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22 August 2019 04:30

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: dawnell vaughn
Subject: Gyro
Question: I have a gyro as well that was given to me as a gift. The ID number on mine is; MKXII GYRO 276. Does anyone have one of these? This one still has remnants of old lubricant on it from when it was in use. It has not been cleaned at all. Unfortunately I do not have a box for mine.
Date: 6 May 2015
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Glenn Turner - 21/03/2016 23:21:07
 It is likely to be a sperry gyro-compass. A very light oil is probably what it would need. I would suggest pinpointing it out a little more and attempting to get the service manual.

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