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20 February 2020 17:14

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Asked by: bob holley
Subject: power generation
Question: who knows how to generate electricity with a gyroscope ? If so how?
Date: 5 June 2004
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Grant Smith - 18/06/2004 17:46:27

I looked into this a number of years ago and also found very little knowledge out there. It may be possible to ectract mechanica lmotion to generate electricity from the precession plane. I haven't heard of anyone actually doing this, but it should be possibly. In terms of efficiency and therfore net output, it would all depend on the efficiency of the drive and bearings. Goodluck, if you get anywhere let me know.

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Answer: webmaster@gyroscopes.org - 25/06/2004 00:07:53
 I don't think this is possible. However you can use a gyroscope to store energy.

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Answer: jyothiprasad - 08/01/2006 06:07:17
 This is not possible, because The precession is created just because of the Couple acted in another two planes, If the power is to be exctracted, then the power has to be input from other planes and that too u have to give more power as input to get some output along with the energy to start its precessional motion.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 12/01/2006 16:34:08
 It might be possible to use a rotating disk in converting the altered macular alignments that surely must occur under great centrifuge into electricity. Remember that when molecules are aliened toward the length of a rod magnetic currents are created. Remember too that it has been reported that gyroscopes produce magnetic fields. I donít think the functioning of a gyroscope has anything to do with it, but that the field is induced by rotation only.

I once determined that the field created is positioned at a right angle to rotation. But I also reasoned so what? You merely have another permanent magnet so long as rotation continues. Although it seem you could contrive a way to use this field to help produce electricity, I saw no advantage to it over any of the current and usual permanent magnet configurations.

Still and all, there might be a strange advantage to anyone who could reason a way that I do not perceive.

Glenn H

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 12/01/2006 23:53:05
 Well, guess what. Iíve just reasoned a hypothetical way.

The disk will be North Pole on one side, and South on the other. Gyroscopic precession can be made powerful enough to force our magnetically charged spinning disk into a constant plain of precession against a week encirclement of placed permanent magnets each quite thin. If the magnets in the encirclement have been correctly wrapped with wire then as these two fields cut across one another an electric current will issue. This is the same principle as used in generators and should produce an alternating current.

Assuming this system had been engineered to its fullest efficiency potential, it may be that gravity working against the constant inertia resistance of angular momentum could become so balanced to as to maintain precession indefinitely into the future. Powerful centrifuge should slightly alter the elliptical alignment of electrons whether they appear and disappear within the families of magnetically aliened molecules. To avoid confusion, we may know that perpetual motion isnít possible. The term itself is misleading. In physics the term means the creation of something from nothing, but the conversion of one kind of energy into another to produce constant motion and force is common and there are a great assortment of examples. In this hypothesis Iím doing here, this slightest altering of the way the atom itself is balanced, may release enough energy to be converted into electricity in a most manipulative way. And all cause generate by the combination of rotationís centrifuge coupled with the gyroscopic phenomena of precession and ultimately owing to gravitation as the endless force the force to power it all. Wouldnít that be grand? Everybody could own one. No more electric bills!

Glenn H.

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Answer: ruben l. - 12/01/2015 08:03:43

I don't have an exact answer and also I'm no kind of engineer of any kind. But I have had thoughts about this constantly. I have an idea of a way it might be possible but I'm sure there is flaws in my idea. I know this forum hasn't been active according to dates of previous answers. But hopefully someone reads this and is still intrigued by this possibility. Feel free to email me if you've read this and would like to share ideas.



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Answer: ruben l. - 12/01/2015 08:08:21

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