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13 August 2020 00:21

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Dave Parsons
Subject: vote for glenny
Question: It seems that Glenn Hawkins is determined to pollute any thread with his rantings as you can see in Sandy's thread

so I've decided to give all the others in these forums an opportunity to vote for glenny.

Sandy, I apologize for any part in polluting your thread, but the thread was partly about glenny's attack on you, and the only IP ever demonstrated by anyone anywhere. His attacks on you and others has not and never has been about anything to do with gyroscopes or IP. Whatever mental problem drives him, is best dealt with in another more appropriate forum to do with mental health.

All those who consider that glenny has any right or privilege to subject these forums to his rants and attacks, please vote for him. Feel free to express your opinion of his rights and privileges in these forums. In particular, please express your opinions on his mental state. Please feel free to determine what he may say and how he may say it.

Is there anyone who would vote for glenny?

Date: 24 October 2015
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 24/10/2015 04:23:50
 Wrong question naturally. Ask is there anyone who would vote AGAINST either of us. I don't think anyone is paying any attention to you.

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Answer: Harry K. - 24/10/2015 09:51:36
Don't feed the troll!

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Answer: Harry K. - 24/10/2015 09:51:39
Don't feed the troll!

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 26/10/2015 21:33:53
Note the space drive picture.
Click on cakehole law.

Is he sane?
Is that a cell he is in?

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 26/10/2015 21:36:08

Note the space drive picture.
Click on cakehole law.

Listen to the troll
Is he sane?
Is that a cell he is locked in?

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Answer: graeme - 29/10/2015 15:25:07
 Hi Dave,

This is a public forum and should be treated as such. No person(s) except the webmaster/website owner has any right to exclude an individual access to this forum which the general public has access to.


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 31/10/2015 03:13:18
 You didn't answer the question Mr. Nameless/Faceless. Your addie "graeme" (gezzabrek@yahoo.co.uk) gives no indication if you're male, female, or Martian. I only take notice of "Real People". Apart from your "non gratis" status, you didn't register a vote for or against "glenny".

For others, much brighter than you, a public forum has always fallen under the common law principles of keeping the peace. In every common-law country in the world, it is the practice of policing public forums to prevent "Breaches of the Peace". Any Peace Officer in such countries may arrest any person he finds is in breach of the peace or that he suspects may "breach" the peace. There is usually no fine or penalty, however the Peace Officer may incarcerate the persons for 24 hours after which they must be released. During that incarceration the officer may bring criminal charges for any assaults or defamations that occurred during the "Breach".

Under common law and other statutes of common-law countries, mere insults such as fuckhead, shithead, and even, "motherfucker" are not considered breaches of the peace unless they are construed as attempts to provoke a "Breach of the Peace". However aspersions that a person has committed murder or other serious crimes, uttered in public by a person against another person knowing that the aspersions are false, is an indictable offense.

In most states of the USA, it is a serious crime and a serious tort, and may be investigated and/or prosecuted by State and Federal authorities. Because the utterances may be done in an "Internet Forum" by a person to avoid identity and to publish such utterances across State lines and International Boundaries, the FBI has jurisdiction. I'm sure they will find "glenny" in short order.

If you wish to present any other "Gems of Wisdom", do so with a "Real Face" and "Real Identity"; in this thread, I only take notice of "Real People".


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 31/10/2015 05:10:45
 And who is this: Harry K." (fahkei@gmx.de). Some "Nameless", "Faceless" free email service in Germany. "non-gratis", not a "real person".

It is interesting to note, the double posting within minutes of Harry K., and the double-posting of glenny "Glenn Hawkins" (ehawkins32@comcast.net) within minutes.

In fact both glenny and harold? share that same double-posting within minutes throughout these forums.

What was it glenny posted in these forums, "I have three different email addresses with three different names and none of them is me.

The pot thlickens.


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Answer: Harry K. - 31/10/2015 08:07:24
 Well, Dave, now you are nosy about my identity? Most of the IMPORTANT guys here in the forum know my real identity. And if you would be clever (however this is an absurd assumption) you would find my real name here in this forum.

Have a nice weekend troll David!

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Answer: Harry K. - 31/10/2015 08:07:29
 Well, Dave, now you are nosy about my identity? Most of the IMPORTANT guys here in the forum know my real identity. And if you would be clever (however this is an absurd assumption) you would find my real name here in this forum.

Have a nice weekend troll David!

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 31/10/2015 13:33:04
 Hi graeme,
How nice and polite you are, and of course you are right. Pay no attention to him.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 31/10/2015 21:26:27
 Searching for Harry K.'s real name didn't bring up anything, but other things surfaced.

Crap about glenny; Is that it's "real" name or just another alias?

Asked by: Hewitt Casper, or just plain Glenn
Subject: It is real
Question: Hello men,
I hope you are not too aggravated with me, because I like and admire you all.
I have done inertial propulsion powerfully and wrote a dissertation on the physic of it. It works absolutely, but for a couple different reasons than most thought.
My claim is that it is there for you, in any way you can skin the cat to get at it. Gook luck an all my best wishes.
Sweet dreams,
Date: 31 July 2013

Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 31/07/2013 18:49:59
This is way too much for me at this time in my life. I need engineers, machinists, cutting machines, a good shop and offices and help in keeping up with everything. Either that, or money to purchase and employ.
I would like to tell and show you all about it, but I don't think I am supposed to right now. I arrived at this following physics that lead me to the writing of hypotheses, the construction of successful tests, to the theory then the proof. There is no question, but that I have easily maintain powerful interior trust without an opposite reaction. Sandy, you were so very close. So very close yes, and yet so very far away, though my methods are not like yours. Believe centrifuge cannot be denied, yet the power of your machine may overwhelm it. I say too much. I will just say I am happy to know you.
If somebody has any suggestions as to how I might form and finance a team, please suggest away.
Regards, Glenn

Answer: Blaze - 31/07/2013 23:07:39
Congrats on your accomplishment Glenn. Have you achieved constant thrust, thrust pulses with coasting in between, or something else? I am not asking for any details on how you did it, just curious about the kind of result you got.

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 02:46:31
Hi Blaze, and hello gang,
Thank you for your interest in my project. I of course am interested in yours. I have produced a very powerful thrust repeatedly; whenever I like. It is so neat and so different. It just came into my mind and I kept building on it as I entered deeper into it. How does that happen? Where do thoughts really come from?
The device flings itself across a glass table dragging with it little Teflon coated feet, pivots and frame attached. All the mass moves forward. I have tested reloading it and the means to do that is so neat and quick. As it progress, it will swivel back and forth [As if none of you knew? ;-)
It produces an ultimate straight vector from the equal waggling wherein it will push a capsule from the interior without benefit of a backdrop, or rather opposite reaction. As to coasting, I once loaded it with about twenty ounces of ice chips in a bag and the bag flew from it and pulled it. So yes, there are three ways I envision building incremental accelerations into increasing velocity. I know the sling shot ice works well enough, but I feel comfortable I can do much better. In fact I have some good, but incomplete evidence that it can remain in its area of space and apply stead contact force. Iím working on that. It isnít like any designs weíve probably ever envisioned. Iím sure it will have to be seen to be believed.
I donít blame anybody. I would reserve belief of such a clime, but It has for some time pleased me to sense that we five are trueful. I believe absolutely we believe what we say- - whether we are right or wrong. That is a great tribute to our little group.
I did not mean to run off at the mouth. The fingers just started typing and did not know when to stop and certainly their owner is not always home here on the planet to guide them.
I will give you something you may already know. The forces cannot maintain force in a restricted, straight condition. The force must have motion in order to apply itself.
I may have the help I need, a partner to help with the financing. I will know by morning.
Best happiness, Prost and all smiles,
Where is our Harry K.?

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 04:02:37
I'm not sure I answered you. I will try. The apparatus must, although I have not proved it yet, thrust repeatedly during the time it is already moving forward. I know about the inch worm effect. I coined the idea. This is not it. This design can build acceleration constantly. Now then to your question.
I's heavy and it's basic movement is to curve very, very fast on a glass table top in a one half circle of about an 8 inch diameter. It stops, unless it is encouraged to reverse against stopping at a time before it stops. During this actions it is restarted to continue repeating. I am not able to test every aspect. I have to built more of the magnesium first and yet . . . I have tested it. If this makes no sense, be sympathetic to my effort. I am trying to explain without explaining. How could I expect to accomplish that?
It looks like I may not have acquired a partner after all.
"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"
Friedrich Nietcsche
Cheers Glenn,

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 19:43:17


Off in some strange psychotic world of his own; when he presented his gibberish to the "money-man", the "money-man" shot him down. The "Prophet" spoke and was pissed on

Some other crap on glenny;



Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/08/2013 02:46:31
I donít blame anybody. I would reserve belief of such a clime, but It has for some time pleased me to sense that we five are trueful. I believe absolutely we believe what we say- - whether we are right or wrong. That is a great tribute to our little group....

The fingers just started typing and did not know when to stop and certainly their owner is not always home here on the planet to guide them...


Who are these five it's talking about? Harry K. is obviously one of them. Their postings in these forums indicate some sort of belief system that has little or nothing to do with science or engineering; a truly psychotic state of affairs where they claim complete compliance with Newton's laws while professing a "magical" exception for their imagined contraptions.The "False Prophet" never recovered from his disgrace and lashed out at the real thing; a mindless troglodyte reaction.

Sandy Kidd never imagined a magical device;he used his engineering knowledge and skills to develop , a "real" effect, that he stumbled on, to make a "real" device, that produced a "real" thrust. Unfortunately Sandy cannot explain the principle on which his gyro device functions because his language of that is limited to his engineering indoctrination in Newtonian physics ( it is a semantic thing). There is no explanation possible because Newton and his cronies made sure that only their "dialect" would be spoken in the "Halls of Science". I have read many attempts by scientists and others to rationalize gyro precession with Newtonian physics and the best of those fail any rational explanation and the worst are just schizoid nonsense.

Sandy is trapped by that dichotomy; his machines will never spring forward into full levitation until he can answer the question, "why does a gyro precess". He is in the position of "trial and error". It's amazing he accomplished what he did.

I understand why gyros precess, but I can't explain it in Newtonian terms. I wouldn't be looking out for my best interests if I were to make a detailed description. I have left numerous clues around here, so I don't feel too guilty.

MD, you're the only one of the bunch who made any comment.

I got to get back to my lathe now; time for the "troll". I'll leave my "stock" reply in anticipation


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Answer: Sandy - 31/10/2015 21:36:40
 Evening Dave,
Harald and myself, have had many personal discussions (and good humoured disagreements) over the piece, i.e for many years.
Some of those discussions were at a level that he and I attained without the intervention of anyone else, and for some time I conversed with Harald by email to hide the nature of our discussions.
I am getting a trifle concerned with your witch hunt, the findings of which, apart from creating bad feelings, for all intents and purposes will not really alter anything.
Harry K is hardly disguising his name he has just created an abbreviated version of his name easily recognised by the non-German speaking majority who frequent this forum.
In controversial issues such as those discussed on this forum I can understand the use of nom de plumes, as they can protect a contributor on a professional basis.
I do not mind too much about personal attacks (I am a well-seasoned campaigner) but there are others who are slightly more sensitive.
That said.
Ted Pitman is real as I met him in London many years ago, and have conversed with him ever since.
I know who Nitro and Momentus are, but I do not know who Blaze was, or Ram Firestone for that matter, but I doubt if that ever affected the nature or outcome of any debate.

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Answer: Sandy - 31/10/2015 21:46:08
 My apologies Ted an elderly moment .
It should have been PITTMAN
Best regards,

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 31/10/2015 22:59:53
 Sandy, I would hardly describe glenny as a witch, but if that is what turns you on; so be it

Anyone who would support the foul spews of the likes of glenny is someone I insist on an identity. If it does not make it's statements from it's own domain, then it is just another troll.

I am a real person with my own website in my own name. My email name is determined by me from my own site; there is nothing anonymous or secret about me. It is the common courtesy of all conversations and discourses in cultures to do so from an identity. In common society, I refuse to speak with any one who cannot or will not identify themselves. If they insult me in person after I tell them to leave, they will leave rather quickly at the end of my boot.

There is no special internet world where "any thing goes"; there are just abandoned derelict forums like this with no admins or caretakers to keep the inmates civil. If you are really interested in what goes on in these forums, then I suggest you get involved in discussions on what is appropriate language and behaviour.

If it does criticism of me and does not identify itself, then it is a troll and deserves no consideration. You don't have your own website and your own email, but have identified yourself to me. Nitro has his own website and has established his identity to my satisfaction. MD has established to my satisfaction that he is a real person and not a troll.

My demands are very simple; BE REAL or don't talk to me and don't pollute my space.

It's not enough that you vouch for Harold?; he has to identify to me. If he jumps on glenny's bandwagon, then he is just another troll. As glenny posted, he's a member of a gang of five. Glenny has already violated his email agreement with his provider and has contravened several State and Federal laws, I believe in Tennessee? or wherever he's hiding. I will be contacting the appropriate people.

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Answer: Harry K. - 01/11/2015 02:32:05
 Hello Dave,
Your dilettantish search of my real name is ridiculous. Thus I have to help you:

I believe this is the thread with the most answers in this forum. In one of my posts I provided a link to my server. In this link you will find my surname (my forename is Harald). One hint, my surname begins with a "K".
Are you happy now?

Thank you for the proof of your cleverness, which is at the stage I had foreseen!

Enjoy your Sunday, troll

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 01/11/2015 03:44:24
 It's Saturday here clown.

And get off your high horse

Your horrendous and mind-numbing thread involving the "gyrotic witch" (Sandy inspired that)
left me breathless. I don't think there is a State Asylum that could have provided a comparable dialogue. I have left out the long psychotic rant from the "gyrotic witch"; it might cause the monitor to turn green or something. I just left the last couple of paragraphs.

Harry K.- 04/06/2008 19:45:16

Dear Mr. Glenn Turner,

would you please so kind and advise Mr. Glenn Hawkins to stop with his unreasonable and impertinent defamations against my person?

If he will not stop with his insulting postings, I ask you to provide his TCP/IP-number.
Please tell him also, that I do not want any further communication with him and all further postings from him will be ignored as from now.

Harry K.


Silly man. You started a fight of the mind. You canít fight. Why donít you drop it?

Oh boy, the "gyrotic witch has ripped ya a new anus

Answer: Luis Gonzalez - 05/06/2008 16:21:51
Hi Harry,

Letís give this public forum another chance and see if animosity levels drop.
One method that seems to work (to some extent) is, if we donít have nice things to say to an individual itís best to say nothing.

If members have technical contributions, they should make them in customary or agreed ways.
No one can coerce responses from others, except by how interesting their ideas about physics and/or gyros are.

Posting solely for the purpose of disruption should be handled by our host Mr. Glenn Turner using the appropriate website tools.

Letís see if we can play in this arena as mature men, instead of as unruly children in a sandbox.
If we need to, there are other formats in which to discuss technology.

My Best to All,

Answer: Harry K. - 05/06/2008 17:57:36
Hello Luis,

You are right. Disregard might be the best way in this case. I would appreciate if Mr. Turner could clean my thread from this kind of garbage.

So I'm awaiting your technical related reply to my last posting, Luis. Thanks.

Best regards,

Answer: Luis Gonzalez - 05/06/2008 20:20:53
Hi Harry,
I am thinking of responding in a new thread with a reference to this one (when I find the time). What would you prefer?

Answer: Harry K. - 05/06/2008 20:58:13
Hi Luis,

I would prefer if all off-topic postings here would be deleted by the admin, but I know as well that this will not happen.
I have started this thread to discuss the possiblity of a balance point of an overhung gyro system. By now I have introduced the theory of this balance point but not yet the necessary calculations. Therefore I think it would not be a good idea to spilt this thread. However, if you prefer to start a new thread, then do it.

Best regards,

Poor Harry, the "gyrotic witch" only tried to get her tongue
up my anus; looks like she got something else up yours.
Looks like this ship was abandoned from day one.

Sandy!!! did you know about this???

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 01/11/2015 04:34:30
God; this is priceless

Dear Harry,

Listen to yourself. ďAnyway, nobody forces you to stay here and write comments in this thread of simple and underprivileged theories!Ē

Harry, do you think there is somebody here that doesnít know that? I will not say more as it would be antagonistic. Except if you really must know the truth of it I was actually held here at gunpoint, until just a couple of minutes ago. The assailants went to get coffee.

When did he escape from the asylum.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 01/11/2015 04:45:02
 It keeps getting better;

I understand! But to heck with it. Believe in contentment however you please. Itís OK. All-is-iss-ok, mox nicks, is-nix-nice-oose! Why do you hate English when spoken in good modern day GI German--drunken American you know? Do you not understand us? Do you have a little sister, yes, yes? Donít you get mad at me, Harry?

You said, ďÖunderprivileged theories!Ē Pease believe me I understand this. You feel your theory has been attacked and it has. Such things are personal and can be special to a person and a disagreement can hurt a little. I know. I am sorry. If you noticed my references to your theory in disagreements were handled with greatest care for your feelings. Still and all a disagreement is a disagreement. Be mad at me for that. Itís OK. That might help. I understand. Iím sorry.

I cannot help any more and can only cause more disenchantment. So I will curtsey gracefully and bow out. You have my blessings. ďHappy trails to youÖ until we meet again. Happy trailsÖĒ Roy Rodgers & Gabby Hanes sings to Harry K.

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 01/11/2015 05:25:04
 I realize that the humor of these posts will go right over the heads of Sandy and the other engineers here, but it may come to the attention of other laymen and I'm sure it will leave them with sore ribs from all the laughter.

what will really get them rollin in the aisles is when they see that all the engineers read this with straight faces.

Yes! Engineers; a different breed.

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Answer: Harry K. - 01/11/2015 10:52:05
I'm glad that you enjoy these old postings! There are hundreds of other enjoyable postings here in the forum. Read all of them then you have something useful to do with your remaining lifetime and maybe you will learn something?

This posting was the last food for the troll.
You have to look for another victim because I'm bored shitless.
Btw, is it true that there is a different time in Canada as it is in Europe? Really strange!

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 01/11/2015 23:13:33
 My!, My! Harry?

I hope you weren't trolling for compliments on your amusing role in that hilarious thread you directed me to.

It would have been much simpler and more to the point to just post your full name and internet ID. That's all I asked for; it's the criteria I insist on for anyone wishing to interact, communicate, or criticize. It didn't have to be in the thread; my contact and addie have been posted in these forums.

I tried to follow your post gyrotic_witch discussions with Louis but kept breaking down with laughter at the comedy_drama that preceded it.

It is more than amusing, and a little disturbing, that you and others here have "made up" with the "gyrotic witch" after what can only be described as a full public "psychotic break". It seems to be a pattern here; the "gyrotic witch" does a little anal- smooching and is accepted into discussion and proceeds to another "psychotic break" and repeats.

That brings up questions about the mental stability and cognitive state of the "important experts" here. "Once", could be attributed to just normal stupidity; "ongoing" requires a level of "wilfull blindness" which speaks of a level of desperation; like the "scribe" and the "crazies".

I fully believe that IP is possible and I hold a very important piece of the puzzle. It is not expressible in Darwinian dialect; perhaps I will write a book someday in my "dialect" and perhaps some of you will be able to translate. I have left a few clues scattered around; anyone "tuned" to the same station would probably have contacted me by now.


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Answer: dave!!! - 18/03/2016 03:44:50

glenny will never bring anything to these forums except his mental illness.

I will probably never post here again. The login systems refuse me any sort of entry to the forums. I tried signing up under three email addies and the system goes through the motions and then pratfalls whenever I try to post in any other threads.

I'm beginning to wonder about Turner: He allows creatures like glenny and sabotages me.

They're both named Glenn.

Let's see if this get;s through and if it does; how long it lasts.

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