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20 June 2019 00:41

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
The dreamers understanding; verses block-headed arguments.

First, impact force does not mean momentum continues in the horizontal plane after the downward force is nullified by lifting against it. The impact force is possible only as momentum is being converted and before it is finished converting. Coasting does not continue in the horizontal plane beyond the effect of dead weight. We have eyes to see, do we not?

I have said for years that momentum is in the precession plane, but that its effect is converted upwards.
The proof of this momentum belongs to Nitro alone, because Nitro was the first to provide the mechanics to explain how and why it was: that is, how and why it was in the sense of cause and effect.

Some here may not completely understand the concept of mechanical explanation; that it is a sequence of reactions explained in sequence. That is why some intelligent arguments are sometimes challenged with only forceful statements of what is; and not why and how it is. With why and how, you provide logical reasons and ways that can be turned around in your mind like dreams in logic and then investigated.

I have stated: “Gravity forces downward on the gyroscope. Angular momentum is caused to twist into a right angle couple-- which is precession occurring. Precession causes angular momentum to twist into a right angle couple upwards. Precession momentum is converted into upward force. Upward force meets downward force. Momentum is used up.”

The other possibility would be: “A series of pressures act and no momentum whatsoever is involved. That too would give a logical explanation to the fact that precession stops; except that Nitro has virtually proven there is momentum to impact, though it disappears without impact.

It is hard to imagine the dreamless mind that argued: “It is not the momentum that causes . . . upward force. It is . . . tilting . . . twisting . . . through its center . . .”

What would that mean exactly? You see? The question had not to do with tilting, twisting; and not whether or they exists and acts. Of course they do. They are the means to transfer force, but they do not cause force. Momentum is force.

The question and explanation is how and why lift, or suspension happens. What is the cause and effect in sequential order? You see? You cannot debate mechanics with people who live in a blockhead's world devoid of sequential mechanics in minds incapable of dreams in cognition.

Relatively new hypotheses are being developed in an attempt to explain the unusual actions of a gyroscope; actions that occur under unnatural human interventions.

Let us consider the extreme and extraordinary nature of this query.

The force ratio required in suspending an active Taco Gyro at a rate of fall of two inches in five minutes, instead of 32 feet per second will be in the realm of almost 1:10,000. There is enough force exerted during the five minutes in that ratio to cause a non-rotating gyroscope to ‘precession if it could’ at speeds greater than the speed of sound.

If momentum were not being converted during the same time it is occurring, the breakaway release would be dangerous enough to kill a man. But there is no blinding speed is there? So where does the magnitude of momentum of any amount lesser or greater go to? Why does it not continue in the precession plane or into the linear breakaway plane?

It is because momentum as it occurs is either being curved upwards to deliver continuous forces, or is curving upwards to cause continuous pressures. There is no third option to explain the disappearance of momentum.

Momentum exist and its effect is to lift the gyroscope; therefore I restate the simplest thing I know, the force of momentum causes lift, and I will add, not the mechanism of rotational momentum which provides the means to lift.
Date: 15 March 2015
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