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13 August 2020 00:48

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: The String
Question: I thought I would do the string for you. I think it baffling to we who study everything we can in relation to the tilting of rotation.

Both of the following studies used the super precision gyroscope with the 100 mm shaft attached.
Precession with the pivot torquing down on a table can push the wheel inward toward the pivot more strongly than angular momentum and centrifuge may attempt to pull the wheel outward away from the pivot. We all know this.

When you tie-off the shaft at its pivot knob and hang it overhead, precession acts completely opposite to that of the pivot resting on a table.

The precession on a table t is the condition we who seek to build IP accept and believe. A wheel with shaft hanging from a tie-off represents the conditions that the engineering departments believe. We and they are in opposition, so what is the truth?

We are correct. The precession on a table pushes down assisted by gravity. The precession on a string pushes up in opposition to gravity. Let us look at this.

Draw a nail at the top of a page. Draw a line (string) straight down from the nail. Tie the knob end of the shaft to the string. Precession will hold the shaft and flywheel horizontally. Know that the wheel would be pulled by gravity to rest directly under the string. Your vertical line moves outward at an angle oboist to the wheel as the wheel move toward the string.

String precession begins. There is an empty circle under the nail and the gyroscope precesses around this empty circle, which is the result of centrifuge in this example (but not in table supported precession) The gyro precess on the inside of the circling while the pivot tie-off circles on the outside of the wheel. These conditions would support the physics department’s understanding of the center of gravity condition; also the bary center condition.

The problem is that the swing of the heavy wheel through an arc toward the center of gravity creates a leverage wherein precession must lift against gravity; wherein with table support precession. Gravity assist precession by torquing it downward and the result is as we know it. It is the only true condition and nature of precessiohn. The string misleads intuitive thinking. We here have it right.

Most likely most of us have been baffled when trying to study two conditions we thought were the same, string and table top, but they are not the same at all. Some of us might like understand why this is.

Another condition that can baffle and mislead thinking is the counter weigh block of ice; wherein it and the flywheel revolve around one another. This creates a bary center which would favor a lack of understanding of precession and again favor the physics department. However, you simply remove the ice and this binary rotation ceases and the flywheel precesses freely while the pivot remains stationary and we have it right again. There is a more involved, detail explanation but it might not be necessity as we are right.

If I have done a poor job of making myself understood, you can tell me and ask me and I will try to do a better job.

Date: 17 November 2015
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Nate - 18/11/2015 12:14:23




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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 18/11/2015 15:26:53
 Hello Nate,

Thank you Nate. This is an excellent film you offer for the inexperienced. However none of the information has anything to do with my post. The film shows what happens, like the whole world of engineering shows endlessly, WHAT HAPPENS, WHAT HAPPENS, and WHAT HAPPENS.

My studies are beyond that. My studies are about, WHY AND HOW THINGS HAPPEN THE WAY THEY DO. No person other than Blazé seemed to have gotten this point.

In any case my post here reveals that the two tests, precession by a shaft sitting on a table ---- and precession by a string tied of at the end of the shaft and held from above ---- are completely different conditions causing completely different results.
AND, that the string overhead presentation misleads the truth and confuses everyone. This is because everyone thought they were the same. They are not. My post was meant to explain WHY and HOW, that is. THE CAUSES--- AND THE RESULTS.

Gyroscopic reactions work in a series of causes and effects. I have not published and explanide, but I can tell you this. . . .Sequence 1.The drop.-- Sequence 2. precesion.--Sequence 3. the lift.-- Sequences 4. the torque down on the pivot.
Everyone thought the drop caused the lift directly.
Twin flywheels rotating around a hub cause not four series of reaction, but only three and ends in a vertical dead end.

The only way to understand a gyroscope is to study why and how things happen. As to what happens you have a world of information, but no understanding of the inaccuracies and best ways to manipulate them.

Again thank you for adding the excellent information for the less experiences and beginners here. Yours contribution is good in this purpose.

Regards and all that rot, Good luck to everyone and bless you,

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Answer: Dave Parsons - 19/11/2015 02:14:07
 This is the worst mass of Schizoid nonsense I ever read.

Something I'd like to point out to the other readers here; glenny's language dysfunction. It's not a weird troll persona as I originally thought. It is the underlying grammar of it's native language; It is not the language of the American Hawkins clan that goes back many generations in Tennessee.

His speech dysfunction kept ringing a small bell in the back of my mind. I suddenly realized that dysfunction is what happens with asians, particularly Viets. and Thais., with English as a second language.

The elder Hawkins died in 2004
Gordon "Hawk" Hawkins, 67, of Chickamauga passed away Wednesday, March 3, 2004, at his residence.

He was a native of Ider, Ala. and had lived in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area for most of his life. Mr. Hawkins was an avid pool player, enjoyed playing golf, and was a member of the First Christian Church in East Ridge.

Mr. Hawkins' parents, Howard and Bernice Hawkins, preceded him in death.

Survivors include his wife of 42 years, Nancy Hawkins; one son, Wayne Hawkins of Chattanooga; step-daughter, Susan Evans of Flintstone; step-son, Steve Johnson of Rossville; brother, Glenn Hawkins of Hixson; sister, Geneva Ellison of Ringgold; five grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

When glenny is all excited or in concentration, his native grammer slips out. Is he "really" Glenn Hawkins. There is a Glenn Hawkins registered at 17 different real estates near and at Chattanooga Tennessee all aged 43. Glenny posted in these forums that he had difficulties with local Real Estate authorities; maybe that had to do with his "Nationality?". There are also local bylaws to do with acquisition of residences by businesses for "business enterprise".

Glenny has posted that he lives and has had history near Chattanooga. Who is this creature? He is certainly not a third generation American of the Hawkins clan. PS does not completely explain it's language dysfunction; I've been through Tennessee; they don't talk like that.

I'll have to do some more research and contact some local authorities in Tennessee, and some of his supposed relatives. Maybe they can explain who the creature is, that has been posting all these psychotic rants. The possibility exists that some asian gang may be using identity theft to purchase properties for money-laundering; it is not uncommon.

Yours Faithfully


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 19/11/2015 02:47:20
 Dear David,
I think it is time we meet. Give me your address and phone number. It will be a while before I call because I will be busy for several months

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Answer: Harry K. - 19/11/2015 07:29:11

It's easy to find such information:


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Answer: Dave Parsons - 19/11/2015 08:07:39
 I think maybe we have a threat here! And an accomplice.
Glenn Hawkins - 19/11/2015 02:47:20
Dear David,
I think it is time we meet. Give me your address and phone number. It will be a while before I call because I will be busy for several months

Harry K. - 19/11/2015 07:29:11

It's easy to find such information:


I will be contacting the relatives and the authorities tomorrow. We'll find out who you are and what you're up to.

Just keep listening to harald? and you'll find a NICE NEW HOME where you won't have to worry anymore. They'll look after you there.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 30/06/2016 17:03:41
 I am correcting this old post. Subsequent tests proved it wrong. In gyroscopic actions centrifuge does not curve inward following the circular direction of precession. Centrifuge and all other related conditions follow the laws of motion. Centrifuge presses outward from the point of rotation/precession. Particularly the functions of precession along with the difficult and misleading testing methods can make it all so overwhelmingly deceiving, but the laws of motion rule supreme


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Answer: Sandy - 01/07/2016 20:37:09
 Evening Glenn and any other interested party.
I would not normally answer your latest posting Glenn as the subject has been aired many times previously, but as this is part of a universal, fundamental misunderstanding I felt the need to answer it
Forget the string it only serves to confuse.

I think if you could test the device properly, you would find that the laws of motion are not being obeyed.

In order to precess the gyroscope must create some form of positive angle (i.e. the gyroscope must rotate above the horizontal plane)
The general and accepted belief is that centrifugal force must be generated during the precession of the gyroscope.

Unfortunately if one acquires a good, gyroscope without gimbals, well made with a sharp stylus point on its fixed shaft, just like Eric Laithwaite’s, the one shown on the “Heretic” program the gyroscope will be seen to rotate without the slightest deviation of the rotating sharp, stylus-like point on a very hard surface like a ceramic tile for instance.
No apparent centrifugal force, suggests that the laws certainly with respect to rotating discs require scrutiny.

If one has access to good laboratory equipment it should be relatively easy to measure the vertical thrust generated by the rotation of the gyroscope.
Fundamentalists believe that centrifugal force and angular momentum are developed at the gyroscope during precession.
Simple mechanics therefore suggests that a vertical thrust however small must be generated.
I personally predict that it will be a cold day in hell before vertical thrust is ever detected there.
If some enterprising person went out of his/her way to prove or disprove this, a great service to science in general would be done.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 03/07/2016 13:13:13
 Hi Sandy!

I hope you are well and happy. I will try to reply to your message. You may want to try the experiment I am posting above on a new thread today.

Regards always,

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 03/07/2016 13:49:02
In this way, you can find centrifuge fully functioning during precession. You will have to do a little thinking and a little work, but not much.


Lay out double rows of ROUND pencils to roll sideways, about ten on each side. Space the pencils in each row about 1” apart pencil to pencil.

Between them, lay out double rows of pencils to roll upward and downward.

__ __ __ __

__ __ __ __

Obtain a thin 8” x 8” piece of Steriphome and place it on top of the pencils.
Place a precessing gyroscope on the Steriphome and you will see a full measure of centrifuge acting.

If for whatever reason you do not believe you see centrifuge clearly and completely acting, let me know and we will go much further to prove angular momentum and that the force at the pivot of the gyroscope is equal and opposite to precession.


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Answer: Sandy - 03/07/2016 22:53:14
 Evening Glenn,
The whole problem with that type of experiment is the guarantee that the chosen gyroscope is up to the job.
Apart from mechanical accuracy any attachment like gimbals for instance automatically eliminates the gyroscope from the test as the addition of the gimbals invariably affects the performance of a gyroscope.
Many cheaper gyroscopes rotate on a ball and socket set-up where accuracy of the centre line of the gyroscope and the centre line of the ball and socket are always going to be suspect.
However I do not think they were ever designed for laboratory purposes.
I quoted Laithwaite’s specially made gyroscope as the standard to strive for.
It was no light weight, but was a superbly made device as Momentus who has also held it, will surely testify.
I always promised to make a similar one for myself, but there and then again, I have promised to do many things..
A 48 hour day might help a bit.
Trouble is a jig borer or a very good milling machine preferably with optics, would be required to make it the way it was made.
I could make it myself but I no longer have access to precision tooling so I would have to see if I have any friends left in toolmaking.
It had so many holes accurately pitched, and bored in the flange that there was not a lot of spare material left.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 04/07/2016 04:05:48
 Hi Sandy,
It is good of you to reply. I used the Supper Precision Gyroscope and I have used a tadco with only the wheel and shaft, without the guard or cradle as you please. The actual experiments were far, far, far more extensive and elaborate than I wrote. I tried to make it simple to understand. The only way I can present my work is in video and the separate theory in animation in combination and actual physical presentations and explanations.

I am, and have been so (&()&*%&9 tied-up with problems and time, the only thing I can do here is write a few paragraphs which is simple and easy and quick for me. It is actually a break from work.

If I can not present my work, then damn my work. I know it is right and true, but it is my fault that I am not believed. I am angry with myself for finally learning so much and becoming too messed up and uncaring to take all the trouble to present it. So damn me too. I have admiration for you, however.

I would love to meet you some day. That won't happen, but I would enjoy it.


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