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16 June 2019 04:16

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: Beating a dead horse
Question: Hi Harry,

Most of you all refuse to understand so this is the last I have to say on this. I wish you would read it carefully. I know sometimes you don’t like to do that.

Weight, what is weight? Weight is the measure of gravitational attraction to matter. Gravitation cannot change places to attract what is not there. You would have to move the wheel physically to a position atop of the Professor’s head in order for the gravitational force to pull the wheel down on top of the Professor’s head. Basically, gravitational force dose not curve from a straight line from matter attracted directly toward the core of the earth. If there is no matter there, there is no gravitation acting there.

What is so baffling to me is that you don’t understand what is happening. Think about this.

The wheel resists the twist it must perform in order to fall into gravity. The resistance at the top of the wheel is inward toward the pivot; while the bottom of the wheel resist in the opposite direction away from the wheel. This twist is called torque and it is the force of the torque that would leverage its force through the shaft to the pivot.

Try holding a broom with both hands and force the other end down on the floor. See the straw in the sweeping part of the broom bend away from the floor? That is torque at a distance you are applying by the principle of a lever beginning at your body placement.

Archimedes said something like, “Give me a lever and a place to stand and a stick long enough and I will move the earth.”

He did not say, I will move myself under the earth and push up. Instead he would use torque to transmit force at a distance. You might wish to re-read him.

Harry, “Sandy had explained this in the thread of Mr. Fisher (Stan) absolutly correct but it seems that neither Mr. Fisher nor you did understand this well-known facts.”

I am surprised at you Harry. Well known to science, or well known to two or three people on here? What you call, “well-known facts’ is actually not at all accepted by the world of man; and they are soundly deigned by most well educated people.

Harry, “Regarding Sandys machine I think he "must" not do anything to convince anyone.”

Dear Harry, your position on this matter is noted. Oh yes, it is noted. The authorities are not happy. They are not at all happy at all with you.

You say again? “But again as stated before he "must" not explain anything to you or anyone else!”

You have taken my word out of contest, Harry. Why did you do that, Harry? The actual comment was something like, ‘If' Sandy wishes to convince the skeptic world he must. . . . ‘If’ is the little master word missing here, Harry. As for the word ‘must’ without the 'if' included’; Harry, the only thing we all must do is die. For all other things we all have choices.

I am through with this. It is insane. The definition of insanity according to Mr. Bill Clinton is, “A person going around in circles expecting to get somewhere.”

Sincerely, in my absence I pray that all of you will have some enjoyment, pleasure and fun in life. Go do something you like to do.
Date: 8 June 2014
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Harry K. - 08/06/2014 17:16:04
 Hello Glenn,

I wonder why you have to start a new thread to answer on my last post in Sandys thread.
Your arguments are a bit hairsplitting. An overhung gyro causes a tilting torque in vertical plane which causes a 90 degree deflection of the flywheel in horizontal plane which is called precession. This precessional movement causes in return a counter torque of same size to the vertical acting tilting torque and thus a counter force to the weight of the flywheel. The total weight at the centre of gravity of the flywheel is canceled out and thus zero. At the fulcrum, which is connected rigid to earth, the counter torque caused by precession causes a downward force of same size as the weight of the flywheel and thus the weight (not the mass!) was transferred to the fulcum into earth.

I think the problem in this matter is caused by the concept of thinking. You are certainly right that the weight, of the flywheel, which is the origin of all following actions, is still acting, but a counter force of same size caused by the counter torque from precession is acting at the same time and thus the weight is canceled out.

I can't believe why this is so difficult to understand after all these years and hindreds of postings in this matter.

By the way thank you Glenn for explaining what a torque is. I did not knew that, really... ;-)


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 08/06/2014 18:15:26
 I told you I was finished with this stupidity. Nuts.

During the siege of Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge, two German officers and two enlisted men came in the lines of the 327th carrying a white flag. They bore a note from the German commander requesting that the Americans surrender. Harper was contacted and personally took the German's request to the Division command post. Brigadier General McAuliffe, who was in temporary command of the Division sent Harper back with the now-famous one word response, "Nuts."

Harper returned to the German officers with a medic, Ernie Premetz, as his translator.

I have the commander's reply, Harper said. He handed it to one of the German officers, who unfolded and read it. He looked up, puzzled.

"What does that mean?" he asked. "Is this affirmative or negative?"

"Definitely not affirmative," Harper said.

The Germans were confused by the use of American slang. Ernie Premetz recalls him saying Harper and Premetz discussed how else to convey the message.

"You can tell them to take a flying s---," Harper said to Premetz.

Premetz, knowing he had to convey the intent of the message, translated this as - "Du kannst zum Teufel gehen." (You can go to hell.)
I remove the go to hell part, the rest sticks.

Otherwise at your service,

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Answer: Harry K. - 09/06/2014 09:43:47
 " I wish you would read it carefully. I know sometimes you don’t like to do that."

Hi Glenn,

You are right. I never read to the end such postings like your last one. You often write such postings in the past, which are for me only a waste of time.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 10/06/2014 22:28:07
 I can't see a reward. I have been thinking of buying good and sufficent, used comerical metal cutting machines and supplies. And do what? waste mounths building the most complicated I.P. mechine ever, but that will not work? What do I get out of that? What did anybody else get?

I am still thinking about Sandy's machine and failing to find a reason it would lift. I can't see it, in the first place and I couldn't build what I don't understand in the second place. I can only see resistance in that machine and though it is taught that resistance can cause action, (centripetial for instance) it really can't. Only action can cause action.

Excuse me my inept rambling.


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Answer: RS - 12/06/2014 22:38:35
 Gravity is not an "attraction to matter". That has been the single largest fallacy of them all.

Mike Marsden has written a theory of the Universe in which he explains that gravity is simply a byproduct of the ACCELERATING expansion of the entire Universe itself. The Hubble telescope and others have conclusively shown that the Universe it not only expanding in ALL directions, it is accelerating it's expansion. That's all gravity is, it's acceleration (or deceleration too). It's just a CHANGE in the RATE of your velocity. For instance, if you drive in a car at only one speed, you feel no "inertia" (also the same thing as gravity). However, if you slam on the accelerator of a Corvette with V8 motor you will feel up to 1G (gravity) of acceleration. Also, if you slam on the brakes you can also feel 1G (gravity) of deceleration. They are both the SAME THING. It's just "change".

We are not being "pulled down" by gravity. We are being "pushed down" by it! We are being pushed to the Earth by the "pushback" effect of the accelerating expansion of the entire Universe itself. You can't have one without the other. You cannot have an accelerating expansion of the Universe without some sort of side effect. The side effect is that the Universe alternatively ALSO pushes back on EVERY SINGLE piece of "matter" in the Universe as well!

If the Universe were not accelerating it's expansion, you would not have gravity at all, heck you would not even have the nucleus of an atom itself! Nothing could be "held together".

Once the Universe stops accelerating it's expansion (in a LONG TIME FROM NOW) we will no longer feel gravity on any planet at all. Everything will fall apart into pure energy.

Something to think about.

The conventional physicists are all wrong. That is why Inertial Propulsion IS possible. Because gravity is just a fundamental force of the Universe. It can be recreated too, even with your own Corvette as I pointed out. You just have to be able to create a machine like the Mac Quan 1 and harness the same force to propel yourself into one direction.

We harnessed the force of light a long time ago when we created the flashlight. Thousands of years ago people would have told you that isn't possible. But we did. Now we will also create our own gravity machines (inertial propulsion machines).

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 12/06/2014 22:47:09
 Oh, do go find a girlfriend somewhere and behave yourself for a little while. Take Marsden with you. He can hold the popcorn.

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Answer: RS - 13/06/2014 00:05:39
 But doesn't it make more sense than trying to say that gravity is some magical, mystical, invisible, mysterious, ominous pull or "attraction" of all matter to each other? Ooooh, a "bending" of the "fabric of spacetime" I guess it is?

But I thought space was an "empty vacuum"? How can it be a "fabric" then, that can be "bent" or "warped"? That sounds more logical to you?

It sounds just as ridiculous as "gravity ripples" they supposedly recently discovered.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 13/06/2014 03:51:15
 Really S.R. this bull crap dose not belong on this thread. Space time theories, I've read them, makes no difference to this explanation; whether push, or pull to the point and reasoning relating to the the initial post. The post is about the mechanics of torque, verses the direction of gravity. How torque works can be used to explain the gyroscope. Gravity cannot. Here, it is just used as a method of force.

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Answer: Maddy - 03/09/2014 21:24:50
 Hello Glen,

If concept of gravity acted in a singular direction, for example down through axis of spin there would be no precession, another example of the non linear nature of the universe.

Best regards,

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Answer: Maddy - 03/09/2014 21:25:29
 Hello Glen,

If the concept of gravity acted in a singular direction, for example down through axis of spin there would be no precession, another example of the non linear nature of the universe.

Best regards,

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Answer: Patrick Hill - 21/10/2014 05:17:33
 Still no writing, to me this end ,are you not entrigued to receive 12 kg of mail consisting of drawings of 359 367,you must already know how circular motion causes magnetic repulsion to emass....repulsion by prime numbers within 360 degree module,so as simplistic as to be,.,.,.,. ...,..,... ,.. ,
, .. , ... ,,.. ,, ... ,
You or all of you have the answer already, cos if not you would push hard down every line known to man.

Offset offset reaction,,displace,record,repeat.

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