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4 July 2022 00:49

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Nitro
Subject: an academic book on quackery?
Question: Dear Nate,

Re yours of 17th Aug 2020

I got the Kindle version ‘cos it’s cheap (you can take the Scot out of Scotland but you cannot ..... Ask Sandy!) and unless the hard back copy has original drawings by Leonardo I think I made a good choice. Dennis Allen Jr seems to be more adept at spreading religious nuttery than scientific truth and confirmed the late great debunker of flim flamers James Randi’s belief that if you want to fool anyone easily with quackery go for an academic. The dam book is not worthy of use as toilet paper – especially so as I got the kindle edition. Oh! My poor asteroids.

Seriously! Anyone on this site has better understanding of the subject of inertial propulsion – even the persistent nutters like me – don’t waste your money.

Love and laughter guys (and gals – Ha! As if you’d find a Gal here)

PS Nate, why are we to “Wake up!”
Date: 25 August 2020
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Harry K. - 26/08/2020 10:47:47
 Hi Nitro,
Glad to see that the forum seems still to be alive. :-)
I read some other pblications from Nr. Allen on the researchgate page. After reading this:


I have serious doubts if he really understand gyro behaviour... I have no idea what he is talking about in this publication!? Maybe I‘m too dumb for this academic matter...

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Answer: Nitro - 29/08/2020 16:44:19
 Hi yourself Harry

The forum is gasping a bit but still alive. I don’t think there is much development in the public domain – Woopy has been diverted to other areas it seems.

I’m glad to hear from you and, indeed, anyone who has survived/avoided/recovered from this dammed Chinese warfare virus. It killed my brother Ag recently and like all us mad inventors and searchers for truth he was in the middle of his next development of “Jade Warrior”. Ag was helping me with some of the more troubling engineering aspects of my next machine so his death is a sad loss for my family, combustion technology and gyrodynamics all at once.

I am sure Dennis Allen Junior hasn’t a clue about gyro behaviour – he has avoided the subject and waffles on along the dead end street of angle, pivoted, tilted pendulums - and if anyone is dumb, Harry, you can relax as it won’t be you.

Keep safe
kind regards

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 30/08/2020 08:51:21
 Right on men. I got a free read and skimmed over it. I found nothing of consequence related to gyroscopes. It is a little book filled with name-dropping of impressive people without any connection or conclusion of any apparent purpose.
It takes a lot of energy to write a book. I would have sympathy for the man’s effort and failure but for his promise that deviates from the billing and claims.
It is a sad joke on first him, and next on any poor guy’s wasted two-dollar buy.

I am sorry Nitro about your brother. The Prince of Pease will give you healing beyond all understanding.

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Answer: Nate - 01/09/2020 00:28:39
I hadn't read it when I posted.

It IS garbage.



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Answer: Harry K. - 03/09/2020 08:18:44
I‘m very sorry about your brother. It‘s a terrible time with this damned virus.
I wish you and your family all the best and stay at good health!

Best regards

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Answer: Gardner Martin - 23/04/2021 23:04:50
 The Dr Allen guy is a complete crackpot; it is rather amusing that you cannot recognize yourselves in him. He holds a doctorate in mathematics and cannot grasp that Laithwaite's demonstration was just an obvious trick covered up by a bit of conjurer's misdirection, so he should be a poster-boy for antigravity nutters. BTW, have you noticed that he dedicates his books to Jesus and his wife; he is a full-blown Dan Brown crank as well!

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 24/04/2021 01:43:57
 Laithwaite's demonstration was not a trick and the understanding of it certainly is not obvious. Everything you saw is explainable within the laws of motion but of course, the thing does not lessen in weight. You don’t understand the mechanics. Do some investigating as to the why and how it all works before you mouth off next time.

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Answer: Gardner Martin - 24/04/2021 11:55:21
 It is a trick. There is nothing to explain. It is amazing that you cannot see that.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 24/04/2021 16:33:18
 Excuse me for jumping at you.
If we watch this clip we can understand part of the mechanics and they are not tricks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLMpdBjA2SU Start watching at 3.2, the end of the demonstration.

It is about leverage. When holding the shaft of none a spinning gyroscope with two hands, one hand must force down as the other forces up. The toque of the downward hand push is added to the up lift of the other hand. If you ignore the leveraged toque, the thing feels heavier than it actually is. When the spun-up gyroscope is pushed/forced in a horizontal curve the gyroscope moves upward and all its weight is converted to torque directly down on the single hand that holds it up. No downward leveraged force then exists to be added to the lifting hand and so the wheel is easier to lift. The trick is only a lack of an explanation. That is the trick, not of mechanics. What you see happening is real.

There is more to it. The wheel arcs upward in a curve inward and upward. When the hand lifts upward at the same speed of the rising gyroscope, the wheel cannot curve inward, only upward. And because of the conservation of energy, the power for the inward arch of the gyroscope is converted fully to the upward lift and so requires less energy from the man. More, the lifting energy is already paid as the man is holding the wheel up. The additional force necessary to lift it higher is only to overcome the inertial resistance of the wheel. It would be about equal to slowly rolling a 40-pound bowling ball across the floor with one finger. The small leverage struggle the man experience is because he must straighten his elbows and shoulders. The wheel is never lighter but it is easier to lift.

The London Academy of Science stated only that they were not amused. They said nothing more. You would think they would get off their lazy ass’, reason out an explanation, and publish it.

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