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29 January 2020 04:50

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Asked by: chad
Subject: Make a gryoscope out of a bike wheel?
Question: Would it be possible to make a gyroscope out of a bicycle wheel? I am thinking of a large version of the toy gyroscopes that balance by themselves. I was wondering if you would be able to get the wheel to spin fast enough for the thing to stay up.

Does anyone make large gyroscopes like that?

Date: 10 January 2006
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Robin Hooper - 28/03/2006 04:56:52
 I have taken a bicyle wheel off of its frame and holding it by its axle spun the outer rim with my other hand, faster and faster, this will cause the wheel to balance upright. You will notice that you will have to move out of the way of the spining rim by turning yourself in circles. The faster you spin the wheel the easer it will balance. spin the whell in the other direction, once you get the hang of it and you'll be force to move in the opposite circular direction.

Have fun with it, its kinda cool.

Robin Hooper

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Answer: Jerry Volland - 28/03/2006 18:20:24
 We had a bicycle wheel gyro when I was in Science class in High School. I sat on a bar stool which could turn and they speeded the gyro up by hand, then gave it to me. When I held it in front of me with the shaft horizontal, it made me turn around and around on the stool, in the direction the shaft was pointing.

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