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4 July 2022 01:16

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Asked by: Glenn Hawkins
Subject: UFO’s,
With the new military and governmental releases of information, proof, and admittance of the existence of UFO’s we are finally to believe in them. Before today, I never did.

The most astounding statement just given to us is, "
Asked on 16 April 2021 by Glenn Hawkins
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Date: 16 April 2021
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Sandy - 16/04/2021 18:27:48
 Hello Glenn,
I was like yourself very doubtful of the existence of UAPs as they are now called.
However on doing a bit of research on the subject there appears to be overwhelming proof of their presence.
It is obvious to any of this club of shed dwellers that it would be easy for such devices to dive into deep water to hide themselves, to fly? In the atmosphere and nip about in space.
The question is are they here to eat us, destroy us, imprison and enslave us, or are they interested in our future welfare.
They appear to have been sighted much more frequently since nuclear weapons were tested and used.
There are apparently reports of Minuteman missiles being put off line, 10 at a time.and then mysteriously reactivated some short time later.
It seems that they or at least some of them are interested in protecting us from ourselves.
Where do they come from?
Have they always been here, because any other answer concerns journeys of many light years to get here and back
They do seem to have developed an ability to accelerate at an infinite rate,
indicating their ability to nullify the affects of acceleration on mass.
This great if you know where you are going and have the ability to hit the “Stop” button at the right time.
It appears to be that their physics, is a bit different from our physics.
Seems that I have wasted years of my life developing something which has already been much better developed and probably by a completely different method.
Cest la vie,
It was fun.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 17/04/2021 07:42:47
 I’m with you, Sandy. I checked other nations and found loads of evidence of unexplainable UFO information. It has been going on all over the world for a long time. This latest release in the US is concrete. They exist and all that our military knows will never be fully released to the general public, but in June of this year by presidential order, never before information will be released.

I don’t think they (UFOs) want to harm us. They are supposed to have been around for sixty years or more and have in the past shut down rows of minutemen missiles and doubtlessly other technical things. They stalk our nuclear sites and warships. You just know they could damage warring things but they never interfered as fighting occurred and still continue in the Middle East.

I don’t know about it. No one seems to have an idea. Not that anyone should be scared, not at all, but we are helpless against an unknown. By the way, whatever the propulsion system will be, we can guess that it somehow harnesses the extreme power interior rotation can produce. What if you were right? What if I, at one time was also right but could not find the key?
Take Care and have fun,

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Answer: Nate - 18/04/2021 01:33:06
 Move over Newton; there are new sheriffs in town!

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Answer: Sandy - 18/04/2021 11:35:41
 Hello Ted,
Well put.
They probably never had a Newton and or an Einstein to contend with.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 18/04/2021 15:06:55
 Sandy, Nate, we need Flash Gordon. I anticipate June will produce the ultimate truth.

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Answer: Nate - 18/04/2021 16:59:12
 It will be interesting to see which of our SF writers came closest to predicting who/what the UFOs are.

My guess is that it will be something like Carl Sagan's 'Contact' story.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 18/04/2021 18:39:53
 Nate, your guess is as good as any. My guess is that there will be no explanation. It is almost impossible to fathom how the technology functions, owing to my earth-bound understanding. We may understand that -- after fifty years plus of secrecy, they are never going to park one and explain it. Looking at the ongoing destruction of America, we could actually use some help.

Let us keep our noses to the wind. We as shed dwellers set a little above the curve if anything of it is to be understood.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 18/04/2021 20:32:59
 With time to think, I recall a theory I constructed twenty years or so ago that could explain how these crafts would be able to travel at infinite speed, that is the instantons transition of mater over millions of light-years. It involves reconstructing our understanding of light, it's make-up and how and why it functions as it does, and how the Great Bang instantaneously absorbed all its matter and energy, and how it was dispersed instantaneously throughout the universe. Provided that the Big Bang was real.

It would take some time to explain and I might do so if I knew a few people were interested enough to read it. Otherwise, there is no need for me to do the work as I am getting lazy and otherwise engaged in simple things. What say you? Do you want it?

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Answer: dave brown - 19/04/2021 01:45:59
 The united states was never stable; there is nothing to come unhinged. It is what it is and always has been. I learned i was 4 and southern usa was still slaughtering natives. Me at 4 was not so long ago.
Everything about usa is just becoming known. Nothing new, nothing new.

... the usa people are who i want in my world. The day to day people of usa are real.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 22/04/2021 02:45:56
 The authorities have the films. They’ve had them for 10 years plus. Why do we have to wait for the release in June? Why? I don’t trust them worth a damn. Whatever we get will be select and limited. What a continuous lie and I don’t know why.

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Answer: Gardner Martin - 23/04/2021 22:18:28
 Why do you believe such dubious information? Did you believe that US politician who claimed that Jewish laser-armed satellites were starting forest fires? Did you believe QAnon? You trust titles and occupations and conspiracy theorists, and yet you fail to trust the hundreds of years of mathematical and physics papers which tell you that spinning-tops cannot levitate.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 24/04/2021 01:25:53
 What on earth are you talking about? I don’t believe any of those things, and of course, spinning-tops cannot levitate. You have posted crazy and even then to the wrong person and also on the wrong thread. This post is about the US military’s promise to release more conformed UFO evidence.

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Answer: Gardner Martin - 24/04/2021 11:17:15
 You are indeed the exception that proves the rule; my comment fitted all of the others perfectly.

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Answer: Sandy - 25/04/2021 10:15:52
 Gardner Martin,
I cannot see that your comment fitted anyone.
Why are you in a position to make comment and judge.
I have never ever seen a UFO or suchlike so my comments were very much “it appears that “ or “it seems that” although I might believe in the possibility of such things for a host of other reasons
I am not particularly interested in your comments relating to conspiracy theories, and the rest of the stuff you included,.however what I do know is that I have learned from personal experience is most certainly not to trust what is the hundreds of years of worthless mathematical and physics papers which tell you that spinning-tops cannot levitate.
Mathematical and physics papers do not levitate too well.
I believe in good old fashioned solid evidence which I can see and touch and I now have little belief in the misguided figments of a mathematician’s mind.
For instance:
Einstein and the relativistic tendency for mass increase near the speed of light.
How do you ever prove this?
How does the mass get accelerated to get there?.
Did anyone ever suggest a self propelled particle near the speed of light?
Never discount that fact just because we have never as yet had one.
Incidentally accelerate (or fall) for 1 year at 1G and you will be close to the speed of light.

PS You can glean from many sources who my visitors were, not that it is relevant to this discussion at all, but you imply that accepted principles are correct and yet you made no comment about the lab test (1988) in the book,
Even the Aussies who paid for the test agreed with the results, what was your problem?
You will be another one who is correct only because you know you are?
Personally I have doubted the possibility of the existence of UFOs for all of my life but I have never ever doubted the possibility of man made space-drives
However the possibilities of such are not mutually exclusive
Sandy Kidd

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Answer: Gardner Martin - 25/04/2021 16:47:50
I am sorry that you have such a second-hand knowledge of science. I do not blame you. I blame poor teachers, and society as a whole. The general approach of 'society' to relativity is to say that, "Einstein is a household name; we have to explain why". That leads to the usual believe-it-or-not stuff about spaceships and time-travel etc. Society then gives up and says, "it's all outside of everyday experience, so forget about it". This is a big big mistake! Relativity is more than just spaceships: there are simple everyday electrical devices whose operation cannot be explained properly without invoking relativity theory. When one does not do so, one is often forced to suggest that Newton's third law does not apply ... and that is obviously ridiculous. Even encyclopedias claim that Einstein invented relativity in order to explain the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiment. Einstein himself said that he was inspired by simple electromagnetic induction: he wanted to know why two completely different explanations have to be used, depending upon whether one moves the coli or the magnet. Physicists even joke that 'electromagnetism is relativity at walking pace'. Yes, a reasonably fit person can outrun an electron in a wire. So who was the royal who visited; I find no name in the book. As for the Australian results, and I am here generously skating over the fact that at least one of the brothers was a scientologist [sic], surely you know that scientists do not value results that are never replicated. I am shocked that British Aerospace put the results into its 'house journal'. Did none of the engineers query why the weight also sometimes seemed to increase? A physicist would call the whole graph 'random noise'. So you have no evidence worthy of the name. That is not to say that your efforts have been completely wasted. For example, the fact that Professor Allen cited your work as part of Project Greenglow helped to show up the whole project for the nonsense that it was ... and revealed that 'highly-qualified' engineers at aerospace companies do not in fact understand elementary physics. Yes, the crackpots who routinely snipe at scientists are in fact sometimes quite correct. NASA has wasted an enormous amount of money on incompetents.

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Answer: Sandy - 28/04/2021 10:20:20
 Martin/Fisher whoever?
A story from the past.
You must know that I have been subject to a long history of idiot behaviour stretching back years before your present load of junk.
My apprenticeship in this kind of behaviour began on my first day in the University of Dundee 35 plus years ago,when my device went in there for appraisal
I had occasion to be snarled and screamed at, by someone I thought had got loose from the local loony-bin.
I could not believe that such an unhinged individual could be employed by an alleged reputable institution.
He got himself twisted right out of shape
He snarled and slavered, and pranced up and down,and he demanded it be registered that he wanted nothing to do with this disreputable device.
This was duly noted and he went on his way.
That individual some weeks later attempted to kill a technician with a severely flawed gyroscope, which broke up in the technicians face.
He was attempting to prove the hated Laithwaite wrong.
That cost the university many times more than they funded my project for.
Did they inform you of that cost when you requested to know the sponsor and cost for my project.
I bet they did not.
4 months of wasted time effort and money for one computer printout that says
“note that thrust rises with gyro rotation speed” No specifics.
The device was whitewashed out of the university with the statement that the device was thought to be climbing in its lower bearing which was mounted in universal gimbals.
Is this what they call science?
I suppose there are engineers and there are engineers
I am not really sure what sort I got.
I am relating this to show the unhinged nature of such individuals who actually think they own physics
Long robes and pointed hats would not be amiss
I include you in this Luddite club.

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Answer: Gardner Martin - 28/04/2021 16:40:04
Fisher? Well, you can explain that later.
The thing that most sticks out in my mind from your book is your going out to buy academic garb. It is that sort of thing which really pigeonholes you cranks. Searl was the same: have you seen the videos in which he is wearing overblown self-designed academic cap & gown over an air-force uniform (a body from which he deserted BTW)? It is all about a jockeying for social respect is it not? One sees it in the people who go in for Mastermind, or join Mensa or pursue an Open University degree. The fact is that quiz-winners often retain lowly jobs (taxi-driver) and have sometimes even been judged 'unemployable', Mensa groups often have a UFO faction (so how smart can they be) and the OU employs pseudoscientific tutors (so what price their degrees). I see it as a populist phenomenon, in the same vein as the antidemocratic movement in the US, and the anti-expert movement in the UK. It is all about 'bits-of-paper', no? After all, Who's Who often lists patents next to degrees in its entries - even if it was only an application or the invention was worthless. That is enough psychology. I would certainly like to know more about the finances at Dundee; another thing that I strongly recall is your demanding a salary which was 5 times that of a newly-qualified PhD holder. The Press Office would not give me financial details, although a senior member of staff did tell me why Dundee took the comical step of putting its name on a crackpot invention. But, yet again, this is all grist to my mill because showing up the scientific incompetence of university staff and high-tech employees is the best way of shaking-up the entire physics-education system.

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Answer: Gardner Martin - 28/04/2021 16:46:49
OK, I get it now: I searched this forum for Fisher. It seems that you think that everybody who is both knowledgeable and critical must be the same person. Is that the one whom you accused online of hounding a certain Professor Myron Evans to his death? I wonder if he is at all litigious.

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Answer: Ted Pittman - 31/05/2021 01:00:19
 I think...

If you pay attention to most of what's being reported, it seems it could be secret U.S. vehicles that are testing other U.S. conventional technologies' abilities to deal with them.

It would only take a few technology breakthroughs to have more control of energy that would increase the performances of what we already have (faster craft, EM pulsers, stealth tech).
AI-Robot pilots could withstand the hi-g forces of instantaneous craft movements.

The developers would want to prove the effectiveness of the new tech without revealing that we are the ones that have it. Otherwise, our enemies might do preemptive strikes against us.


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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 01/06/2021 02:30:55
 Nothing is off the table. Opinions are welcome. I am waiting for the best information to be given in June if it all is released at all. We can just keep on keeping on and wait but whoever they are they are not going to park those things and say, "Come on guys and take a look.

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Answer: Glenn Hawkins - 29/06/2021 02:39:07
 It is as I believed it would be. The report came out that said they are real but it is not known what they are. They had already said exactly that and nothing more. They know much more. I thought they would at least reveal new footage of the things to the news.

I cannot understand why information on this is hidden from the people for the life of me. There are sinister reasons deemed bad for some, if the people were to know, because what else could be a reason.

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Answer: dave brown - 03/08/2021 07:05:00
  you want a ufo? recent?
what passes right to left across the center of screen at 20:28:18?

youtube. com/watch?v=Awrx96Jio7c

that was fast and then some.

too small to be close to camera?
too straight to be a bird?
passes behind volcano?

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