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22 August 2019 04:26

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Asked by: Walton McMillan, P.E.
Subject: Gravitational Engines
Question: Is anyone interested in the vector dyanmics of fixed gyros?

I want a 2 page proof of the gravitational engine. I will share the proceeds from the invention (fun or monetary) as a co-inventor. I provide the engineering and you provide the mathematical experise.

The provisional patent is provided below:

Gravitational Engine
Walton B. McMillan, Palo Alto, California
This discovery relates to the production of power by extraction of the kinetic energy of the earth-moon system.
The earth-moon system rotates about a center, not the center of rotation of the earth. A gyroscope placed in a fixed position on the surface of the earth cuts through lines of gravitational potential as the earth rotates.
This invention is comprised of a rotating mass (gyro) supported on a magnetic field. The inertia of the rotating mass will tend to remain in constant relationship to the changing lines of gravitational potential. However, being held in a fixed position with respect to the surface of the earth, the rotating mass will impart a force to the supporting magnetic field, which will tend to slow down the orbital speed of the earth-moon system thus extracting the kinetic energy of the earth-moon system. Then energy thus extracted, through the supporting magnetic field, will produce an electrical power output supplying an external demand.
Date: 21 October 2006
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