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NEW! 22/11/2015

Forum maintenance underway

30/9/2006   The forums now have an sort feature which makes things easier to find.
8/5/2005   The propulsion documents have been updated. click here to view
25/10/04   Heretic programme about Eric Laithewaite added to the gallery section. click here to see it
23/10/04   The Royal Institutionís 1974-75 Christmas Lecture has been add to the gallery section. Click here to download the videos. A new forum just for this will be added soon.
18/3/04   The forum has been updated and 22 new video clips have been added to the gallery.
03/2/04   My propulsion page has been updated.
18/1/04   6 New images added to the gallery of gyroscopes.
05/1/04   Just updated the website links which now has over 100 links.
01/6/03   Site had its first major update in 3 years, now includes gallery section and forum.

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Super Precision Gyroscope
The Super Precision Gyroscope
Designed and built to the highest quality.It comes with an electric motor to get it upto 12,000rpm. It's made from solid brass and aluminium with carefully chosen miniature high-grade bearings. info

The 'Original' Toy Gyroscope
The Original Toy Gyroscope
Produced since 1917, The Original Gyroscope has been a classic educational toy for generations. Includes starting string, tower and instructions.
more info
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