
What are you doing?
I lost your email address when I lost (through no fault of my own) my Hotmail account along with hundreds of email addresses,
Please contact me Harry on either
kiddsandy@rocketmail.com or
Date: 26 January 2014
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Harry K. - 27/01/2014 11:39:18
 Hello Sandy,

I'm still alive! :) Sorry for my poor feedback. In the last months I was busy with other things but I am still thinking about our very interesting conversation.

I will contact you via your new email account.

Best regards

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