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27 June 2019 01:54

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Asked by: Carl A. Helsing
Subject: Propulsion--
Question: In 2004 I completed a model of what would be referred to as an "offset spin intertial thruster".
It does have a directional force action similar to one Mr. Laithewaite demonstrated quite some time ago--mounted on a horizontal surface--and moving horizontaly--I developed it,oddly,in connection with visualization's I had after a long study of railway steam engine's which have at least a few open valve gear motion's visible---along with some in the U.S. which use a counter-rotating "counterweight."
I connected these motion's to a possible "thrust" mode due to my view of certain phenomena of at first great speculation.It was the odd motion for one---and the anomaly of the cubic area relative weight density of a steam railway engine being entirely opposite to that of any aircraft.
I do have a short video of the device in operation which I could send.Another "irony" or paradox is that I constructed the mechanism from HO model rail diesel engine transmission gear movement's--mostly plastic.That fact was a matter of the immediate convenience of doing so,but still seemed relative on a "coinicidental" time frame basis.
If you would like to discuss some Earth-bound theories on the matter I would be glad to.--I have a web site at "SKYTRAINZASTRON"--UFO--Research--Carl A. Helsing----b7jk9w@toast.net
Date: 28 January 2016
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