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19 February 2020 11:14

Welcome to the gyroscope forum. If you have a question about gyroscopes in general, want to know how they work, or what they can be used for then you can leave your question here for others to answer. You may also be able to help others by answering some of the questions on the site.

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Asked by: Goofy
Subject: Gyro General Liability Insurance Coverage
Question: I recently purchased a Human Gyroscope to take to festival and events. Since my purchase, I have not been able to find general liability insurance to cover the needed $1,000,000 per occurrence requirements of my state to even get the unit permitted for use. Having exhausted myself, I am near the point of selling it.
Does anyone know an agent or agency within the U.S. who would insure such a device?
Date: 24 January 2008
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: - - 26/01/2008 19:56:30
 Should you get ready to sell it, Please, Please, put a notice on this site. I'v been looking for a used Human Gyro amusement ride myself.

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Answer: Glenn H. - 30/01/2008 17:18:20
 Your question has been asked before. If you can find that old past post it has good suggestions. Go get um Goofy. Au huha ! Au huha !

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