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20 February 2020 19:21

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Asked by: Bernelle Verster
Subject: Human gyroscope in SA?
Question: Hi
I am looking to buy a human gyroscope, I'm based in South Africa. Can anybody help me on this please?
Date: 12 February 2008
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Answers (Ordered by Date)

Answer: Richard Baxter - 16/12/2008 20:23:38
 There was a guy names Bret or Brent that makes them. I don't have his contact details but he should still be in South Africa. The human gyroscope in the MTN Science Center was made by him I think, maybe they'll know where he is. They're in Cape Town, this is their site www.mtnsciencentre.org.za . Contact details are on there somewhere.

I know you posted this about a year ago but did you find out anything about it? I also might be interested in buying one (though not right now)

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Answer: Edward Gray - 17/06/2010 14:23:31
 Please visit our website at www.proactivliving.com or contact Edward Gray on 023 347 6050 023 347 6050 . We manufacture and sell the gyro.

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