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13 August 2020 00:24

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Sandy
Subject: Creating Inertial Thrust
Question: Evening shed dwellers,
Not so much a question as a statement.
In light of the despondency shown by a certain party as a result of being unable to discern the modus operandi of my first machine, well I think he was referring to my first machine, I thought I should explain a few things.
I must assume that the person in question was hoping to be able to explain away inertial thrust in normal terms, but which in light of what the device represents cannot happen.
In effect he could see nothing in the operation of the device, with which he could relate, so the device in his mind was a fake.
I have no intention of releasing all the information required to affect a successful conclusion but I will drop a few clues.

First of all in my devices, the thrust is generated by the dynamic motion and consequent reaction of the gyroscopes (or flywheels).

In this particular machine the gyroscopes must move up and down as the default action of one gyroscope relative to the other.
Shoving them up and down just does not work.
The question here, is how a system can be designed, to raise a gyroscope upwards, whilst the system is not in precession, and then reverse the trend such that the alternative gyroscope can be made to rise, the gyroscopes effectively swapping roles?

The movement I have witnessed has been so far, not large, and is not even noticeable unless the observer is aware of this fact and searches for it.

(My lab test device operated in a different manner so I will ignore it at this time)

The device described below was the first which utilised this action.
(see YouTube “Anti-Gravity Machine (Part One)”
This effect is not easy to create, it is in fact impossible if trying to follow accepted principles.
For reasons which will become clear if such a system is contemplated and then built, the standard (for me) of utilising a twin opposing gyroscope system will fit the bill perfectly.
The vertical offset angle is not fussy but works well with the gyros mounted between 45 and 60 degrees to the horizontal.
The large offset is a requirement of this type of device for more than a few reasons.

The real issue is in the fact that gyroscopes whilst swapping roles must operate within tight parameters that allow them to oscillate in an alternating pattern (one gyro up, one gyro down), being normally, one complete alternation per machine rotation.
Whilst this action is taking place the gyroscopes must not contact limit stops at either extremity of their motion, or the thrust will cease, maybe not even start.
There can be no inertial thrust if the gyroscopes, gyroscope bearing blocks or their mounting arms are under any influence or restraint from the device.
This is a sort of free-flying gyroscopic oscillation within parameters which are variable and can be adjusted by alterations to the rotation speed of the gyroscopes or the rotation speed of the device or both.
This was never easy, but when achieved, it will be noticed that resetting is automatic.
This very unusual combination of actions happened by accident and was found purely by accident and (after more than a few years of scrutiny) eventually became easy to set up once it was recognised for what it was.
Glenn did not, would not, could not, recognise this in my first machine, and for that reason he condemned it.

This was the first of a pair of unusual purely mechanical devices which can make ID achievable.

The latter was discovered years later whilst I was looking for a mechanism to do the needful in a “both up and both down” non- alternating system, and was discovered after an extended, suck it and see process of option elimination.
This gyro system is in effect a good balanced system but requires a modicum of cunning to make it work.
I hope you can understand at least some of this, as I would like all interested parties to accept that inertial thrust can be produced in ways probably never considered.

I hasten to add that so far as I found a couple of ways of producing mechanical attachments, sub -assemblies if you like, which make the transition from differential production to inertial thrust simple.
Both were complete with an automatic resetting action.
There must be others waiting to be found.
Date: 17 October 2015
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Nate - 18/10/2015 01:26:08
 Hello Sandy,
Thanks for the update of your activities and info you're sharing.
People debate so much about your earlier machines.
It's encouraging to know you never stopped improving and inventing ID devices.
May we expect any new videos?

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 18/10/2015 16:08:34
 Sandy Kidd Good Morning,

I can relate to this. You make me smile. Your descriptions cannot be understood which was the purpose of its construction. (funny) Secrets remain Secret. Congratulations.

I did see some key references that may relate to my understanding. I sure hope they do and if they do perhaps they will lead to lift off. I still insist that Newton and probably Albert Einstein are correct and that their great works do not negatively affect the possibility of IP. I believe anything can be manipulated to reverse itself. I know that that the constant, ‘equal and opposite’ can through a series of torques be reversed upon itself to be none-opposite. This could not be done if, in the beginning, before the manipulations began the law as a tool was not absolute tool. (Most people would think that is crazy).

Albert had a good sense of humor, to quote, “ Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein
But I find meaning there.

Actually this would be good for me to remember. In simplifying, I am trying to eliminate functions that cannot be eliminated if the device is work.I am really having a hard time in trying to go around complicated mechanical functions that don't seem possible to simplify.) But this is your post.

I can only gauge functions that I see functioning; functions that are revealed, and neither of us is revealing much. Things you say are things I can not see, but obviously you are not finished and I would like to see what you have in the end when all may be made open and clearer.
Cordially yours,

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 18/10/2015 21:53:13
 glenny and all uninterested others;

gibble, gobble,gooble, gabble. That's the closest I've been able to decipher glenny's last missive to Sandy. Sandy, did I misinterpret any of that?

I've tried to be entirely factual in these forums, but may have been infected by whatever afflicts glenny.


Your descriptions of your newer device are sounding more and more like my ass-backward version of your older device. In your paired gyros, do you use a geared system to synchronize all four gyros? While awaiting parts for my "device", I have been tinkering with "ass-back"

I have been struggling with MAYA to animate and visualize "ass-back" and it has taken nearly a month to overcome the shortcomings in MAYA. It has all the trig functions in the underlying code, which tend to interfere with any attempts to approximate any trig functions in the MEL code. I have been able to accomplish most rotation functions with translation in x-y, but fail with concordant z rotations; I'm defeated by the underlying code. The only z rot is actually irrelevant, as it just displays the gyro rotations on it's own axis. I accomplished the x-y rotations and translations by writing in an array in the MEL for several "while loops" to access the trig values of the array and translate into the new positions and angles of the paired gyros.

My main problem was to synchronize the gyro rotations with the support structure, I had two alternatives. The Gyros driving planetary step-down gears driving pinion and crown and and concordantly driving the synchronizing gears between the paired gyros. Needless to say, complex and expensive. Alternately, driving the synchronized Gyros independently of any other gearing and allowing them to "float" until rotation of the support structure forced an inertial-paired precessional rotation.

The latter involves synchronizing all four gyro rotational speeds. In previous postings you mentioned the use of radio-controlled model airplane motors and such. You can bypass all that transmitter-receiver stuff by just using the ESC (electronic speed control) unit with a "servo tester". The ESC has a 5 volt feed to the servo tester which allows the whole system to run the regular battery voltages. The servo testers have an adjustable signal output to control speed(a simple knob). You can use any three phase motor with this small system including hard drive motors(you just make simple resistance tests to establish the common lead and connect your three leads to the other three leads( to reverse rotation just reverse any two leads)).

ESC's are selling on ebay for 5 to 10 bucks and servo testers are selling for the same.

I don't know if this will help Sandy at all but I think other tinkerers might find it cheaper and simpler to use old hard drives and cheap electronics for their gyro experiments


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 18/10/2015 22:23:29

If you'r using hard drives, you'll have to increase your speed slowly until your target speed is reached.

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Answer: Sandy - 18/10/2015 23:20:03
 Hello Dave
From “Sandy to precession rotation” went right over my head.
I was top of my Technical College class in mathematics but that was a long time ago, long before the advent of computers, otherwise the only use I have had for X,Y and Z have been for setting jig boring/grinding coordinates .
The servo tester I have used to great effect, as you can actually test then run the system under purely manual control.
Brushless motors are very good as are the ESCs but I would never use a system where multi gyros are run on separate motors.
Before I got involved I asked a few of the model aero club members, one or two questions relating to the rotation speed of different motors of the same type.
I was assured that there was no problem.
I had a 4 gyro system which nearly killed me when it jumped off its counterbalance test rig due to the motors going out of synchronisation. Physics suggests nothing will happen, but then again this is another place where accepted beliefs are so wrong.
I took all of the force on my shoulder which was just as well, but I did learn a valuable lesson.
I lost about 3 years development building the device up to testing then going back to square one and starting again with mechanical gearbox drives which just cannot go out of synchronisation.
I should add that with the ESC program set to “braking” the braking ability was not so good and only really operated when the motor was slowed right down, which was way too slow for me.
I then proceeded to burn out a couple of motors and ESCs due to severe overheating caused by frequent speed changes. Not so good.

I called a halt at that electrically speaking so I then got myself some “used” in many cases “broken” model car bits, in this case from the miniature but extremely well made HPI differential drive units.
I acquired some HPI disc brakes and pads which are designed to fit on to the differential, and are really meant to alter the drive to the front or back wheels as required.
I altered the device so that the braking could be alternated from one side to the other by a powerful servo which I could control if I wished.
I ended up altering the servo to become a motor running continuously in a chosen direction. This is easy done and you will find YouTube videos on it usually a Futaba S148 or S3003 the cheap but good ones.
I found that the brakes could be switched on and off much faster using a cam and with a lot more control that if done manually.
The dog bones and drive cups also by HPI make the drive to gyroscopes so easy.
The differential tends to have a drive cup fitted at each end which is awfully convenient. I have never broken an HPI part yet. This is no commercial.
One problem Dave if you have not already thought of it is the fact that the differential output will be in the same relative direction and not reversed as is required to drive opposing gyroscopes.
I ended up getting some “Delrin” spur gears and with a pile of ball bearings and an added pair on one end and 3 on the other my custom differential drive unit is both reliable and effective.
Hope this helps for the moment.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 19/10/2015 01:16:33
 Sandy before I begin, it is my felling you may hold on to grudges, I myself almost never can do that. In any case, I have enjoyed and admired you for eleven years and recognized your talents.

You have written that I claim inertial thrust in your device represents cannot happen, but how can I see more than is evident? How can I understand an accident for which there is no explanation?

You write, “In effect he could see nothing in the operation of the device, with which he could relate to.”

This is true. I see only two disks being rotated and a light lift of a couple of inches, which I do not disregard, but I cannot understand and confirm without an explanation.
Here, you have described the problem of understanding perfectly.

“I have no intention of releasing all the information required to affect a successful conclusion but I will drop a few clues.”

You write, “First of all in my devices, the thrust is generated by the dynamic motion and consequent reaction of the gyroscopes (or flywheels).” I see no clue.
You write, “In this particular machine, the gyroscopes must move up and down as the default action of one gyroscope relative to the other.”

I only understand that the situation, being as it appears, the gyroscopes must move in unison.

You write and I agree, “Shoving them up and down just does not work.”

You write, “The question here, is how a system can be designed, to raise a gyroscope upwards, whilst the system is not in precession, and then reverse the trend such that the alternative gyroscope can be made to rise, the gyroscopes effectively swapping roles?”

Yes, it is a good question, but if you do not answer it, I cannot conceive it, but as a bafflingly impossible idea.

I see in your, ‘YouTube “Anti-Gravity Machine (Part One)’ a profile of a condition that is foremost a sad dilemma, (mine is worse but never mind) I see also intelligent, competence, bravery and an unyielding tenacity all of which I admire.

You write, “The large offset is a requirement of this type of device for more than a few reasons.”

What reasons? How am I to understand?

You write, “The real issue is in the fact that gyroscopes whilst swapping roles must operate within tight parameters that allow them to oscillate in an alternating pattern (one gyro up, one gyro down), being normally, one complete alternation per machine rotation.

I cannot see how either would go down while running. Moreover I cannot see them moving but in simultaneous directions.

You write, “Whilst this action is taking place the gyroscopes must not contact limit stops at either extremity of their motion, or the thrust will cease, maybe not even start”. I agree.

You write, “There can be no inertial thrust if the gyroscopes, gyroscope bearing blocks or their mounting arms are under any influence or restraint from the device”. I agree.

You write, “This very unusual combination of actions happened by accident and was found purely by accident and (after more than a few years of scrutiny) eventually became easy to set up once it was recognized for what it was."

This is a major difference in engineers and me. I can experience an accident, but I cannot accept an accident as,’ it was what it was’. I must learn why it happened, how it happened and if I can improve it.

You write, “Glenn did not, would not, could not, recognize this in my first machine, and for that reason he condemned it.

Yes, this is true Sandy. The functionality and method is not revealed for recognition, except to say, it was what it was. It must either be shown, or explained. What actions?
You have something but whatever it is, the functionality and method is kept secret. I am doing the same thing, keeping secrets. My feeling is whether I am believed is not important. I would charge fourteen million dollars for my machine and what I know, if it works. The money is not important and certainly not fame or to be immortalized. I don’t care for any of that, but somehow I cannot quit this solitude of hell. People like you and others on here and me are damned to finish.
I am surprised! In your later post, 18/10/2015 23:20:03 you have revealed a lot. I identify. You might get there first. There is a ton of force available. Perhaps we can canonize you yet.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 19/10/2015 08:07:18
 definitely politics;

black is white, except when it's green or red, and up is down, except when it's sideways.

How many times have I heard that from government lawyers when they're trying to talk some money out of my pocket.

I keep telling glenny; you're in the wrong endevour

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 19/10/2015 15:28:28
 You are destroying communication with hate. If you keep it up I will attempt to have you booted permanently. Don't try me.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 19/10/2015 21:06:41
 Oh no;

not the terminal booting!!!

Is that a misdemeanor or a felony?

aaarrrrrggggghhhhh; help Sandy!, Nitro!, Harald?? He's after my BOOTY

On a lighter note; I'm a little disappointed that no one's picked up on the two very important clues I've left scattered through these forums. Sandy is already moving in the right direction and is far ahead of me in the mechanical department, although I think most of that is an intuitive grasp of the principles involved; an intuition which has led him to reject some of the basic Newtonian laws on which engineering is based.

It seems that many in this 2-dimensional IP world have some of the essential pieces of the puzzle, but because of the restrictions of this plenum, they can't seem to link them to the others. Also, it takes a more than normal dose of arrogance coupled with a counterbalancing glob of self-critical analysis to avoid the troglodyte traps of our nature.

I haven't seen anything from or about Cowlishaw (did I spell that right) recently. He had one of the important pieces, but wandered off into many tangents that led nowhere. So far Sandy is the only one to produce any repeatable results. Nitro, also, seems to have a piece of the puzzle but hasn't taken the steps to produce a comparable device.

The most important piece is staring us all in the face. No matter how much we profess anti-newtonism, we still operate according to that lifelong programming; it's an unconscious thing.

As I've said before in these forums, the actions of Gyros cannot be understood with any Newtonian analysis(3 dimensions +??time??). I've been musing over an alternate type of Universe for many decades that would explain the actions of gyros amongst other things. That multi-Verse would involve no less than 6 dimensions and there would be no dimension of "time".

I'll drop another clue here; Einstein and others propounded this universe with "SPACE" a substanceless thing through which "MATTER" was restricted in it's movement through. As Sandy can tell you, matter has many properties; hardness, elasticity, etc. On the other hand, all these scientists make their calculations about the change of state of matter moving through "SPACE" without assigning any properties or qualities of "SPACE". There is a schizoid dysfunction at the very foundations of our physical science. All physical translation in physics involves basically a one-sided equation. Newtons equal and opposite law leads to the e=mv(squared) equation which leads to the e= mc(squared) equation; both absurdities. Newtons equation is even more ridiculous than the other guy This schizoid dysfunction leads to the ultimate absurdity; the big bang. All these scientist propound this expanding universe and neglect to assign any properties to such expanding space in order to maintain their one-sided equations.

The "CLUE" ; Newton says "if you move something one way, then you have to move something else the other way". In a 3-dimensional universe that would be "equal and opposite". In a 6-dimensional universe there may be other options. Maybe Mr. Newton was right, but not in his universe.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 19/10/2015 21:58:45
 I can't attend to you now, hater.

Everyone else: When I write I am usually struggling with solutions. It is a break away for me. For anyone interested I am very happy. Today I have found the last best solution and now to test and confirm the the absence of the binary effect which I think I have done. I will post the result on another thread. I feel confident and it is the last key. If it shows up, there are ways to avoid it -- but more work to do it if it dose.

You got lucky hater. I am taking a break, but I am happy and working fast, but I have it ready for you, if you persist and at my time not yours

Do any others burn out, nap and wake up with new information and repeat this process sometimes for a week when you are being stumped? Then all at once, all of a sudden you wake up and there is an explosion of means and ways solved in your subconscious as you slept? I have all ways been that way when I burn brain energy and I am yet blocked and the answers eluded me. To some degree I would bet you all wake once in a while with a solutions. It is rather fine.

Happiness to you all.---
Straighten up David. I do not want to attack you, son.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 19/10/2015 23:41:43
 It is finished -- seven even months following the theory. The testing is completed and all is right. Now to put it all together.

Happy days fellows, I am happy,

Try this in your search engine
THE 5th DIMENSION - Aquarius & Let The Sun Shine In (2007)

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 20/10/2015 02:30:30
 My god;

Sandy, Nitro, Harrald??

This is so exciting!

Glenny has finally found it.

I'm always so excited when somebody finally finds it. No matter how they hide it, somebody like glenny will ferret it out. I wish I were smart like glenny.

What was it he found again?


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 20/10/2015 05:44:46
 Nobody will answer you. Harry tried to calm you, otherwise he is mute to you. Sandy finally replied to your ass kissing pleading. Expect no further attention than the following and final.


Every hateful, screaming pipsqueak I have ever known was safe inside a car, or the internet when they began insulting and kept it up. Men do not act like that. In an argument, when men are given the last word, that ends it.

You are more than ill mattered and hateful because you know I cannot get my hand around their scroney neck. Therefore keeping it up without a reply from me shows cowardliness. Your mama failed.

Cowards cannot act like that face to face or in public. Somebody would get enough and bash their face in and they know it, so they attack from a place of hiding. Everyone here has met people like you. I think these cowards have always been cowards and I am guessing this one is physically ugly; with a soft fat butt and a scroney neck; frighten and envious all his life of boys his own age. It starts early when they are kids using their parents for protection. You have seen them. They start by sticking their tongs out of a car window at somebody walking by, usually somebody normal who could bounce their pudgy ass off a wall, which might be just about everybody. Men never act like that, not ever, so I give you a new name Coward in hiding. It is ‘Girley Boy Squealing’.

You say I am after your booty. How punkish you are. A man would never say that. I do not sodomize punks. I love women. Try elsewhere punk. “You ain’t gettin’’ none of this cannon.”

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You will not be answered by anybody, but you will name me in copycat faction, but it will not be a worse insult than your present needling and insults while you are in a place of cowardly safety, Girley Boy Bobby squealing.

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In my ridiculous kindness I tried to save you from wasting your time fighting Cesar, i.e the Canadian federal government by yourself alone. You prove a good deed never goes unpunished. I tried to tell you nicely they would cut your ball off without actually paying attention to you, if you were the least bit more than a flee to them, which you are not. What is the power of one? Again, what is the power of one? You poor hating dim wit.

Now Einstein and Newton, the greatest two geniuses accepted by the world of man, are less than your idiotic complete lack of any accomplishment of any kind and yet you attack them. You are a fool, a coward and a potential pervert. You are exposed, Girley Boy Bobby Squealing’.

I am in no hurry, but I will from now on bash your stupid ass at my pleasure. I will enjoy smacking your dumb ass around a bit on days when I am unhappy, but only for a while. God I know you love this attention, but it won’t last.

I am too happy to screw with you for a while, Girley Boy Bobby squealing. I put you aside.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 20/10/2015 08:29:01
 Here is the real face of glenny.

He has no IP; never has had. Has no theories. Has no science. He is another one of those trolls that prey in these forums. The pathetic part of it all is that some of those here are even more pathetic. So desperate in their desire to exist in the IP world that they accept these trolls without the slightest criteria. They can spew the most ludicrous crap imaginable with impunity like Marsden, or like glenny and weave intricate phoney histories of IP mastery without the slightest proof.

He tried hiding under Sandy's kilt but that didn't work, so he attacked Sandy and then tried to crawl under Turners kilt. Turner took no notice of him, so he tried to crawl back under Sandy's kilt again. His own buddy Harald?? called him down, said he had nothing. Sandy wouldn't have no part of him even though he crawled.

The problem with trolls like glenny is that they are compelled to force their way to the top of the heap even though they don't have the necessary ability to be there. It's a troglodyte thing. That's why glenny was so upset when I explained about trogs. Trolls like glenny have no real control over what they do.

I realized when I first entered these forums that I would have to deal with him. If you remember, Sandy, I told you that I might have to deal with him. I didn't want to but wound up having to.

There are those in these forums who have made the effort and built the devices and the knowledge for IP and I think they should demand that any squeakers prove it. I am certainly going to build my device and have it tested by a registered engineer and present the tests on ebay. If it don't work, then I'll show the workings and drawings of it for the amusement of all

When these trolls can't bluff or fake or bullshit their way, they revert to violent intimidation; just look at all the ugliness spewing out of glenny. Who is that man?

Oh, glenny, I spent some years in tough guy contests. It was fun.


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Answer: Nitro - 20/10/2015 10:14:22
 Good morning Sandy,

As winter approaches, dwelling in the freezing shed appeals less and less. However I will soon have a new boiler room, so I intend to move there when its construction is complete. Mm! Warmth, Beer–fridge and somewhere to avoiding demands to tidy up from “her indoors”. What more could a shed dweller ask.

Sandy, I, like many other nutters from sheds I suspect, have difficulties following other people’s wondrous machine’s basic principles and wonder if you would be so kind as to perhaps save me needless experimentation:- do any of your machines produce continuous accelerating thrust like a rocket or do they, like my machines, produce thrust in discrete packets? If you let me know if you have achieved the goal of continuous acceleration then I will try and push on to the next level knowing, at least, that there actually is a next level. I have been unable to get past producing discrete packets of impulses though it is of course possible that there is a further step to apply “Nitro’s law to that I have overlooked. It is bound to be even more fiendish than what has gone before but if you say there is an extension to the path I will sit in the boiler room with chilled beers through the winter and ponder some more. Hell! I will probably do that anyway to avoid tidying up.

kind regards

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 20/10/2015 18:18:56
 Please excuse me one more time all, but I never had a wiping boy before. This is my first and I find I can highly recommend it. It is a lot of fun and I am happy to have discovered him. I am happy nowadays anyway.

Girley Boy Bobby Squealing, I have not tried to evict you as you say. I have no influence here. We are all treated as equals--- but you might come to be the exception.

You write, “The pathetic part of it all is that some of those here are even more pathetic. So desperate in their desire to exist in the IP world.” “and I think they should demand that any squeakers prove it.”

Girley Boy Bobby Squealing, you are now attacking people who have never said a word to you and you a new comer, want the community to do what you think they should do. Analyzed, that means protect your pugy butt while you continuously insulted somebody who kept silent trying to ignoring the insults. You may get booted but I sure hope not until I become bored with squashing you.

I have decided against trying to get you booted (boot, shoe, not your butt). You are just too much fun. You are a tough guy? in contests? Oh you are fun. I have nailed you. I know you.

‘Violent intimidation?’ Against you? Oh you poor thing. You are being threatened now with physicality? words? your mental capacity? You are mistreated? Do not tell! oh you poor dear. Is someone punching back? You were giving it, now you are required to take it? and you so innocent. You are becoming some one’s punching bag? And all you ever did was insult them for two months?

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Squealing? Yeah, you wish, but I don’t mean what you think I mean.

Nitro, you are trying to put back some sanity in here? Good luck and hello. I would love to join you. There would never be a cross word. But I would ask you when it gets late in your shed not to step on my tong like others have done I believe. How else do you explain that taste when you wake up? Glenn,

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 20/10/2015 18:19:35
 Please excuse me one more time all, but I never had a wiping boy before. This is my first and I find I can highly recommend it. It is a lot of fun and I am happy to have discovered him. I am happy nowadays anyway.

Girley Boy Bobby Squealing, I have not tried to evict you as you say. I have no influence here. We are all treated as equals--- but you might come to be the exception.

You write, “The pathetic part of it all is that some of those here are even more pathetic. So desperate in their desire to exist in the IP world.” “and I think they should demand that any squeakers prove it.”

Girley Boy Bobby Squealing, you are now attacking people who have never said a word to you and you a new comer, want the community to do what you think they should do. Analyzed, that means protect your pugy butt while you continuously insulted somebody who kept silent trying to ignoring the insults. You may get booted but I sure hope not until I become bored with squashing you.

I have decided against trying to get you booted (boot, shoe, not your butt). You are just too much fun. You are a tough guy? in contests? Oh you are fun. I have nailed you. I know you.

‘Violent intimidation?’ Against you? Oh you poor thing. You are being threatened now with physicality? words? your mental capacity? You are mistreated? Do not tell! oh you poor dear. Is someone punching back? You were giving it, now you are required to take it? and you so innocent. You are becoming some one’s punching bag? And all you ever did was insult them for two months?

Girley Boy Bobby Squealing, you were both ignored by me and also ask very nicely several times to stop following me to be hateful to me. Well, I intend to enjoy you now. You could only escape me by leaving me alone, but I hope you do not. Where would I find another whipping boy like you? You are the first one I ever had, Girley Boy Bobby Squealing.

Squealing? Yeah, you wish, but I don’t mean what you think I mean.

Nitro, you are trying to put back some sanity in here? Good luck and hello. I would love to join you. There would never be a cross word. But I would ask you when it gets late in your shed not to step on my tong like others have done I believe. How else do you explain that taste when you wake up? Glenn,

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Answer: Sandy - 20/10/2015 21:22:04
 Hello Nitro,
You have no chance of doing anything in surroundings as good as that.
I would find it very hard to make a start.
Pissed and cosy.
Who cares?

I have said before that I never really got involved in any device which was designed to produce as you say thrust in discrete packets.

That said all of my machines except for the lab test device operate in a somewhat similar manner.

Sorry this sounds so complicated Nitro, but I do know your feelings towards Sir Isaac’s Law and that has got to help your understanding.

I will site this one case, which is the easier case and suits a twin opposed gyro system at 45 degrees of vertical offset.
In this case the thrust is produced by variations in the angular momentum created in the device.
The gyroscopes in this twin opposed gyroscope mechanism are contrived to rise or fall under changing amounts of angular momentum.
The gyros will rise with decreasing angular momentum and fall with increasing angular momentum.
I think that is enough to let you see where I am coming from and that is the fact that at the lower level of generated angular momentum is always a long way above zero, so while the output is continually varied, thrust is still being produced down to the lowest part of the cycle.
I think it could be construed as continuous.
Several unorthodox ideas were put into this to make it work but I do not think it is necessary to describe them.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 20/10/2015 22:29:55
 Now that I've given the troll somethin ta do with it's troglodyte urges.

Sandy, you lost me with the ball bearings. I can think of all sorts of ways ways to link the paired gyros with those differentials and "drivebones and doggiecups" you mentioned, but your reference to ball bearings went right over my head. I haven't had any experience with model cars or trucks. Do the ball bearings have something to do with spacing?

While awaiting my gears, and the additional servo testers, I have been tinkering with the other. "assback" utilizes bevel gears and will initially have the gyros driven with ESC's until I can afford and acquire the necessary planetary and additional bevel gears to have the gyros driven synchronously with the carriage. "assback" has no oscillatory motions to it, so I need no large speed variations. I will be using the servo testers to explore the gyro speeds to carriage ratios. I hope I don't repeat your exciting experience with my gimcrack device.

I will be proceeding with my main device as soon as my gears arrive; hopefully in a week or less.

So; Nitro, when will we see a definitive test of your fast repeater. You could put it in a box and do a pendulum test; that's what I will be doing with my device. It would be nice to see another device beside Sandy's to demonstrate repeatable IP.


Report Abuse
Answer: Sandy - 20/10/2015 23:03:40
 Evening Nate,
Sorry for the delay in replying, I had previously stated that I intended to display a couple of machines soon, on YouTube, but as I have very recently completed another smaller device I have the dilemma of deciding which to show and in which order.
I now have 5 machines, with work still being continued on the horizontal thrusting one which to me is much less of a priority.
I did intended, and still intend to demonstrate a new version of my lab test device.
As this was described in a patent of many years ago, I do not care too much if it is studied closely.
I think any observers will still be struggling to understand it.
That one will be first.
So that leaves 2 to demonstrate or maybe even 3 if I have time.
They all work differently which makes the demonstration more interesting.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 20/10/2015 23:41:35
 Ah, my whipping boy returns with name calling to keep me busting him. Do not stop it! I would lose a major enjoyment. I have only owned one for two days and he is already giving me continuous reason to bust that pudgy butt. He is a really good one, isn't he?

Darling, Girley Boy Bobby Squealing, I am still in a festive mood tonight, but later you can count on the severity you long for. Since I now own you, you mentally helpless coward, I have a duty to keep making you obey me. I know you love the attention in a masochistic way so be sure to keep refer to Glenny often. He enjoys it so and likes owning a Girley Boy Bobby Squealing .

People who repeater disgusting examples of themselves, do so because they are the star in the story. You have reached stardom Girley Boy Bobby Squealing. How does it feel? Now post another reason to keep me whacking that pudgy.

Oh, there is no escape for you. You don't have brains enough to shut up.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 22/10/2015 20:39:49
 Hello Dave,
You are presently resenting the best part of valor by being civil and not goating me. that is all I ever wanted. I am sort of proud of you. Post away! You are free if you will not dothat anymore. Guten Appetit and enjoy, Dave.

Hello Sandy,
45 degrees of vertical offset is right by me too. By the way, why don’t you scratch this thread and start a new thread about the same things. Dave and I have destroyed this one. Excuse us.

Hello Nitro,
Right, “Thrust in discrete packets. . . “ It is all I have seen and done. Sandy is trying to go continuous, as am I, to the best of my understanding.
You are right again: “It is bound to be even more fiendish than what has gone before. . .”

I don’t know how to keep from sounding boastful. I do not like that at all, but when I say I have learned a lot, I really have.

Nitro, Lay down several rows of round pencils on a sloid surface, all pointed in the same direction and a couple inches (50 mm) apart. Place a platform of styrofoam on them. Set your machine on the styrofoam platform and turn it on. If it jerks along forward as previously demonstrated, nobody can afterwards say that the felt surface of a pooltable allowed for cling and jerk. Also they can no longer think that as the ping pong balls touch and mesh like gears, so that as one turns forward the other is forced to attempt to rotate oppositely and rearward—i.e. more friction to allow for more cling and jerk. My hope is for your success, but . . . .? I will be sorry if I am correct. I know you don’t like me, but I don’t give a shit. I like you anyway and I just gave you a major testing technique to save you years of tipsy,tidy-less plotting and re-testing.

Sandy Kidd, If you like, I can tell you why 45 degrees works and a couple of other things—if you like.

As a kindness, I now allow you all to enjoy my women.

I am in love with the voice and face of a flirtatious little women who does not even know I even exist.


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 22/10/2015 23:06:32
 I've been doing a count here;

Of those with verifiable identity.

1. Sandy Kidd; Sandy has assured me that he is he. Now, that could be just a troll that has assumed the "Sandy Kidd" identity, and that preposition is somewhat supported by the fact that several Sandy Kidd(s) have died in the recent past(actually, one in Scotland).I have refrained from contacting the grieving relatives to verify if he was "THE" Sandy Kidd (mainly cause I was too lazy and also he answered an old email addie I emailed to).

2. Nitro Mcmad(I think I mispelled that); nitro has posted some details of his life, mostly obscured and anonymous apart from his webpage and has posted his utube videos exposing his initial device and his efforts at IP. I'm sure that any real digging would show that he is genuine.

3. Marsden; apart from being a fraud, his name and address are a matter of record.

4. (All others anonymous), I'm gonna hafta substitute myself as no. 4 cause I can't find anyone else verifiable. My website and my history are verifiable from the postings here in these forums.

MD is a bit of a mystery; no verifiable identity, yet he has posted his videos of a device that makes me shudder when I see it thrashing about. It is one of the worst engineered devices I've seen in the quest for IP. It could share some of the effects of Sandy's original device but whatever such effects, they get lost in all the flexing and thrashing of the device. If he engineers the device a little differently to reduce all that thrashing, he will have a device that will be basically identical to Nitro's. I did leave messages on his utube thing to change his device to something resembling Nitro's before I was ever aware of Nitro's device.

There are a number of anonymous regulars here who have contributed to the quest for IP and have offered constructive criticism when needed. I have little issue with them apart from the concern that they won't "come out of the closet" in their support for IP. For anyone in the "regular system", I can see why they would be reluctant; what they did to laithewaite(did I spell that wrong too?) would make any one cautious. Most of them can be ruled out as "trolls", but I can't be 100 per cent sure.

Now we come to the bottom of the list; a troll who repeatably and consistently attacks the other posters not for any constructive criticism, but to play the "troll game". Sandy Kidd fell into this troll's game many years ago. Sandy is one of those straightforward people who would not conceive that someone else would engage in anything as low and disgusting as "the troll game". Going over those old postings, it was obvious that the troll was playing Sandy like a flute.

On the tough streets where I grew up, we had a saying; " BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS".

Translated from "street talk"; a con or troll spews his "SPEW"; his spew is usually controversial and occasionally insultingly false. The victim usually has some vulnerability which the con or troll takes advantage of; some platform which the con or troll is attacking and the victim is forced to defend. There are many variations of this game from the lowest-level "call me a liar and I'll beat the crap outaya" to the "have the courtesy to respect my freedom of speech or I will make your life miserable". There is usually some compromise then to resolve the issue, such as the barroom solution of "buy me a beer to make up for it" or "could ya lend me a few bucks". The victim is usually intimidated enough to bend to the con or troll's will to avoid any further confrontation.

Some just fall into the role naturally, because it is essentially basic troglodyte behaviour, and others study it and perfect the technique. Some do it for money and others do it just for the gratification of their troglodyte urges.

The troll and the victim both maintain the illusion that the troll has somehow been smarter than the victim. All that has occurred is that some dimwit has bullied someone for some gain or gratification. BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS.

I will be posting more on glenny later.


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 23/10/2015 01:52:55

Don't you dare scrap this thread. I don't care how much glenny kisses your ass. He's just preparing it for the next time he tries to sink his teeth in there. He has just realized that he's screwed himself. He is a low level troll and fell into my trap. He has little self-control and acted mindlesly and now there is a permanent record. This little troll has displayed himself at his lowest.

His history with you and others in these forums follows a repeating pattern of attacks, then make-ups, then more attacks. He has no real knowledge or expertise with IP, but has been pumping up an image as an expert by the appearance of technical equality with you and nitro and others by his repeated attacks and your responses. The only way to deal with this creature is to ignore it until it produces IP that you can subject to analysis. I assure you that it cannot produce anything.

You have been presented with the most precious gift; it has offered to produce. GRAB HOLD OF IT'S TONGUE AND DON'T LET GO.
"Sandy Kidd, If you like, I can tell you why 45 degrees works and a couple of other things—if you like."

The only things it knows is what it has gotten from yours and others responses to it. I think maybe you left out a few things; this should be fun.

"I don’t know how to keep from sounding boastful. I do not like that at all, but when I say I have learned a lot, I really have."

Do you notice how it's speech dysfunction suddenly goes away when it is being boastful, It's all an affectation; part of it's troll persona. Another display of contempt for the shills.


Don't you dare pretend that you have no interest in seeing glenny fulfill his PROMISE to Sandy.

Sound off on this.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 23/10/2015 06:44:07
 I looked at Dave's earlier post headed:, (' I've been doing a count here;)'

He is insane. He is paranoid delusional, believing that the people he is reading may be other than they are supposed to be, even in trickery involving multiple identities of the same person living and dead. Most of the people of whom he has never shared a communication, he believes may also be lying to him about who they are. He goes on to write of extremes he would go to, to verify all of them. Dave is intensely suspicious of a condition that both; does not make sense, and could not mater regardless. All of his writings tell the same story, but less pronounced. I missed it

Tonight I am thinking I will not hurt him with words, because his condition is very susceptible to criticism. I think he is suffering badly enough and I will leave him alone.

I hope he does not hurt himself, or someone else. Skitsofrantic people suffer terrifying illusions and panic. (not all the time) They are very dangerous and are not always easy to spot and infinity, though with David it is obvious based on behavioral psychology during the past weeks in his writing, particularly the, (' I've been doing a count here;) I did not see it.

Yes, I know, from having access to state asylums and training. Our Dave is for real.


Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 23/10/2015 20:16:04
 Oh, glenny;

You can't weasel out of this that easy. I put a little thought (emphasis, "little") into trapping you. Low-level trolls have limited cognitive abilities and when forced into "putting up or shutting up" invariably revert to basic troglodyte responses. One of those responses is the "guilt projection". The troll tries to reflect the accusation back onto the accuser. The low-level trolls are basically troglodytes and have limited understanding of non-trogs and if confronted properly will have to find something in it's own psyche to project onto it's accuser.

In Criminal justice systems, it is quite common for the perp to project his guilt onto his victim,"my wife made me beat her up" and that kinda crap.

It's interesting that glenny should pose as some sort of practitioner in mental health and that he should structure his projection so precisely. It is not uncommon for mental patients to pose as such "practitioners". He is projecting his own experience and his own condition.

I've been onto you from the very beginning, glenny. Which "Mental Institution" were you in?

Sandy; I hope you don't mind, I'm including an excerpt from my email to you. Your reply that you had no idea who "Glenn Hawkins" was, didn't surprise me. The fact that you actually allowed yourself to be trolled by the creature, does. I hope you've learned something from this.


Fri, July 17, 2015 5:10 pm


I'm a little paranoid about people posting in forums; most use false names
or abbreviations, none of which identify them. The same with email
addresses; to point, "Glenn Hawkins", who has posted in the gyro forums;
"I have three different email names with three different addresses, none
of which is me".

I'm going to assume you are who you say you are. If you weren't, the real
Sandy Kidd would probably have become aware by now and would be objecting

I have not yet decided if "Glenn Hawkins" is merely a troglodyte with no
real understanding of the gyro manifestations he spews in those forums, or
is just a high functioning paranoid schizophrenic. A lot of "trolls" in
these forums fall into those two categories. Do you have any idea who
"Glenn Hawkins" is?



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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 23/10/2015 21:42:58
 I told you he was crazy.

A fair guess is that the Lawyers, courts and government he rants about having abusied him have committed him in an institute on an island with access only by boat and plane. If that is the case his handlers are allowing them some degree of computer access. That is good therapy, but they have to be watched over. In any case, David is crazy

David, if your ward handlers find out what mad things your are doing on this site they will take your computer privileges away. You behave now.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 24/10/2015 00:07:52
 You've all been warned about glenny.

When it trolls these forums, just stick it in it's face.

Sandy, here's your chance. Don't let it get away.

It committed itself; make it pay the piper.

It was a big disappointment to find these forums populated with frauds and phonies like Marsden and Glenn Hawkins. I'm sure there are others here with genuine interests and I hope I've cleaned up a little bit of the trash here to make it a better place to interact.

You can't have any kind of honest interactions without knowing who all the actors are. Creatures like glenny will always hide in these forums while us "REAL PEOPLE" show where we're coming from. That is the power these trolls have found in these forums; they can attack and then hide under their anonymity; they can do their "dirty dance" without having to "pay the piper".

It's too bad this Grand internet has degenerated into such a cesspool.

So far, I have found only three "REAL PEOPLE" here (myself included). MD and a few others are still marginal.


Report Abuse
Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 24/10/2015 01:17:18
 Mad as a hater.

He just wrote:
“Creatures like glenny . . . "REAL PEOPLE" . . . they can attack and hide under their anonymity. . . Grand internet degenerated into such a cesspool. . .only three "REAL PEOPLE" here (myself included). MD and a few others are still marginal.”

He may be in a lock-down dormitory. I hope so. If I had anything to do with it he would be. One bad hallucination and he could kill somebody thinking they are an incarnate evil impersonating an I.P. enthuses --- and never be tried for it.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 24/10/2015 01:56:15
 Notice how the creatures speech dysfunction disappears when it gets angry and forgets to keep up it's weird troll persona. And also it's guilt projection; It's own mental illness is all it really knows well and it is speaking with all the authority of first hand experience.

Unfortunately for it, I have none of it's debilitating affliction and I don't think any one here takes any stock in it's rantings. It's reached the end of it's credibility, but is too stupid to see the writing on the wall.

yours in all honesty


Report Abuse
Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 24/10/2015 03:19:00
 You poor crazy person. This is kind of fun. I should be ashamed.

“. . . when it gets angry. . .”
Ha, ha, ha. I am not angry. You poor demented bastard. Ha, ha, ha.

“Its guilt projection”
Guilty? I am guilty, guilty of something? Ha, ha.

“I have none of it's debilitating affliction. . .” No not much. How are the shock treatments coming along? Ha, ha, ha.

“ I don't think any one here takes any stock in it's rantings.”
Ranting? I am ranting? Oh my God! What if they do take stock in my rantings? I can’t believe this. I can’t believe it. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

“It's reached the end of it's credibility” Din-wit, you said I didn’t have any credibility. Don’t you even remember what you say?

“. . . is too stupid to see the writing on the wall.”
I envision your four walls, poor baby. Is the writing on them cursive or printed? Are the messages from God, or some lying internet personality pretending to be God? Your mother? Your mother Norman Bates?

You are precious. Yes you are.

“. . . yours in all honesty”
Yours? . . . . Who in hell are you talking to? I am the only person noticing you and then only because you amuse me in a cartoonist way.

Please write me often Norman.

Well it is Tennessee verses Alabama football tomorrow. That is a big game here in the states.

Oh, Dave I just had an image. If they will let me kick the opening ball you can hold it on the tee for me. Hold it down with your teeth. Ha, ha, ha, ha. You poor crazy bastard.

I should be ashamed.

Report Abuse
Answer: Harry K. - 24/10/2015 09:56:15
 @Glenn and @all
Don't feed the troll!

Report Abuse
Answer: MD - 24/10/2015 13:26:57
 Dave, I'm "real". I just don't have that much motivation to actually perform experiments. The machine isn't even functional right now. I have to manufacture a main axle and some ice skates from some knife blades. I figure if I put it on ice with knife blades as skates (all pointing in the same direction) and get it to move, maybe someone else than I will be impressed. I can't imagine that having much friction.

My patent fell through yesterday too, but I'm not too worried about that. In fact it's a relief. Don't have to think about it anymore.

If you haven't already, I really think you should devote some time to watch through:


It really does behave a lot differently when the gyros are on. In the first 2 clips (and I believe the last clip) the gyros are off and... it's just handicapped. It can't get a swing going, it doesn't appear to do much of anything. Turn on the gyros though and swings are a comin'. In some instances (7:55) it at almost stand still. I do 2 cycles and it just shoots off. Amazing.

Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 25/10/2015 05:03:06

Your videos and your postings about your machines attest to your veracity; however I can never put complete faith in anyone who is nameless and faceless. I can't see anything in your videos that would lead me to suspect you are faking anything. You haven't been attacking anybody or exhibitting any troll behaviour. I would lean toward accepting you as "real people" except for the fact that you are nameless and faceless.

Your support for Marsden is also a strike against you; it would take an act of willful blindness to be oblivious to the obvious fake of his video. But then you weren't the only one, some of the supposedly rational posters here were actually kissing his ass in public(the internet version of it). This 2-dimensional IP world can lead to some strange behaviour; a hunger to expand into some 3-dimensional world between Scientist and Crackpot. That expansion usually winds up in crackpot world.

I've posted comments in your other videos on utube about your machines (as "antiattorney" which leads to my website with my full identity). I don't troll and I don't hide. To give you some idea where I'm coming from;

I have been a fitter-welder and have trained as a Steel-layout man and have been a backyard mechanic most of my life. My math training was done with a "slipstick". My training in life is to "fix" anything I find to be "broken". I've fixed cars and built bridges. You must understand; my urges are to make machinery run smoothly and efficiently.

So, I must state again, watching your machines makes me shudder; I feel an almost uncontrollable urge to reach into that video and re-arrange the machinery to something that is not thrashing about like a wounded beast.

Your machines are functional on the principles(non-newtonian) that Sandy and Nitro have explored, and if properly engineered, could exhibit some thrust. Unfortunately, there is another (much larger) effect, which I have commented in your utube videos, which completely overpowers that effect and gives you a false output. It is a completely documented effect which has led to the failed Dean and Thornson devices (among others).


Even Sandy is "in the dark" about that effect; his indoctrination in the foundations of engineering, "newtonian physics", leaves him with a blind spot. That blind spot is a subconscious dichotomy which prevents him from expressing the actual principle on which his devices function because that function is non-newtonian and his programming in engineering and mathematics leaves him in an strange world where his observations of gyro behaviour and the dictates of Newtonian physics are not compatible. That schizoid world leaves him in the position of dictating reality from "crackpot world". His mentor Laithewaite(I hope I spelled it right this time) made that terrible mistake and was crucified by the Newtonian world. You should consider the fact that Sandy intuitively arranged his experiments as vertical counterbalanced, which mostly eliminates that effect; I don't think this was a conscious decision. We have this present manifestation of IP from a rather schizoid situation where the author was operating from instinct rather than science.

Donald has left for home; his lady left him and he came by with a large bottle of wine somewhere at the beginning of this post. I hope he recovers.


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Answer: MD - 25/10/2015 10:51:53
 Well, I don't know what an inclined pendulum effect is, and if you google it all whopping 3 results (!) point to your comments.

As for "Mac-quan 1" I never really accepted it as real. All I saw was a video without obvious fakery going on, which made me curious. But it's so low-resolution that's not an argument in itself. If you ask me Marsden is a grade A fake, and the video was made as a "what if" scenario. "This is how the video should look eventually, when I get the damn thing to levitate". In fact, levitation in an intertial thruster is a fevered mad mans dream. That's a *huuuuuge* amount of thrust. Surely you can prove thrust before levitation.

As for my machine, I'm well aware it's unbalanced. The reason it's not functional right now is because of this. You see, I tried to rebuild it so the gyros would move synchronously. I succeeded in the rebuild (I hired someone), but the gyros didn't like it in a horizontal position. They started thinking they were both on the same axle, which made them counteract eachother. If you've watched the Laithwaite video where he lifts a gyro on an axle. Well, if you put another gyro on that axle, spinning the opposite way, it'd show no gyroscopic effects at all. This is what happens to my machine, at least in a horizontal orientation.

So until I make some kind of vertical experiment, like Sandy has where it "climbs" up using a counter-weight on a pulley, that particular version of my machine is useless.

Now I have to make a new main axle to return it to it's old state. And some ice skates of course.

As for that inclined thing you mentioned, I figure friction is the main culprit to get rid of. I even have a fantasy where I put it on one of those quantum levitation tracks. Permanent magnets frozen to near absolute zero above a magnetized track will apparently float, frictionless. If my machine can move on one of those, that's basically proof.

In the mean time, ice skates. Very, very friction free ice skates.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 27/10/2015 03:12:03
Asked by: Dave Parsons
Subject: vote for glenny
Question: It seems that Glenn Hawkins is determined to pollute any thread with his rantings as you can see in Sandy's thread

so I've decided to give all the others in these forums an opportunity to vote for glenny.

Sandy, I apologize for any part in polluting your thread, but the thread was partly about glenny's attack on you, and the only IP ever demonstrated by anyone anywhere. His attacks on you and others has not and never has been about anything to do with gyroscopes or IP. Whatever mental problem drives him, is best dealt with in another more appropriate forum to do with mental health.

All those who consider that glenny has any right or privilege to subject these forums to his rants and attacks, please vote for him. Feel free to express your opinion of his rights and privileges in these forums. In particular, please express your opinions on his mental state. Please feel free to determine what he may say and how he may say it.

Is there anyone who would vote for glenny?

Date: 24 October 2015

Please register your vote for glenny at the thread below


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 27/10/2015 04:13:58
 This is him.
You all might find this interesting.


Notice a picture of Marrison's machine. He is obsessed with it.

It appears he is locked in a Canadian cell, likely in an isolated institution on his no-access island, except by boat. His crimes are not mentioned, but I told you he was schizophrenic and dangerous.

'Schizophrenia Research'
The recent killing of Wayne Fenton by a patient with untreated schizophrenia reminds us of a fact that we too often ignore. A subset of people with schizophrenia and other psychoses are dangerous if their paranoid delusions and other symptoms are not treated.

Click on 'CAKEHOLE LAW'. He thinks everyone is against him and worst adversaries are his lawyers. He does not believe anyone here is real and his next attract will be on Sandy Kidd - He has already targeted him, and Dave will turn on him as I contumely refuse to respond to Dave.

(Perfect advice Herold. I am taking it.)

However I do not mind Dave. I feel sorry for him and now that we've learn more about him (the strongest key was mention of his mother) I find that trying to analyze his mind is very interesting, although I am limited in this area. I know a little. I know Dave.


Report Abuse
Answer: MD - 28/10/2015 14:14:31
 And people complain I don't make my name known on the internet.

Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 28/10/2015 18:55:06

A good point. There are any number of Psychotic Trolls out there; some uglier than others.
Intelligence is a non-issue with these trolls.

I have defended other laymen in the criminal courts of BC and have had experience with the kind of paranoid schizophrenics who wind up there. I am not a lawyer; I have functioned as a legal reform society in the courts of BC.

The high functioning paranoid schizophrenic has several distinguishing traits. Unlike your regular schizophrenic, it is able to function without any self-doubts or conflicting voices in it's head. All the voices in it's head are contributory to whatever it is currently engaged in. That's why they are seldom committed to mental institutions; the stupider ones do wind up there or jails, but the higher IQ's tend to move into positions of power.

There is one particularly disgusting manifestation of these creatures; To the P.S., it is impossible for it to be guilty of anything. If there is ever any incidents where it has done something to victimize others, then, in the P.S.'s mind, that victim had to have forced the P.S. to do it (i.e., the P.S. was the actual victim).

The ultimate absurdity of the P.S., is that a genius level P.S. is sometimes compelled to commit a criminal act and then to attempt to force a criminal court to acquit it of the offense even though there is absolute evidence to convict it. This trait stems from the absolute narcissism of the P.S. It must force those around it to put it on a pedestal above any principles of right or wrong; it wants to be king. Re-read some of glenny's kiss-assing to others; underneath the anal-smooching, lies the manipulation found in most political arenas.

I don't think I have to explain to this forum just how low a P.S. will stoop when it thinks that it has been "victimized". What glenny hates about me, is that I won't allow it's tongue any where near my anus.

Yours Truly


Report Abuse
Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 28/10/2015 21:15:11

I want you to protract your brilliant mind, which is recognizable, on ‘it’ for a moment. What motivates ‘it’? What does it think of its mother? If it was incarcerated, what crimes would it most likely have committed?

I do not think you are a serial killer – I am not suggesting that --, but tell us with all your acumen, uncanny incite and legal skills what you think of the video below. How would you defend them?


Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 28/10/2015 22:55:44

Here is the answer everyone should be giving you. "SCREW OFF"; ain't interested in your crap


my servo testers finally arrived. I can finally start work on my main device and "ass back". I am still awaiting the final four ESC's, but will have enough to begin on main device.

I will be attempting to drive some hard drive motors synchronously for both devices, electronically. I don't have any need for any rapid speed changes, so don't expect any catastrophe's like the one you mentioned (cross fingers). I have two brushless 2012-6 model plane motors and two more on order, but they will become useful only after I have established the speeds and ratios with the HDD's. I'm sorry I can't give you full details for the construction and function of either device, but assure you there will be utube videos of the results (like I said before; enclosed).

I look forward to seeing your machines on utube; don't expose too much. You wouldn't want someone claiming he thought of it first. Again, I apologize for my tardiness; I should of had this done before now.

I hope you appreciate the, "stock", reply to the troll I have provided.


Please feel free to use my "stock" reply to the troll.

And all even slightly interested others; feel free


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 28/10/2015 23:30:17
Yeah, I'm getting to you. Did you hurt her?

Everyone is on to you madman. You'll get no responses here I predict.

From your writing, I think you have killed people. Why are you locked up on an island?

Your mother, your mother, your mother,Your mother, your mother, your mother,Your mother, your mother, your mother,Your mother, your mother, your mother,Your mother, your mother, your mother.--------- Did you hurt her?

From your writing, I think you have killed people and if you annoy me I will make you think of your mother and your hate and guilt.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 29/10/2015 02:24:50
 I almost feel sorry for the creature. It ain't here with the rest of us anymore, but apart from me, that ain't saying much. Many of you interacted with this creature without the slightest clue what it was; so desperate for a niche that you ignored all the not-so-little signs of the major dysfunctions it suffers from.

Harry K.?, harald?, Herold?; dumbfack. I told you you were pushing him in over his head.

A little hilarious history; In the ancient Jewish capitol, scribes would sit in front of alcoves in a famous wall with their pens and papers (papyrus?) ready. It was the religious wisdom of the time that god spoke through the crazies. A number of these crazies lived in those alcoves and were fed by these scribes daily. Many were very disturbed and would hold forth at length with every sort of gibberish, which these scribes would be feverishly writing down. These "sermons" would attract spectators; sometimes the crazies would be jerking off while giving these "sermons" and would sometimes piss on the scribes and any spectators that ventured too close.

After a day of writing, the scribes would return home and attempt to find the "words of god" in those writings. It would be interesting to know how much of the bible are these "words of god".

We seem to have one such prophet here.

Are you enjoying this Harald?


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 29/10/2015 03:28:03
 I am through with him.

This is the most dangerous psychopath I have ever come across. He does not say what his crimes were. He does not say what he was sentenced for. His effort to defend himself is not to claim his innocence. The effort is based on technicalities as to whether or not all his rights were observed in court. He never denies anything I say. God only knows what monstrous, horrendous things he has done to living human bodies.

We have met a real life monster; not exaggerated. I am finished with him, disgusting, phew.








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Answer: Dave Parsons - 29/10/2015 04:45:18
 it's too bad Turner and company have abandoned this place; they've left it to the squatters.

No one to complain to; no one running anything anymore. A derelict.

Very few of the links go anywhere any more; hasn't been a change for nearly a decade; not even a caretaker.

A derelict rudderless ship. The code for the forums keeps clicking, but this ship ain't going anywhere.

Do you think you can breathe some life back into this place Sandy?

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 31/10/2015 21:23:14
 Searching for Harry K.'s real name didn't bring up anything, but other things surfaced.

Crap about glenny; Is that it's "real" name or just another alias?

Asked by: Hewitt Casper, or just plain Glenn
Subject: It is real
Question: Hello men,
I hope you are not too aggravated with me, because I like and admire you all.
I have done inertial propulsion powerfully and wrote a dissertation on the physic of it. It works absolutely, but for a couple different reasons than most thought.
My claim is that it is there for you, in any way you can skin the cat to get at it. Gook luck an all my best wishes.
Sweet dreams,
Date: 31 July 2013

Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 31/07/2013 18:49:59
This is way too much for me at this time in my life. I need engineers, machinists, cutting machines, a good shop and offices and help in keeping up with everything. Either that, or money to purchase and employ.
I would like to tell and show you all about it, but I don't think I am supposed to right now. I arrived at this following physics that lead me to the writing of hypotheses, the construction of successful tests, to the theory then the proof. There is no question, but that I have easily maintain powerful interior trust without an opposite reaction. Sandy, you were so very close. So very close yes, and yet so very far away, though my methods are not like yours. Believe centrifuge cannot be denied, yet the power of your machine may overwhelm it. I say too much. I will just say I am happy to know you.
If somebody has any suggestions as to how I might form and finance a team, please suggest away.
Regards, Glenn

Answer: Blaze - 31/07/2013 23:07:39
Congrats on your accomplishment Glenn. Have you achieved constant thrust, thrust pulses with coasting in between, or something else? I am not asking for any details on how you did it, just curious about the kind of result you got.

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 02:46:31
Hi Blaze, and hello gang,
Thank you for your interest in my project. I of course am interested in yours. I have produced a very powerful thrust repeatedly; whenever I like. It is so neat and so different. It just came into my mind and I kept building on it as I entered deeper into it. How does that happen? Where do thoughts really come from?
The device flings itself across a glass table dragging with it little Teflon coated feet, pivots and frame attached. All the mass moves forward. I have tested reloading it and the means to do that is so neat and quick. As it progress, it will swivel back and forth [As if none of you knew? ;-)
It produces an ultimate straight vector from the equal waggling wherein it will push a capsule from the interior without benefit of a backdrop, or rather opposite reaction. As to coasting, I once loaded it with about twenty ounces of ice chips in a bag and the bag flew from it and pulled it. So yes, there are three ways I envision building incremental accelerations into increasing velocity. I know the sling shot ice works well enough, but I feel comfortable I can do much better. In fact I have some good, but incomplete evidence that it can remain in its area of space and apply stead contact force. I’m working on that. It isn’t like any designs we’ve probably ever envisioned. I’m sure it will have to be seen to be believed.
I don’t blame anybody. I would reserve belief of such a clime, but It has for some time pleased me to sense that we five are trueful. I believe absolutely we believe what we say- - whether we are right or wrong. That is a great tribute to our little group.
I did not mean to run off at the mouth. The fingers just started typing and did not know when to stop and certainly their owner is not always home here on the planet to guide them.
I will give you something you may already know. The forces cannot maintain force in a restricted, straight condition. The force must have motion in order to apply itself.
I may have the help I need, a partner to help with the financing. I will know by morning.
Best happiness, Prost and all smiles,
Where is our Harry K.?

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 04:02:37
I'm not sure I answered you. I will try. The apparatus must, although I have not proved it yet, thrust repeatedly during the time it is already moving forward. I know about the inch worm effect. I coined the idea. This is not it. This design can build acceleration constantly. Now then to your question.
I's heavy and it's basic movement is to curve very, very fast on a glass table top in a one half circle of about an 8 inch diameter. It stops, unless it is encouraged to reverse against stopping at a time before it stops. During this actions it is restarted to continue repeating. I am not able to test every aspect. I have to built more of the magnesium first and yet . . . I have tested it. If this makes no sense, be sympathetic to my effort. I am trying to explain without explaining. How could I expect to accomplish that?
It looks like I may not have acquired a partner after all.
"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"
Friedrich Nietcsche
Cheers Glenn,

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 19:43:17


Off in some strange psychotic world of his own; when he presented his gibberish to the "money-man", the "money-man" shot him down. The "Prophet" spoke and was pissed on

Some other crap on glenny;



Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 02:46:31
I don’t blame anybody. I would reserve belief of such a clime, but It has for some time pleased me to sense that we five are trueful. I believe absolutely we believe what we say- - whether we are right or wrong. That is a great tribute to our little group....

The fingers just started typing and did not know when to stop and certainly their owner is not always home here on the planet to guide them...


Who are these five it's talking about? Harry K. is obviously one of them. Their postings in these forums indicate some sort of belief system that has little or nothing to do with science or engineering; a truly psychotic state of affairs where they claim complete compliance with Newton's laws while professing a "magical" exception for their imagined contraptions.The "False Prophet" never recovered from his disgrace and lashed out at the real thing; a mindless troglodyte reaction.

Sandy Kidd never imagined a magical device;he used his engineering knowledge and skills to develop , a "real" effect, that he stumbled on, to make a "real" device, that produced a "real" thrust. Unfortunately Sandy cannot explain the principle on which his gyro device functions because his language of that is limited to his engineering indoctrination in Newtonian physics ( it is a semantic thing). There is no explanation possible because Newton and his cronies made sure that only their "dialect" would be spoken in the "Halls of Science". I have read many attempts by scientists and others to rationalize gyro precession with Newtonian physics and the best of those fail any rational explanation and the worst are just schizoid nonsense.

Sandy is trapped by that dichotomy; his machines will never spring forward into full levitation until he can answer the question, "why does a gyro precess". He is in the position of "trial and error". It's amazing he accomplished what he did.

I understand why gyros precess, but I can't explain it in Newtonian terms. I wouldn't be looking out for my best interests if I were to make a detailed description. I have left numerous clues around here, so I don't feel too guilty.

MD, you're the only one of the bunch who made any comment.

I got to get back to my lathe now; time for the "troll". I'll leave my "stock" reply in anticipation


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 01/11/2015 05:38:36

Please read the latest in my thread.

I couldn't stop laughing at the comedy drama played out in Harry's thread


The fact that he pointed me there to try to prove how dim I was, is even more hilarious in that he seemed to think that he was somehow showing me up.

You actually corresponded with him; please tell me that you actually learned something from him.

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Answer: Sandy - 02/11/2015 12:16:23
 Hello again Dave,
I would like to say firstly that you seem to have a bee in your bonnet with respect to this pendulum effect thing you keep mentioning.
It is nice to nurture an idea that you really believe in, but my personal opinion is that I doubt very much if it will ever be a prerequisite for inertial drive.
I cannot for the life of me see where, whatever you have in mind is operating, or has operated in any of my machinery, and for that matter I really cannot see anything relating to this phenomenon which could possibly have any effect on my machinery.
Like many others Dave you depend heavily on assumption, most of which is wrong.

By the way I have always had excellent vision and at 78 I have no need of glasses, so this “blind spot” I am not aware of.

Since I was a young lad I was aware of Newton probably only by his reputation.
Like everyone else I later learned about the 1st, 2nd,, and 3rd laws and much later the momentum conservation laws, but I was also very aware of the the fact that his predictions had absolutely no effect on my life.
I also consider myself a free thinker and have always tended to draw my own conclusions.
I must mention that at that time I was very aware that nobody knew (and they still don’t ) know what gravity was or what caused it, or for that matter electricity, mass, inertia and a whole lot more.
Cause and effect ?
There always seemed to be a preponderance of effect with not a lot of cause.

Quite honestly and light heartedly, I decided to pursue “anti-gravity” as it was then called, as a hobby whilst I was kicking my heels in the RAF, in the early 60s, when I decided my guess as to which direction to go in, was as good as anyone else’s.
That said my machines were designed to operate vertically from the outset and for reasons which complied with the junk which I was taught and believed at the time.
They were also made to operate deliberately in the vertical mode as it is still to me the only logical method of testing /demonstrating my design of machine, besides from my own personal experience I doubt if it matters much at all how the device is presented.
The device just for being what it is, will be condemned out of hand.
There are just too many qualified and “who should really be smart”, but are in fact just plainly ignorant people, who are totally devoid of the facts of the matter, and will condemn any such device, for no other reason than the fact that they are only correct because they know that they are.
For that reason alone, there would be no point in me unloading any of my knowledge of what makes my machines tick until a few people decide that my claims are not so much rubbish as they initially seem, and at least give them the benefit of the doubt.
I have even been accused of misunderstanding the results of my own testing and experiments, by alleged qualified people, (I never inferred smart), some who were incidentally contributors to this forum, and who were really in no position to comment but nevertheless felt the need to.

“Blessed are they who have nothing to say, and cannot be persuaded to say it”
Since 2004 I have presented a fair whack of my findings in instalments to this forum supplying enough information for any other interested party to get about 90% of the way down the road, and at least see from where I am coming.
Incidentally understanding precession, or the result of precession or what I think you are calling precession is not so hard, but it is certainly not the “be all and end all” to the production of inertial thrust.
Incidentally as far as I am concerned, precession applies only to gravity accelerated gyroscopes and is unique to that type of system.
In fact “in precession” is definitely not the place to be, when producing inertial thrust, besides there is still a very long way to go after sorting that one out.
In other words I would be wasting my time trying to explain how it all goes together unless the readers are up to speed with my interpretation of gyroscopic physics and they let go the specious junk fed to them during the course of conventional education.

I am quite prepared if requested to take the genuinely, interested, reader, through several methods of differential generation and the various set ups required to produce it.
The conversion of that differential to inertial thrust I shall hold on to a bit longer because, in the final analysis that is what it is all about.

This will nearly all be outside Newtonian territory
I should add that this should probably have been Newtonian territory but Newton did not work in a garden shed, or build machinery, otherwise I cannot see Newton going out of his way to prove himself wrong.
I think it is better to say that he did not have a clue about the workings of gyroscopes or flywheels.

Let me put this another way, if I made all of my information available, (which I am not going to do) I am certain that as in the past I would find very little support for any of it anyway.
Yes Dave there is a serious mental block but not just among “engineers” though you never specified which type of engineer.

PS I have tried to introduce terminology to describe unknown or little known aspects of flywheels which were physically rotated instead of those utilised to cover gravity accelerated gyroscopes and where there are many fundamental differences.
However I was told that existing erroneous terminology is good enough for them (which is probably true) so I have tried to desist from using it..
In other words they have not got any farther than using string driven gyroscopes which can do no more than do what they were designed to do, and that is to demonstrate precession
For them inertial drive is a long, long, way away
“Nuff said”

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 02/11/2015 13:51:05
Why in the name of God are you writing to that statistic, hating thing?

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 03/11/2015 03:49:53

Interesting you should mention gravity in relation to other effects that have no rational explanations.

I dropped a very large clue about gyroscopes and 6 dimensions; it also applies to gravity and the strong nuclear force, and other effects. Spinning things do magical things as viewed from the Newtonian world; only because of the holes and gaps in such world.

On the front page of my website is "clops"; he not only has his eye on those judges and lawyers; he is an independent and impartial observer. If you notice, he stands on his own little world. He is alone on that world and that world is alone in that universe; there is a purpose to that scenario.

Clops knows from observation that he can move from one place to another on his world; ergo he can assume that he and his world are not fixed in relation to each other and he can make a further assumption that there may be a universal space that he and his world exist in and there may be an infinite number of relationships between him and his world.

As he moves about on his world, he observes that he can do so slower or faster at his whim. this observation leads him to the assumption that he and his world have motion relative to the universe. Because there are no other bodies in his universe to use to establish any change in position, he must find some other way.

After much thought, clops figures out a way. He cuts his world in half and spins one half clockwise and the other half counterclockwise. he inserts strain gages in various layers of the halves and then records the changes over time. According to clops math, if his world is moving at any angle other than zero, then his world will experience varying stresses induced by the acceleration and deceleration of various parts of his world. By analyzing that data, he can calculate the velocity( or speed; in a featureless universe, it would be hard to assign a vector).

If the data shows no changes then there are two explanations; his world is spinning at exactly ninety degrees to it's forward motion, or his world is absolutely stationary. This leads to a further action. Clops decelerates the halves and re-assembles his world, then cuts it in half at ninety degrees from the first angle and repeats his experiment. If the data still shows no change, then clops must assume that his world is absolutely stationary. This is Newtonian thinking.

If clops world is actually moving while spinning, but the sensors say no, then something is wrong with these kind of assumptions and this kind of thinking. The unspoken assumption is that there are three dimensions and all these actions are restricted to these three dimensions. This is the biggest blind spot in NP (Newtonian Physics). According to NP any moving rotating mass should lose angular momentum due to the torsional friction losses occurring due to the differential acceleration and deceleration. Nowhere in NP do I find any reference or math for such a phenomena.

Further, to use non-NP thinking, any such moving rotating mass would experience an unbalance and a displaced center; it would have a distributed metacenter that might be manipulated by other forces. "I'm leaving the next step out"

Clops does my thought experiments for me. It helps to do these things in an otherwise empty universe.

As for your concern about the inclined pendulum effect(IPE); it is an obscure effect which doesn't give lie to Newtons Laws, but actually completes part of it. I'm not surprised you're unaware of it, even though most of the "other" IP devices use it for their seeming but mistaken inertial propulsion. It is the one thing I have found that can be inserted into NP without major changes to those laws.

I have stated previously and repeat; The Dean drive, Thornson Drive, and virtually all other such drives operate according to the IPE and will not function in space. Because of the engineering of your device(original one and probably newer ones), IPE will affect the performance; mostly as a fractional increase in weight, which would lessen your thrust.

I was going to keep it under wraps until I apply for patents, because it will display the absolute difference between the previous art and my machine. It's a ridiculous little thing and I don't understand why it has gone over all your heads. I could probably patent my version of all their machines, but then would have to face all the nuisance suits and other crap. Such machines would have limited applications; my goal is space.

If you were to agree to a non-disclosure, I would send you a description of IPE and how Dean, Thornson, etc. function according to the effect.

My van has quit; I've spent most of the day checking the fuel pump, filter, and finally found no spark. Got to download a manual for the fuel-injection sytem and find what sensors it uses and where. Just getting the Cowlings off was a pain; the old carcass don't bend like it used to. It quit just after I moved my boat from the GOV Wharf to the temporary moorage and spent another day getting it towed home. I haven't done any work on gimcrack for two days now. think I'll put in an hour or two tonight.


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 08/11/2015 04:44:08
 Look what I found in my email!

A little bomb!

Thank you for your order, Humphry's Automotive!

Your payment has been approved!

Order Number: 5041226

Billing Address
Humphry's Automotive
1092 Lillington Hwy

Spring Lake, NC 28390
Shipping Address
Humphry's Automotive
1092 Lillington Hwy

Spring Lake, NC 28390

Part(s) we billed you for

Control Arm 1998 Dodge B3500 Base 8 Cyl 5.9L Mevotech Control Arm B3500
Price: 7143
Qty: 1.00
Part #: ZKnz6o1lj8

Amount charged for this shipment: 7143
Please note that the above amount represents partial shipping, handling
and tax if applicable. You will receive another email when the rest of
your order ships.

Full Order Total: 3937

The outstanding payment requirement details.zip 29 k Download

and, of course, the final payment instructions in, of all things, a zip file.

And the bill for this North Carolina, United States business, originates, quite logically, from an institution for troubled people in Tasmania.


"Eskleigh is a not-for-profit incorporated body providing high quality support to people with a disability, their families and carers within Tasmania".

And who was it in these forums that was projecting his experience in "mental institutions" and "schizophrenia' and the expertise of using the computers of the "handlers" to "do the dirty" on the internet.

Maybe, I was asking the wrong question. Not, what mental institution "were" you in, but, what mental institution "ARE" you in?

If any of you wishes to examine the original email, I will forward it to you, but whatever you do, don't click on the "zip file".

Now that I've relieved your boredom, a little more interesting stuff. The van is still down. I managed to get the CKP sensor out but have no way of testing it and the Auto Supply which is a ferry ride away wants 150 bucks for the same thing that sells in the "States" for 30 bucks. I don't have any urgent legal journeys to make, so maybe I'll just order one by mail and wait three weeks for delivery. The bike riding (bicycle)will do me some good.

More bad news (for me); I got another email for the gears; it appears that three weeks after I paid online for them, the company noticed the fact and (hurriedly?) shipped them. And another company in china just emailed me to inform that some of their shipped products had "got lost". They refunded my money, but set me back on my projects. Some other unimportant parts that I had no rush whatsoever for, arrived in record time.


I soldered the leads of the ESC module to the Hard drive motor. I have three different HDD's and they have different mounting arrangements( though similair) with different weights. They all three had the same disc mounting sizes, so it looks like the disks are all interchangable. All three had spacers between the discs for the pickup arms to pivot between them. By stacking discs without the spacers; it is possible to approximate a gyro.

For a tinkerer with no machinery, these HDD's can be used to make cheap powered gyros with speed control. Granted, the approximation will not be anywhere near a precision gyro, but should give enough performance for rough tinkering.

It was a simple plugin of the ecb to the servo tester and the two power leads of the ESC to a 12 volt battery and I began my tests. I was surprised at how fast the motor responded to the speed control knob. The "bottom end" was a little sloppy; the first two notches, no effect; the third made a vibratory rocking, but after that the motor followed the knob faithfully. I made no data recording; am just keeping my visual observations in mind. Had only two disks on motor for these preliminary tests.

It would follow the "knob" and could spin up to max in about four seconds and spin down in about seven. I applied some friction to the discs at different speeds and was also surprised at it;s performance; it's RPM's decreased somewhat with friction, but it carried more of a load than I expected.

I left it running at full speed for more than an hour and could not discern any significant temperature increase in motor, ESC, or servo tester. It will be more than I need for my trials.

Tonight, I will machine some "rims" to fit the motor. It has a hub size of 25 MM for it's discs so will be able to accept some nylon rims that i will machine out from scrap nylon spacers I salvaged from dead boats on the rocks. A little press fit should do fine with the disc clamp. I would do it with brass, but i don't have a sizable piece for that purpose at this time.

Thinking about your descriptions of precession, etc. Glancing through the threads, I noticed your discussion with momentus; his description of "dark motion" "being there in plain sight".
If you strip away all the irrelevant Newtonian semantics, you are left with the assertion that there are other motions taking place besides the recognized Newtonian ones. The only way for these unobserved "dark motions" to exist is to acknowledge the existence of "other dimensions".

The problem with asserting "other dimensions" is the same as the prevalent one in Newtonian Physics(NP); labeling. In NP resident 3 dimensions are just a label; "Space".
This "space" is said to expand, contract, warp, and do any number of other things and in spite of all these assertions, no real description of it. No real description of "space" is possible without a description of it's relationship with matter. Einstein claims that matter warps space and yet like all the others, he fails any description of "space".

Spinning objects hold the key to a better understanding of our universe.

I don't know what your full description of "Saturation" is but after going over your postings, I think that what you may be describing is the result of a differential equation expressing a threshold. However that could be just semantics. Your exploration into the strange world of gyros leaves you in a position of having to generate a dialect of your own for the actions of gyros. There are dangers there; NP has many labels that don't really describe what they've been pasted on. Discoursing on too many meaningless labels and attempting to establish some logical and meaningful relationship between them often lands in "crackpot world".

Developing such a new dialect is crippled by the need to build from NP. It's that or try to start from scratch.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 08/11/2015 16:07:35


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 08/11/2015 16:21:21

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 09/11/2015 04:48:01
 Well Dave,

I have determined you are interesting. There is some confusion however. If the gyrotic witch should ever be committed as your cellmate, watch out. After about ten years without a women, if he should turn, you must lie down on your stomach on your cot and see what giant thing greets you. I think you are going to be unpleasantly surprised. . . . . . or perhaps pleasantly??? Dave?

I need a moneyman? No I don’t. I am a moneyman. How much do you need for that imaginary rocker arm in your imaginary van? $350? I will send it to you in my imagination. Do you need more?

What do you do when you are not boating from the gov. boat dock at the asylum to your van with the broken arm? Do you fish, Dave? Can you fish and play with yourself at the same time? Do you drool and roll your eyes back when it gets good? Then the imagination vanishes and you are back in your cell and you remember why you are in there--- for making love to yourself in the center isles of a crowded shopping mall.? Drool, drool.

You are interesting. What do the scribes write about you?

“Damn, hu, hu, hu, damn the damn uh, uh, uh dam uh, uh, gyroscope, uh, uh, uh. Gyroscope, Madsin (SP) Uhhhhhhhhhhh, ahh.”

The gods have spoken through Dave again.


Bring it on.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 10/11/2015 18:24:21
 Today someone tried two different tricks to get into my computer. It has never happened this way before. One trick was to disguise and impersonate themselves as being this gyroscope site. So informs me is 'Google' and and also my protection ware. I don't know who it was attacking, but watch out. Stay on the look-out lately.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 11/11/2015 20:30:18
 Hallucinations of the mind.

Regular schizophrenics have visual and auditory hallucinations and "voices in their head"; the Paranoid Schizophrenic(PS) has dysfunctions of logic and perception. What is said or shown to them undergoes a schizoid translation into something that may not have any congruance with the original.

They are very very vulnerable to "suggestion"; the "filters" in their mind extract only the data that fits their core paranoia. Where the regular schizophrenic actually sees something that isn't there; the PS sees meanings that aren't there. The PS lives in a bizarre world where every interaction contains threats or assaults on it's ego; some of them are actually aware that there might be something wrong with their perceptions and live a tumultuous see-saw life; swinging wildly back and forth between all out assaults and equally vigorous anal-smooching.

A simple suggestion; an email with a trap, leads it to believe that this forum was actually a counterfeit site trying to trap it. It's guilt projections involving "Mother" are a little disturbing; what did it "do" with it's mother?

I hope you've all been amused with this troll; what you've seen is what you can expect.

It is far too stupid to see what it has been doing to it's own persona here.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 11/11/2015 22:29:48
 Actually that is a pitiful response. You will have to do better David to keep me interesting in kicking you ass. If you slack any less I will go and find another human punching bag.

Well ---- Google's message to me was that this site had no validation and it was a trick and so my security would not allow come here. I removed the threat. It is OK now. I don't know what happened, but that is the end of that.

Several times on here David has written physiological profiles and this one is pretty good. It is extensive and authoritative on a patient level. I suspect David has been exposed to a number of doctors and undergone allot of testing. In any case all he has written on the subject, even from the beginning is about himself. He is the star of his own story, this story, his story.

I said he was interesting, I meant only to some minor degree of course. Still he would be an interesting specimen to study behind two-way glass mirrors facing his cell. You certainly wouldn't want to get close enough that he could bit you.

The anal fixation is pretty disgusting, nasty images from weeks of full none-emptied dippers. Patty cake, patty cake baker’s little man. A growing kid’s gotta play with something.

I read that, that that is the source of the Oedipus complex, the oral with anal, the latent libido – David? Is it true you are obsessed with your butt? do you mention it much?

The only good of such a contained existence is that interns may be brought to the mirror glass from time to time while his disorders are caused to manifest themselves for viewing and good medical training.

An intern could yell through the mirror, “David, tell us about your ass.” That’d do it. That’d start him off. “David, Marsden kill, Marsden Kill, David, Kill Marsden’s Ass.” That’d do it too.

University studies owe a lot to such persons as David. You can tell by what he over hears through the mirror and repeats from psychiatric evaluations that the discussions of these young psychiatrist show they are learning very well.

David is a jailhouse layer, maybe he will add to his resume a jailhouse psychiatrist, and perhaps a rather tarnish two-pack for hire beauty queen. Putting a paper sack over his head, and adding a grass skirt, why could he make a couple extra bucks when he is not busy asking me to buy him a rocker arm for his van? (Ask Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds about it.) But, if he should remover the sack they are gonna take the money back and make HIM pay. Unfortunately, none of these professions pays anything much more than a pack of roll your own cigarettes for or a two-dollar session of jailhouse love and legalities.

Anyway, you do understand that David writes about himself, his personal experiences through the kaleidoscopic peephole perversions.

"Happy Trails to you. Happy trails till we meet again. Happy Trails to you, David" Trigger sends his love. Heeewaw Heeehaw, nicker, nicker, nicker.

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Answer: Sandy - 11/11/2015 23:05:44
 Evening again Dave,
Most of what you were going on about is just going over my head as it is too deep and complicated for an old man.
By the way thanks for offering a non-disclosure agreement which displays an element of trust, but honestly Dave a non-disclosure agreement is not worth the paper it is written on, and quite frankly I am surprised that you would enter into such an agreement.
I have been present whilst an invention was being prepared for patent application.
A staff member who was part of a non-disclosure agreement covering that particular piece of intellectual property left the company and joined the competition, who systematically utilised every conceivable trick to circumvent that application.
The outcome was dirty, very expensive and time consuming with no eventual winner.
That need I say was not nearly as important, as if it had been in the realms of inertial propulsion.
All I can add Dave is that most of my devices display nothing which could be construed as a hint at their operation.
Newton has been a pain in the butt for most of the time but at the moment he is the great protector.
Everyone is so blinded by his laws of motion that they will never ever guess what is really going on.
This does not help us in the final analysis though.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 12/11/2015 04:18:48

Just throwing another test your way.

The physics I mentioned originally had nothing to do with gyros; I was just trying to understand electrons and protons and all the other dubious quicks, quarks, and quacks spewing from the "physicists".

After decades of "not understanding" all the quacking, i decided to try and construct another "dialect" with different logic to explain all the dichotomies in NP. I found something that explains why electrons do what they do, and what gravity and the strong nuclear force is, among other phenoms. They all function according to certain differential equations.

One of the surprising results is that gravity is a local phenomena; another is that spinning objects do not obey NP. You are quite right that "there are many ways" to do IP. My equations are not fully formed; they require some final constants that I will have to find by experimentation. I am not a mathematician; my math is limited to algebra.

The "rough" alternate "logic", I assembled gives explanation for the actions of electrons and protons, and a single equation applies to both electron and proton, explaining the actions of both, including the strong nuclear force between protons.

It's a very simple theory; much easier to grasp than NP or Relativity or any of the Quantum things, but it is so radical that I am not prepared to put it out there right now. I have been throwing hints to see if there's anyone else out there who has already stumbled down that path. Anyone ahead of me would recognize immediately.

I have several prototype devices in mind beside gimcrack and assback; some of which I am sure you have explored and possibly built. We seem to have come to a common ground from different paths. However my devices have still to be built and conclusively proven, whilst your basic device has already hopped on that pedestal (I am not doing a glenny here!).

I will drop another clue; while the Inclined Pendulum Effect (IPE) is responsible for the Dean, Thornson, etc devices which makes them gravity-dependent machines and is effective on your original devices only as an effect that decreases it's thrust fractionally, the IPE is a basic phenomena that should have been inclusive with Newtons basic laws, and this little known phenomena is basically responsible for some of the actions of gyros (just a few). The other actions which would allow IP, would flow from the understanding of IPE (which I suspect you already have, under a different label).

My supplementary physics will have to remain undisclosed until I have proven it by producing IP from it's provisions. I seem to be moving at a glacial pace. As I've said before; I will show it on utube, certified by a registered engineer, one way or another. Just think of all the rejoicing by certain parties if I pratfall.


glacially Dave

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Answer: MD - 12/11/2015 09:13:28
 Dave, about that inclined pendulum thing. You said it was "gravity dependent", buuuut.... there's literally no such thing in existance. Physics don't work that way.

Gravity is literally acceleration, and acceleration can be faked in the weightlessness of space with ease. You've probably seen sci-fi movies that had rotating space stations. The astronauts on such a space station experience gravity. Sure, the source isn't the same, but for all intents and purposes it works *exactly* the same.

So to conclude, a "gravity dependent" phenomenon is really an "acceleration dependent" one, and thus can work in space.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 13/11/2015 06:14:26

I don't see how I can respond without insulting you, so I'm just going to insult away.

The inclined Pendulum Effect was demonstrated in the utube video


by Veljko Milkovic

The relationship to gravity was stated.

The effect demonstrated by Veljko was based on the earlier work by the Russian inventor Vladimir Tolchin. One of his old movie clips can be seen on utube


I have commented on his machine in my postings in these forums; explaining that the double pendulum device operated at an incline and so was using the Inclined Pendulum Effect to exhibit thrust. I also left comment in the utube video as antiattorney.

" antiattorney 7 months ago
This thing does work, but can only function when constrained in a gravity field; it will not work in outer space. The ratio of the weights and their radius from the inclined pivot determine how much movement there is."

I have posted on your videos and in these forums, the IPE and the names of the Inventors. Not only were you too lazy or stupid to do the minimum research before spewing, you obviously didn't research the Newtonian Physics (NP). There is a huge difference between the perceived acceleration due to "centrifugal force" and "Gravity", or for that matter acceleration in empty space.

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. In a centrifugal system there is no change in velocity; just a change in vector. In open space, a change in velocity can be perceived as an effect of acceleration only if it is not due to a coupling with another object. A mechanically coupled object spinning about it's coupled partner and moving with it's partner in a given direction will show varying absolute velocity, but it's relative velocity will be constant. A gravity coupled object operates similarly except for the additional orbital variations in it's coupling.

If you're going to be spewing NP at me; at least learn it before doing so.

Go back to school.


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Answer: MD - 14/11/2015 05:38:11
 Uh, what are you talking about? Maybe you should read my post before going all aggressive?

If you're talking about stick-slip, then just call it stick-slip, not some stupid inclined *whatever* that you thought up yourself.

The first video you linked is literally just a stick-slip machine. It travels across the bench in the same way a vibrating phone does, exerting more friction when the center of gravity moves towards the surface and vice versa. If that's supposed to be proof of a "working inertial propulsion machine", then we're done here. It obviously isn't.

(Just talking to myself here) Though I guess I shouldn't take a person who can't handle a single comment without blowing up so seriously. *shrugs* Dave, stop ruining the forum for the real enthusiasts like Sandy and me. I come here because I want to. You're making that hard.

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Answer: Dave - 14/11/2015 08:56:16

I've already emailed Sandy and included you as well as Nitro in those who have made real effort and have some clue as to IP. I also told him you have some misconceptions as to what path leads there.

There's something about gravity and acceleration that you and probably every physicist out there is completely oblivious to.

An object sitting on planet earth is subject to a force that is mistaken for acceleration; in fact such object is not accelerating in any sense of the word. The only time such object is accelerating is when it is not constrained and is in "freefall" in a gravitational field; it's rate of change of velocity is directly related to it's position in the gravity well in it's freefall state. During that freefall state, it exhibits no manifestation of acceleration; It is weightless. when the object is constrained( sitting on the surface of planet earth), it is not experiencing any change in it's velocity and is experiencing "weight"

Newtonian thinking leads to the following absurdity.

An identical body in deep space is subject to a force accelerating it at 1 gee and experiences the reaction on it's mass similair to the reaction of it's twin's mass on planet earth experiencing 1 gee when constrained in a gravity well. However, the object in deep space is increasing in energy by MV(squared) while the constrained object on planet earth remains a constant energy.

If those two conditions exist for any length of time, we wind up with an enormous energy of the deep space object while planet earth object remains at the same initial energy level.

Obversely, if the deep space object has no acceleration and therefore no increase in energy, it is in freefall while it's twin in freefall would be increasing in energy while it iis in freefall in the gravity well. A strange situation where "cause" and "effect" are reversed.

Thats why gravity and acceleration are not one and the same. I shouldn't really be telling you this stuff; I should be letting you stumble around with the others.

You're wrong about the stick-slip and IPE, but if I explain that to you, I would be giving away far too much.

Sandy; Am I giving away too much?


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Answer: Harry K. - 14/11/2015 18:55:49

Be indulged with this guy. He does not know the difference between physical force and physical work. How embarrassing.

Best regards

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 15/11/2015 03:16:26

And well you should be embarrassed.

Sandy says he has corresponded with you for years and he has not said that he didn't learn anything from you; he also hasn't said that he "has" learned anything from you.

I haven't looked over any of your other postings after the hilarious gyrotic witch comedy-drama you directed me to.


I still chuckle over that. Someday, after the hilarity has faded, I might take a closer look at your other postings; frankly, I don't expect to find much there.

If you did have any IP, it would have been apparent before now. How many decades? have you been posting about your "knowledge" of IP? I have yet to see any devices or "real" info emanating from you here, or anywhere else.

Let's see! Sandy Kidd + harold?.

Sandy Kidd produced IP decades before he encountered harold?.

harold? hasn't produced any IP either before or after he encountered Sandy Kidd.

There is no psuedo-logical labeling system or spurious mathematical equations which will resolve the logical absurdities of NP. I could illuminate you all with an explanation of IPE but I don't intend to until I have produced my own IP.

Was that an insult Harold?, or was it just a troll to goad me into illuminating you with something you are incapable of conceiving yourself.

On a lighter tone; I moved my boat back to the GOV dock today. The journey there was uneventful. When I pulled up to the dock, I put the outboard into neutral and jumped onto the dock with the bow line in hand. There was green slime on the dock and when my feet hit, I fipped head over heels. That was a bruising event, but nowhere near what followed. My boat weighs 5700 lbs and it's momentum dragged me prone along that slippery dock with no friction to slow it. Also the outboard prop didn't stop turning in neutral because of the ninety weight oil in the bottom end and the near freezing water temp. Needless to say, the dock was too short and I was dragged off the end and into the 33 degree water (fahrenheit).

Fortunately for me, there was a tug tied obliquely at the end of the dock and when I wound up in the drink, I managed to grab hold of it's bow mooring line. With one hand clasping my bow line and the other clasping the tug's bow line, I was made fully aware of the concepts of momentum and "work done". Fortunately, I had managed to slow the boat somewhat and the last of it's momentum did not pull my arms out of their sockets when the slack was taken up. The "work done" actually pulled me vertically up out of the water to my waist in a crucified pose. I didn't dare let go of my boat because it was pointed towards the "richies dock" across from the GOV dock with all their fancy boats, and the prop was still driving the boat forward.

Fortunately, The principles of NP came to my aid; my bow line was around the curve of the bow and the "force" of the outboard at the initial 12 degree angle was slowly turning my boat towards the beach and away from the "richie boats. So there I was suspended halfway out of the water in my crucified pose while Mr. Newton came to my rescue (yes Sandy; Newton can be a great protector). It was also a lesson in relative time; my boat very slowly turned until it was parallel to the tug, and then I relinquished my bow line and my crucified pose and immediately sank.

I was wearing heavy boots and heavy pants and two thick sweaters and a thick winter coat and, of course, no lifebelt. Again, I was fortunate; I was still clasping the tug bow rope and used it to resurface and managed to clamber back onto the dock, albeit, I did fall back in twice. After finally getting foot on the dock , I spryly sprung onto the rear deck of the tug just as my boat motored by there and managed to grab hold of the rear rail as it passed and vaulted into the cockpit. I then very professionally cut the motor and paddled back to the dock.

Did I forget to mention that the ferry was at it's loading dock beside the "richies" dock at that time and the crew and all passengers were observing my experiments with momentum and other Newtonian principles. I hope they learned something!


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 15/11/2015 04:02:51
 More David bullshit from the dumbest troll in existence.

Harry, applause!! I was going to help you, you, one of the most gentlemanly man on here. You were under attack for nothing -- no reason at all. However when you started kicking his stupid ass with wit and knowledge, I just laughed. You did not need any help.

MD, I know you have correctly addressed those none-working devices he is dribbling spellbound over. Bravo MD! He said he was forced to insult you? FORCED TO INSULT???

I told everyone here he has been locked up in isolation for over twenty years on an island for the criminally insane. He has no boat, or van, or repair parts coming. He tells how much the parts cost in Canada and the US. Hey come-on-- nobody puts that in posting. I suspect he’ trying to cover-up his predicament and hid from the truth--- he who want to know everything about you. He never be released. God only knows what sadistic things he may have done to chained up people. He is not isolated in that cell for life for running stop signs and missing Sunday school class’.

By the way dear Sandy, I see that you also have stopped responding to this insulting, hateful, filthy mouthed, anal sononabitch. Good of you. He has already said you were an engineer and that engineers were crackpots in the same post. I always believed you were his ultimate target. Give him time.

Fellows, if he is communicating with some of you privately as he says, do you really want to encourage this awful person. LEAVE HIM DRY AND HATING YOU. You read. You think. So why would you not?


Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 15/11/2015 05:09:49


Your rooting section is in full song.

I hope you fully appreciate what it is doing for your images here.


Report Abuse
Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 15/11/2015 05:45:25
 Pathetic response. Pathetic!

He says a man's image lessens when his thoughts are admired, accepted, addressed and complemented? Pathetically senseless response. I told you he was stupid.

Punk David could not fight his way out of the busted condom he came form. Only a stupid bit of sperm seeped out. The real person is still in there choking in a septic tank somewhere in the wilderness.

Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 15/11/2015 21:47:45


Shall I address all further correspondence to your "spokesperson".


Is the "gyrotic witch" now speaking for you? it was hard to tell from it's discourses whether it was claiming "spokesperson status" or issuing orders as to who you may "speak" with. Did I detect some hidden threat in it's discourses? It's hard to tell with PS's; once they're "tipped over", "Alice Through the Looking Glass" begins to sound almost like a documentary compared to the strange world they're coming from.

What was it Momentus said in Blaze's goodbye thread?
"This is a unique forum. We do not Troll and we do not flame. All the views which are expressed are considered."

and what was it harold? said in the hilarious "gyrotic witch" comedy drama?
" Harry K.- 04/06/2008 19:45:16

Dear Mr. Glenn Turner,

would you please so kind and advise Mr. Glenn Hawkins to stop with his unreasonable and impertinent defamations against my person?

If he will not stop with his insulting postings, I ask you to provide his TCP/IP-number.
Please tell him also, that I do not want any further communication with him and all further postings from him will be ignored as from now.

Harry K. "

and the further psychotic reply from the "gyrotic witch", "Glenn Hawkins?";
Dear Harry,

Listen to yourself. “Anyway, nobody forces you to stay here and write comments in this thread of simple and underprivileged theories!”

Harry, do you think there is somebody here that doesn’t know that? I will not say more as it would be antagonistic. Except if you really must know the truth of it I was actually held here at gunpoint, until just a couple of minutes ago. The assailants went to get coffee.

Sandy; if I go absent from these forums for any length of time, the "gyrotic witch" will turn it's attention to you or some other weaker prey. You don't have the skills to "kick it" back into it's proper realm; the one it's been displaying here (psycho world). In it's "home world", it cannot pretend to be something it ain't. It has used this forum and it's phony "knowledge" of IP as a vehicle for it's compulsive assaults. Lulls in it's attacks are just that; lulls while it attempts to formulate some "intellectual" superiority as ammunition for it's assaults. There is a very real danger with creatures like this; if you allow it to use you or your "perceived authority" to back it's assaults; then you become accessory and are in danger of becoming subsumed to it's psychosis. I think there are more than a few here who have fallen into that unsavory position.

harald? seems to have already knuckled under to the creature and MD might be in danger of falling under it's spell. BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS


Report Abuse
Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 15/11/2015 23:42:31
 Well, I told you he was insane. Does this dope believe he is the injured party?

Maybe not. Every time his disgusting behavior is counter attacked, he reverts to the same material and subject in which he has been counter attacked. His parrot like an echo is because he has no originality and certainly no humor ability. He is the worst troll ever, but when you call him a troll, he says you are a troll. When you say he is insane, he says you are insane. When you say he will eventually attack Sandy, he says you will attack Sandy.

Being a troll devoid of originality of his own, he cannot understand your rotating disk as it is being twisted. Originality is required for thinking out of the box, but he is only a parrot. He reads, he consumes and he regurgitates.

Hey, you hateful guy, what do you know, “I know Polly want a cracker, what do you know?”

Isn’t that pathetic?

Being locked in a cell 24/7, isolated from interaction with the other inmates and patients, he pours over every detail, every word that has ever been printed on this site. He finds I wrote in 2011 against Harry, and he repeats the post over and over to cause conflict, damage and hurt feeling. He never presents that I apologized to Harry and owned up to being an out-of-order hot head.

(Harry, again I am sorry. I would take in away, but no matter what fuck-face, the ugly son of a bitch tries, I am pretty sure you know I hold you in high esteem.)

The injured party, two-pack anal pervert, sadist, pervert, killer or whatever he is, I tried to encourage him into stopping his tong anal hating attacks on me. At times I ask him in very nice ways to stop. He would not stop. Then he attacks and insults others too.

So when he is attacked back, he can’t fight. He writes inresponce, “AIN’T INTERESTED IN YOU.”

He tries to control you by making you justify yourself. Making you tell him who you are. convene him, then him not believing you. Then he is at you again. You are answering to him. Hay who cares who we are? Who cares? Somehow he has learned the silly tricks of a control freak.

Dave, unless you apologize to everybody who reads these threads and promise not to be hateful any more, you are my meat and I own your punk ass. It is so easy and quick for me and I just laugh and laugh at your clumsy, stupid defenseless mind.

Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 16/11/2015 02:37:39
 There is a syndrome that goes with these PS's. It is incapable of controlling it's actions when it feels threatened. It reacts like a mindless animal. It is oblivious to any consequences of it's actions when it is triggered into defence mode. That is one of the reasons it hides under it's anonymity in these forums; it feels invulnerable in it's anonymity.

Some day (hopefully soon) when I or somebody else ( not glenny) produce practical IP in these forums, all these postings will become famous. Our "gyrotic witch" will become famous and, with all famous things, there will be substantial effort to establish just who our "gyrotic witch" really is; media hounds will sniff it out.

All of it's acquaintances and friends (if it has any) will be reading all it's psychotic rantings. All it's relatives (yes; there will be some unfortunate enough to be related to it ) will be reading it's psychotic rantings( although some of them will probably be already aware of it's "Mental State").

Also there are anti-trolls out there who might decide to make it a project to find the creature; I might look up some "anti-trolls. Maybe one might have already started. What was that other name it used? Hewitt Caspar (or Casper)

I have some things to do now; I'm almost recovered from the "EPIC VOYAGE" to the GOV dock, though the ribs are still hurting. I'm wondering if anyone on that ferry was videoing my experiments with momentum; who knows, you might see it on utube. It would show that some of Newton's laws do work.

It will be a few days or a week before I'm back to this forum;



Is there anything you'd like to say about the "spokesperson"?



Report Abuse
Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 16/11/2015 04:49:23
 Hello Everyone,

I find this fact interesting. The parrot, copy-cat we call them in the US actually explains himself as much as he understand. I would not waste my time researching what he has said on the subject of insanity, but he is writing about his syndrome and attaching it to me. That does not bother me, but it is interesting that he knows something about his condition. This is probably from psychoanalyses and testing he has been subjected to by court order.

The FBI was going to chase me down and apprehend me. Now the media hounds are going to chase me down to discover who I am. Next the United Nations holds a special meaning to condemn me. I think I have finally reached stardom.

I can't stay mad at someone like that. I may slap him around once in a while if I am having a bad day, but there is no humor in it any more. It has become like poking a monkey in a cage with a stick, tormenting it for peeing on itself. The monkey can't help it.

I find that lately I only glance at a couple of sentences, but I don't read him any more. I will read anything you other fellows have to write about whenever you feel like writing.

good Evening,

Report Abuse
Answer: Harry K. - 16/11/2015 08:48:46

When I read over your postings I am convienced that you are seriously affected by the Dunning-Kruger syndrome:

You also prove this effect by your other activities in legal issues, i.e. you want to be a lawyer but without aquired skills. This behaviour does match with your technical related knowledge here in this forum, doesn't it?

However, yon can defeat this syndrome by learning, learning, learning. It's never too late!


Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 17/11/2015 01:03:56
 I was going to do some stuff on the lathe, but discovered some delayed aches and stiffness this morning that slowed me down too much; I.m going to have to cut down on my naval experiments into momentum, etc.

Having nothing better to do with my aching time, I decided to look back over harald?'s comedy-drama. I can see where his "balance-point" gyro theory would push a PS over the edge into a psychotic break, but I think the "gyrotic witch" could have persisted a little longer before falling over the edge (it could have tried to "man up" a little more).

Luis held in there to the "BITTER END" and then stamped off muttering something about "harry the idiot", but I don't understand why he ever got roped into the "balance point" thing in the first place. It is literal schizoid nonsense; no amount of dubious labeling or spurious math is ever going to make it fly.

Harald?'s reference to the "stupid, but thinks it's smart" syndrome was much appreciated; it's something I've been looking for for a long time. I was sure that there had to be such a thing, because I have been running into these people all my life and hoped that I was not the only one to have noticed the syndrome. I have been telling these idiots that they are idiots, but they refuse to believe me; just too stupid!

looking over the symptoms and testing for the syndrome, it appears that a lack of a sense of humour is one of the identifying features. Apparently, smart people have a sense of humour and can laugh at themselves( as well as others). Well harald?, I don't just laugh at you and the "gyrotic witch"; I occasionally chuckle at my own shortcomings as well (few as they may be). And, harald?, I've noticed not one vestige of humour in any of your postings; I find that very significant!

Your assertion that I want to be a lawyer, I find deeply insulting. I have made it plain in my legal reform website that the LSBC and it's lawyers are nothing more than a criminal organization and the last thing I would ever want, is to be under their control.

I will explain this for the readers here, not you harald?; if I ever let the LSBC take me under their wing, then I will come under their legal contract. They could then have me "disbarred"; which means I could never help any of my fellow laymen in any court again. I have represented many people in the criminal courts and have won 2 out of 3 of my cases. I do this "Legal Reform" for no "fee, gain, or reward". Many judges at all court levels have offered to sponsor me in the university of Victoria law school and I could begin immediately making "BIG BUCKS". I turned them down because it was a trap; they would then own me and I would be a hypocrite.

I'm the "Real Thing" harald?; you're just a stupid noise.


Report Abuse
Answer: Harry K. - 17/11/2015 08:44:29
A wrong-way driver is also convinced that he is right and all others a wrong and thus idiots. - Typical behaviour of the Dunning-Kruger syndrom!

By the way your comments to old postings in old threads here in the forum are very boring. Can't you offer more intersting stuff? But please do not talk about Newton laws are something related because your knowledge in this matter is quite embarrassing...

This was my last reply because I do not intend to waste too much time with trolls.


Report Abuse
Answer: Sandy - 17/11/2015 21:19:24
 Evening everyone else still interested,
Dave raised a point somewhat indirectly, relating to a “balance point” in a gyroscopic system subjected to mechanical acceleration.
Harald’s whose thinking was responsible for raising the issue was not so bad at all and at least he raised a possibility for setting the stage for generating inertia thrust.
I have no intention of analysing the history of this part of this site, or even much of the relevant thread but will take this opportunity to go over this “balance point” and why it is so important to understand what was meant.

Consider a mechanically rotated gyroscope system, i.e. my standard, twin opposed, vertically offset design and that rotation being held at a fixed speed, and in such a system, being way back in the dark ages according to my grand-children and my great grandchildren or about 40 years ago I believed or more accurately hoped that I could drive a gyroscope upwards in a vertical motion to about 45 degrees or maybe even more.
In other words, find an elevated “balance point”
If this could be achieved and according to accepted principles it should be, therefore inertial drive was inevitable.
I thought that I could generate enough torque in a gyroscope to overcome the centrifugal force by the input of brute force and ignorance.
In reality none of this happens at all.
There are contributors to this forum who still believe that the gyroscope torque overwhelms the centrifugal force generated in the system as it drives it on its upward path.

That said, I shall not belabour the forum with any more on my introduction of “saturation point” and “saturation zone” into the proceedings many years ago, but at this point it will be found impossible to affect the system by the introduction of more gyroscope rotation speed or system, (hub if you must), rotation speed or some of either.
The only alteration will be an increase in the upward and inward rate of gyroscope acceleration.
Incidentally this saturation point will be found when the rotation axis of the gyroscope on its mounting shaft is just ready to rise above the horizontal.
It will be found that no more energy is required for the gyroscope to rise upwards through 90 degrees to a point where its rotation axis and the system rotation axis are the one and the same.
Once the upward acceleration of the gyroscope is started it will not be stopped until it reaches its point of least action.
Therefore, perhaps unfortunately, there can be no balance point.
I could bore you all to tears with the whys and wherefores but I have chosen not to, only cause I’m a good guy.
There may not be a balance point Dave but how many know this, and know why there cannot be one, and what actually does happen.
You will find none of this in the books.

Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 17/11/2015 21:22:07
 Yeah, yeah;

run off harald?. That's what ya sem ta do best

I assure ya; well all will be chuckling over du "gyrotic witch" comedy-drama for years to come,spacially du part where ya ar squeaking ta Turner ta rescu yu fram da "gyrotic witch".

Is ben fun harald?

Report Abuse
Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 17/11/2015 22:43:45
 Sandy you are making me ashamed paling-up with the fifthest mouthed, worse instigating most hateful troll ever encountered.

He even tries to torment Harry, Harry the gentleman who befriends you and stands up for you. Harry is your friend, not him, not the yeah, yeah to you troll.

Don't you understand?

We all must ignore him like the devil spawn and hope he goes away.


Report Abuse
Answer: Dave Parsons - 18/11/2015 00:08:32

The "Yeah yeah" was for harald?, not you. Still waiting for ebay parts. I imagine there are creatures here just waiting for me to demonstrate my "devices". Think of the joyous drunken celebrations if I fail.

Sandy! ,you heartbreaker, I hope you haven't? driven the witch to jump off a bridge or something equally dramatic.

Well, the storms have died down and the sun peeped out for a brief blink. Time to get some chores done.

And I forgot last post


damm; getting forgetful in my old age.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 18/11/2015 23:20:45
 Turns out I've actually been suffering from the onset of "the flu"; thought it was just the minor injuries and immersion in frigid water. Am huddled by my heater; going over some of my programs in "Dancad". In many ways, I prefer to use it for initial object construction. It is superior in many ways to Autocad and Maya, for that purpose. It is an ancient program and the only way I can use it on my puter, is to boot from my cd drive, "Hirens Boot cd" and run it in that basic XP mode. It has a save function for an autocad form which allows me to import an object into Autocad or Maya for animation and further construction. It's programming is a form of "basic". I have two desktops and it will only run on the older one with the more primitive video system.


It keeps amazing me to see how they've stumbled around your concept with no real understanding of it; the closest they come, is to the threshold point. That alone should lead them to a realization, but they always retreat to Newtonian thinking. I could probably write an equation to produce a "graph" of the "forces", over "time" or "rotation", but you've probably already done that. I think I just figured out the unique way you manage to use those spur gears with those toy rear ends to run the gyro pairs. There are several ways, but one way is rather ingenious. It's too bad you can't show that "genius" to the rest of us.

I'm still stalled on Gimcrack for POstal reasons. My ESC's arrived at the PO today, but no sign of the gears. I'll be able to play with plural HDD motors now, but can't do synchronized until gears arrive.

We here have one of the worst PO systems in the known universe. To mail a letter to my nearest neighbour, I have to deposit it at the PO and then it gets shipped on a journey over one ferry and then 150 miles to another ferry to North Vancouver and then to Vancouver and then to Burnaby for sorting and then back to Vancouver and then back to North Vancouver and then across the ferry and then 150 miles to the local ferry and then to the PO where it sits until the neighbour picks it up. It would be faster if I wrapped it around a stone and threw it from my backyard into the neighbour's backyard and shouted "incoming mail"; damm, why didn't I think of that before?

Well; I'll try to get something done today.



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Answer: Dave Parsons - 19/11/2015 02:14:37
 Sandy; I posted this in "glenny's" new thread "the string"

This is the worst mass of Schizoid nonsense I ever read.

Something I'd like to point out to the other readers here; glenny's language dysfunction. It's not a weird troll persona as I originally thought. It is the underlying grammar of it's native language; It is not the language of the American Hawkins clan that goes back many generations in Tennessee.

His speech dysfunction kept ringing a small bell in the back of my mind. I suddenly realized that dysfunction is what happens with asians, particularly Viets. and Thais., with English as a second language.

The elder Hawkins died in 2004
Gordon "Hawk" Hawkins, 67, of Chickamauga passed away Wednesday, March 3, 2004, at his residence.

He was a native of Ider, Ala. and had lived in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area for most of his life. Mr. Hawkins was an avid pool player, enjoyed playing golf, and was a member of the First Christian Church in East Ridge.

Mr. Hawkins' parents, Howard and Bernice Hawkins, preceded him in death.

Survivors include his wife of 42 years, Nancy Hawkins; one son, Wayne Hawkins of Chattanooga; step-daughter, Susan Evans of Flintstone; step-son, Steve Johnson of Rossville; brother, Glenn Hawkins of Hixson; sister, Geneva Ellison of Ringgold; five grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

When glenny is all excited or in concentration, his native grammer slips out. Is he "really" Glenn Hawkins. There is a Glenn Hawkins registered at 17 different real estates near and at Chattanooga Tennessee all aged 43. Glenny posted in these forums that he had difficulties with local Real Estate authorities; maybe that had to do with his "Nationality?". There are also local bylaws to do with acquisition of residences by businesses for "business enterprise".

Glenny has posted that he lives and has had history near Chattanooga. Who is this creature? He is certainly not a third generation American of the Hawkins clan. PS does not completely explain it's language dysfunction; I've been through Tennessee; they don't talk like that.

I'll have to do some more research and contact some local authorities in Tennessee, and some of his supposed relatives. Maybe they can explain who the creature is, that has been posting all these psychotic rants. The possibility exists that some asian gang may be using identity theft to purchase properties for money-laundering; it is not uncommon.

Yours Faithfully


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 19/11/2015 08:39:12
 Sandy and all others;

It's progressed to threats now!

The latest from glenny and Harry K. in "the string" thread by Glenn Hawkins


I think maybe we have a threat here! And an accomplice.
Glenn Hawkins - 19/11/2015 02:47:20
Dear David,
I think it is time we meet. Give me your address and phone number. It will be a while before I call because I will be busy for several months

Harry K. - 19/11/2015 07:29:11

It's easy to find such information:


I will be contacting the relatives and the authorities tomorrow. We'll find out who you are and what you're up to.

Just keep listening to harald? and you'll find a NICE NEW HOME where you won't have to worry anymore. They'll look after you there; you'll get three meals a day.



Sandy; do you have harald?'s real name. He crossed the line here. The name he uses here is no different than Hawkins alias. Another anonymous troll. If you let this go by, then you won't be any different from them. That goes for anyone else. Time to do something about these creatures. Like I said to everyone here; I have a name and a face and I don't troll and I don't hide. So, anybody knows anything about these two trolls, pass it on to me.


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Answer: Harry K. - 19/11/2015 09:48:36

Your behaviour is ridiculous. Sandy will not help you.
Anyway, I will not longer accept your insultings and your harassments and thus I have informed the forum owner Mr. Glenn Turner about your impertinent behaviour.

For the future I will not reply to any of your postings. If you don't stop with your harassments against my person I may consider to visit a lawyer, of course a REAL lawyer.

Harald Keipert

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 19/11/2015 20:32:55
 My my; harald?

At the rate things move in these forums, you should get an answer in the year 2050

" Harry K.- 04/06/2008 19:45:16

Dear Mr. Glenn Turner,

would you please so kind and advise Mr. Glenn Hawkins to stop with his unreasonable and impertinent defamations against my person?

If he will not stop with his insulting postings, I ask you to provide his TCP/IP-number.
Please tell him also, that I do not want any further communication with him and all further postings from him will be ignored as from now.

Harry K. "

Tell me harald?; how much did you get out of Sandy?

You certainly milked Louis for everything he had; all his math and superior reasoning skills. You didn't get much out of glenny; all he had was psycho stuff. All in all; that was a very satisfying troll for you; Louis corrected all your math mistakes and filled out your theory in ways beyond your abilities. Poor Louis; he got nothing in return.

harald?; there are armies of lawyers out there drooling to relieve you of your money(not my lawyers; your lawyers).

Like I said harald? Im the real thing; you're just a stupid noise


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 20/11/2015 23:06:59
 Oh joy; my gears just arrived at the PO.

It seems they were shipped to every other PO until finally arriving here.

Now I have no more excuse for not producing. I have to redo my drawings to compensate for the dimensions of the gears and set up for the "special part" machining. It is a unique mechanism existent nowhere else and can't be approximated by any off-the-shelf.

For any of you following my efforts with hard drive motors and ESC's and "servo testers"; While testing my new ESC's, I discovered that the HDD motor I used was biased to CCW rotation and got the ESC a little confused when wired to run CW. The feedback sensors in the ESC worked properly in CCW but not so well in CW. In CW, it had a period of confusion until the "knob" is slowly turned to the 4 position and then will follow to full, but did not achieve the full rotation of the CWW rotation. Something to do with the winding of the poles. It was about 2/3 the rotational speed of CCW ( I tried to use a laser tachometer to record RPM, but nearly blinded myself with the reflections from the disc, will have to paint everything black except the reflecting strip). I also established that when at "full speed" in CW, it takes little friction to slow it down and that below a certain RPM at load, it will suddenly go to zero and lock there.

I wonder if this effect might have had something to do with the "disaster" Sandy described in his device. You can get props for model airplane motors left and right hand, but does that mean the motors are bi-directional? or just that they can be used as "pushers" as well as "pullers"?

Damm; I forgot to contact the auth's and rels in Tennessee yesterday; maybe I'll do it tomorrow; got too much to do today. Am also in the process of moving into a new house and having to truck the lathe and equipment there. Busy! Busy!


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Answer: Glenn Turner - 21/11/2015 13:59:03

It has been brought to my attention what is going on. I created this website due to my love and interest in gyroscopes. I hoped that it would allow people to learn about gyroscopes and enable people to share information, discuss and generally progress things. I really hoped it would progress things with propulsion research.

That was many years ago. Sadly I don't have time to read every post these days but I still have a great passion for gyroscopes. I based one of my businesses around gyroscopes and in fact I'm now getting very close to releasing my book on gyroscopes (been writing it on/off for years).

Forums anywhere, on any subject have nonsense written on them from time to time. That is just forums and people for you. This forum is no exception.

But I will not tolerate personal abuse. Expect changes to the website over the coming days.

Make constructive comments. Don't make personal comments.

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Answer: Glenn Turner - 28/01/2016 01:41:20
 I’ve finally had change to update the forums as intended. In order to comment you will need to verify your email address, create a password and associate a phone number with your login. The phone number will be verified by a SMS text or by a automated phone call if a landline.

The phone number is ONLY used for this forum and ONLY used to verify your identity. It should also stop spammer and some time wasters etc.

I decided not remove any comments but feel the forums need sorting and improving somehow.

I still need to do more but it is a start. My father is seriously ill hence the delay doing this.

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