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2 July 2022 12:31

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: Sandy
Question: Dear Sandy,
As I have been thinking, the term SHEDS centrifuge and angular momentum work fine though I said it didn’t. I do not believe gravity is lessened but that internal forces are redirected in such a way that could logically produce a greater one-directional force, ie to cause propulsion. Thank you for discovering these conditions. I now see why it has been frustrating that no one could except your findings. The reasons why you were true were just too complicated.
In the end, I do not expect the machine I envision to produce propulsion because logic aside, everything I have done concerning the gyroscope has resulted in failure. Currently, I am deciding that math and the concept of angularity will not prove anything. A machine unlike any other, very much elaborate would have to be built.
I want to give my subconscious a little more time and hope to see the reasoning more clearly. My explanations are complicated but I can give them to you on your email. If we both became committed and decided to proceed I could help you procure the parts to build.
Your friend,
Date: 22 September 2019
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Sandy - 23/09/2019 22:37:43
 Good evening Glenn.
Glad you are still interested.
SHED angular momentum and centrifugal force, eliminate, neutralise, whatever.
Yes, that is true but I will not go into why just yet.
Forget the gravity bit Glenn it only complicates matters.
Any accelerations that I am utilising are not associated with gravitational ones
Luckily the gravitational forces diminish almost to zero as we head into space.
That is when this kind of device comes into its own.

Present status.
I told you a few years ago that I had built a prototype device at great expense.
It proved the principle completely but was totally over engineered, and was in need of a redesign.
I used the services of a Mori Seiki multi axis machine to make the special parts it required, hence the high cost.
I never could afford to have a Mark 2 built but lately I got interested in the attributes of 3d printing.
I got hooked and bought one, and have designed and printed all the complicated and otherwise awkwardly shaped parts I need.
Wished I’d had one of those 35 years ago.
It paid for itself in one week.
I’ll keep you posted
There is a bit of a story attached to the 3D printing but I will spare you the details for now....

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 24/09/2019 18:07:32
 Good day, Sandy,
Your latest, at least to me, find and usage of 3 d printing is exciting. I too wish it had been available forty years ago. I would not have had to beat my head against the wall slowwwwwwly, slowwwwwwly learning what works and what doesn’t. In my latest and finally my last test I think, I don’t need it. My cut-up cigar boxes, glue, bits of metal, swivels, rubber bands, ice cubes will do a test. Only if it works would I go for 3 d printing in a big way to build a complete motor-powered machine. Excuse me for rambling. Is the printing hard to learn? I am happy for you and eager to see how you are coming along.
Sincerely Glenn,

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Answer: Sandy - 25/09/2019 10:17:56
 Hello again Glenn,
Printing is not too much of a problem if you have basic computer skills, so this should prove no problem for you.
To get printing is rapid and easy if you print something already in existence.
Try searching “Thingiverse” where you have a choice of thousands of ready to print applications.
To design and print is just a little more involved
There is a simple system called “Tinkercad” which will help you on your way
Very easy to use.
You just download your effort in the form of a G code which you have to offer to a “slicing” system which creates the path the printer will follow.
I bought a Chinese” Creality Ender 3 Pro” which has turned out to be superb for my purposes.
It has a slicing system with it based on the “Cura” one and it is so easy to use.
I have had no hiccups at all so far and it has been in operation continuously since I bought it.
OK I had to assemble the thing myself, which was so very easy, and no big deal at all.
I paid £189 for it, brand new.
Probably the best investment I ever made.
I also have a continuous demand for kid’s stuff to satisfy my clan of great grandkids.
All in all easier to accomplish than explain.
Best regards,
You can find many YouTube videos which will help a lot better than I can explain.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 08/10/2019 02:15:23
 Hi Sandy,
Thank you for explain 3-D printing. Excuse me for not getting back to you sooner, but I wanted to do my work first then report it to you as it was based on your saturation zone findings. I was proud of the neat little testing apparatus I built. It is intriguing. I was sure that inertial propulsion would not be produced but I wanted physical answers as I had taken logic as far as I was able to understand. While it did not show one directional propulsion (It oscillated maintaining the center of gravity) I do not dismiss the logic behind it.
The problem is that the wheel must be granitic so that rotation can be slowed a lot while still producing strong angular momentum, ie. centrifuge. If you connect one end to a stationary swivel and oscillate the front very fast, the greater centrifuge should be rearward and you’d have one directional thrust. This is the use of the saturation zone.
If I have stumbled over this and not made it clear, let me know and I’ll do better.
Good night it is 9: PM here,

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 10/10/2019 16:36:43
 Nothing can work.

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