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13 August 2022 20:09

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: For Mr. Kidd,

Good morning Sandy.

I want tell you exactly how I used your finding of a saturation condition. First I add my voice that of course, you are true and right about it.

I surrounded two supper precision gyroscopes in lightweight wooden frames. The frames were held stationary while the would gyroscopes rotated inside them.

At the rear of the frames, I bored a hole in the wood and sat shafts inside the holes. Both shafts were then glued to the same light platform. The platform was placed on a bed of sixty drinking straws. It works well. The plat could move back and forth across the straws as they rolled easily, without apparent friction.

Then I sat the gyros so that their rations faced one another, tied rubber bands to the front of their wooden frames and release the bands. The bands jerked the fronts of spinning gyros together at 45 degrees movements, while the rear of the gyros remained unmoved and in their original placeóheld by the shafts.

In this way, your saturation force reduction was experienced only in the outward movement and not in the stationery rear. All the reasoning behind revolving inertia start-up and revolving inertia slowdown that occurred in the jerks did not produce thrust. The only movement across the straws was due to the changing of mass displacement.

If I am not clear enough let me know. I think I might explain some of my other experiments. Iíll think about it but I hope this is of some use to you.

Do you have our American Thanksgiving day over there? Ours is tomorrow and if not do you want, Iíll send you a turkey leg and some dressing?

Take care Glenn,
Date: 24 November 2019
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 06/12/2019 21:36:17
 What I ment to say is, "I want to tell you". ' Not that I did not want to.

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Answer: Sandy - 12/12/2019 13:51:20
 Good evening all,
I am posting this in the form of an answer to Glen with respect to his saturation experiments.
I am not ignoring you Glenn.
I think what I have posted below may explain my delay and hopefully eventually answer your questions.
Saturation itself is really only one of many interesting gyroscopic anomalies, which are found to be present when a suitably arranged gyroscopic system is forcibly rotated.
Such a system would need to be a balanced i.e. at least a twin opposed system in the interests of balance and personal safety
Several previously unknown characteristics are displayed by such a system, incidentally none appear in any text book.
Several months ago, I demonstrated a device which proved that varying the rotation speed of a gyroscope in any forcibly rotated system can completely control the quantity of centrifugal force developed in that system.
I should really say angular momentum but that is significantly harder to measure than centrifugal force.
Anyhow too many clever people decided that the device was rising and falling in line with their erroneous understanding of gyroscopic precession.
It is unfortunate that to them precession or what they perceive as precession is not even close.
The central spring apparently went un-noticed.
I have therefore decided to demonstrate a not too dissimilar device to educate them
About 33 years ago when Eric Laithwaite and I were still on friendly terms I had occasion to visit him in the Imperial College London.
I will not bore you with the details of that meeting other than the fact that my work in Australia which was still ongoing at that time, was under discussion.
It was the Australian companyís intention to engage Eric Laithwaite as a consultant in the future development of gyroscopically inspired propulsion.
(At that time, I had already achieved success in a Port Melbourne laboratory and had received a comprehensive lab test and report to prove it.)
I described part of a new experiment I was working on and some of the results I had achieved so far.
One particular unit was a device designed to switch centrifugal force on or off very rapidly on demand and to my great satisfaction that unit was working very well
I described to Eric Laithwaite the very curious manner in which this thing visually demonstrated very rapid changes in centrifugal force and initially he seemed to be very hesitant with respect to my claims.
Very shortly after, he demanded to know how I had accomplished this, then accused me of withholding information,
In the presence of the UK managing director I had to reply that it was ongoing research and as he had not yet agreed to join the team the mechanism could not at this stage be the subject of discussion
There and then that friendship abruptly ended.

Impending (YouTube) demonstration.
I intend to demonstrate what I had described to Laithwaite, but in a simple way which will not compromise the design or operation of the original mechanism.
This is a purely visual demonstration, the beauty of this being that no instrumentation is needed
The design of the device is far more complicated than it need be and was in fact an expedient modification or addition to the gearbox of an existing working device
There can be very little argument in what the viewer is seeing and I am hoping that my claims relating to the variation in the level of centrifugal force developed both by gyroscope rotation speed and system rotation speed or by a combination of both will at last be heeded.

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