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23 September 2017 15:46

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: What might be?
Question: It seems that the effort to gain propulsion by manipulating a gyroscope has all but ended. The scarcity of serious articles herein have all but ceased. Certainly, the effort and disbelief in the possibility wasted countless and years of my life and so I donít say much anymore.
The ideas all hinged on there being an immovable, stationary countering force or substance that did not react when the gyroscope pushed against itóan invisible forcefield created by the gyroscope itself. I found no such force owing to precession.
But consider, what known force could resist without yielding, without experiencing a countering reaction? There is nothing known to have such an ability, but there are ways allowed wherein the effect of a reaction would seem to almost not exist. The gravity of a massive body on a small body is an example. Also, a repulsive magnetic force, as well as an attracting force one is another example. In both examples, the effect of distance and time in reaction and propulsion is measured in the relationship of unequal massí.
If gravity or magnetic, particularly electromagnetic forces can be used or created and manufactured, then instantons acceleration without harm would be possible, perhaps even to exceed the speed of light. Harm?
(You would need to ignore the black-hole syndrome as its effects are only theorized and they seem illogical.)
You fellows here would have as much chance of reasoning out how to do this, if it is possible, as would any mathematician because the solutions would be mechanical, not mathematical.
Date: 29 May 2017
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: R S - 15/06/2017 01:09:01

It has not ended; Dr. Mike Marsden (Michael John Marsden) will eventually release his Mac Quan technology (a macroscopic version of the inner quantum mechanics of matter). I know he has been sitting on this technology for a long time, but eventually it will be released.

It already works; he is just finishing perfecting it. His new Mac Quan machine has over 2G's of "inertial propulsion" thrust.

Additionally, he is working on other technologies as well.

Inertial propulsion is possible; it just has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with "gyroscopic precession".... you all had it wrong the entire time. You all went down the "blind alley" as Mike Marsden would say.

Be patient; it has not ended, it is about to begin.

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