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2 July 2022 12:39

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Asked by: kristijan
Subject: Measuring forced precession inertia
Question: This experiment in here is the Holy Grail i gyroscopic propulsion...and this guy is ruining it down to the pulp....


You are suppose to measure weight change when you induce forced precision and the gyro is at max speed and not when it is whining down. He is waiting the gyro to start falling down and then activates the contraption.
No...you should put the gyro at its maximum speed and then induce forced precession and measure the change in weight by a precise pressure sensor !!!!!
Then you measure the same weight change bu lifting the arm of the gyro AT THE SAME SPEED without the rotating gyro and measure the weight difference.
There you have a final and permanent experiment to show that FORCED PRECESSION IS A MOVEMENT WITHOUT INERTIA!!!
PLEASE SOMEONE DO IT CORRECTLY....i simply don't have the money to do it....
Date: 7 March 2020
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