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  • Britt's Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster Research
  • Cook Inertial Propulsion
  • Eric Laithwaite and anti-gravity
  • Generation of a Unidirectional Force - Bruce E. DePalma
  • Geoff Wilson and the Wilson-Fourier Impulse Engine
  • Gravitation in neuer Sicht
  • Gravity-Defying Gyros Come Down to Earth
  • Gyro Drop Experiment
  • Gyro Lift Device - Theory
  • Gyroscopic Inertial Propulsionby E.R. Laithwaite and W.R.C. Dawson
  • Gyroscopic Inertial ThrusterJetLESS drive for circular wing (UFO), & related crafts.
  • Inertial force deviation propulsion system
  • NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program
  • Pendulum Tests Confirm Laithwaite-Jones Gyrothrust Effect
  • Science First Science Labs for Education, Home, and Industry
  • Scientists 'beat gravity' using a gyroscope - The Electronic Telegraph
  • Smart1234 Home Page
  • The Home of Primordial Energy - THE Place for information from BRUCE DePALMA
  • The principle of gravitation propelling engine
  • UFODrive.htm the GIT gateway page!
  • WEIRD SCIENCE torsion fields, spin-waves in the vacuum
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