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16 June 2019 04:18

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Asked by: John Smith
Subject: What is the total resultant change (all forces) when a push is applied to the axis of a gyro
Question: What is the total resultant change (all forces) when a push is applied to the axis of a gyro or spinning wheel.

If you push on a gyro axis, there is an opposite push onto the earth at your feet.
And along with this, Instead of the equal and opposite force with linear mechanics, somehow with rotating bodies the opposite force (ang. momentum?) is around 90 degrees from the pushed direction.
What else is happening to allow this? Where are the energy leaks in this system, so to speak.

If it were just that a force changed it's output direction, and no otherwork was done, with no other losses except friction, we would definately have a simple and reasonably efficient method of non-contact propulsion for (2-D) boats/cars, or importantly (3-D) space travel (don't scream).

I am currently planning and building a 3-D system to disprove this idea (for fun). A 3ft fibreglass beachball with 12v motorized bike wheel (cement-filled tyre). It should roll on a lake in a single, constant direction if angular momentum really, magically shifts the push force direction 90Deg, with no other costs.
Of course, it will fail, but I'm hoping you guys can explain why?

If this in fact worked, apart from propulsion implications, we could straighten out those pesky poles leading to seasonal variations I would expect. Simple as... Bit of a worry really!

I hope I've been clear enough and will be back to check if anyone can answer.
Date: 14 July 2014
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